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Welcome to Leo Hayes High School Graduating Class of 2014!!

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1 Welcome to Leo Hayes High School Graduating Class of 2014!!

2 Timetable:

3 Agendas and Timetables Hand out timetables Hand out Agendas & Forms PLEASE take the time to read over the first number of pages as there is important information in it. - Attendance Policy - Exemption Policy - P. 33 Parent/Guardian must sign the Education Act - Tardiness - Acceptable absences

4 Student Fee $40.00 / person $65.00 for a family (two or more) Due ASAP

5 Fire Drill Procedure Behaviour leaving the classroom NO CELL PHONES, I PODS or HATS!!!!! Where to exit the school Where to meet Coming back to class after the drill Find out in each class you have

6 FORMS and such… YELLOW Data sheet to be completed Plagiarism Policy signed Acceptable Use of Technology signed Exemption Policy Education Act signed School Calendar Letter from Mr. Pottle

7 Signing IN and OUT Must Must Must be done!!!! Late in the A.M., you must go to the office You must let your homeroom teacher know if you sign out during the day – HAVE EXCUSE HERE BEFOREHAND!!! Always bring a note from parent / guardian for any absence. An e-mail from home helps too letting me know you are not going to be in school.

8 Where to Eat? Cafetorium Sandwich bar on 2 nd floor Not in balcony over gym Some teachers leave their classroom door open at noon and you might be able to eat there. Look for LION’S DEN SIGNS. No book bags in the Cafetorium! They will be taken to the Office.

9 Identification Card You will not receive your I.D. until you have paid your student fee You must have your I.D. to attend school functions/sports, etc… $5.00 replacement fee if ID is lost and you have to get it yourself at Harvey’s School pictures September 13 st and 14 nd Still need picture taken for an I.D. even if you do not order pictures.

10 No Scent Policy at LHHS It’s easy, no perfume/cologne or any heavily scented product allowed!! Some people have serious chemical sensitivities!!!!

11 Washroom Breaks During 5 or 10 minute break If you need to go during class time, you MUST have your AGENDA SIGNED by your teacher!!

12 Before school in the morning??? You can sit in the cafeteria or in your homeroom, if open. You must be in Homeroom at 8:33, all book bags must be in your locker. At the end of the day, go to your locker and to your bus. Some busses leave the school very soon after the final bell.

13 During announcements National anthem –this is a solemn moment and you are expected to be quiet and respectful. PLEASE…NO TALKING during morning announcements.

14 Computer Access At noon, in the Media Center (upstairs of library) or possibly a BBT Lab if open. Not in classrooms, without teacher permission. REMEMBER! The Acceptable Use of Technology Policy –Get it signed and return ASAP

15 Pay Phone Use ~ Cell Phone Use Not during class time! This applies to cell phones as well. There is a pay phone by the Office. CELL PHONES IN LOCKERS!!! Except before A.M. bell, at lunch & after school. TELL YOUR PARENTS TOO!!!

16 Advisory Time ! Mondays & Tuesdays Every Monday & Tuesday for 30 minutes between periods 4 & 5. It’s Mandatory! There are two different Bell Schedules. Please give a copy to your parents so they know for appointment purposes.

17 Open House/Meet the Teacher Thursday September 23 rd, 7 p.m. Give your parents / guardian your timetable for them to follow. First Parent Teacher Interviews –Thursday evening November 25 th –Friday morning November 26 th (no school for students this day)

18 Locks and Lockers Keep locked at all times No sharing lockers Keep combination private You are responsible for any items taken from your locker, INDLUDING TEXTBOOKS! You must use LHHS locks

19 Passing Grade 60% for all levels / courses for grades 9 through 12 Exemptions available in certain courses— See Policy in Agenda.

20 Exam Exemption Policy- It’s in your Agenda Go over it with your parents. –Make sure you understand how it works so there are no surprises at exam time. –85% (up to 12 excused absences) –75% (up to 4 excuses absences) –Be in class on time and complete all necessary course work. –No suspensions, referrals to Office, etc.

21 Class changes/transition time Stay to the right in the hallways Stay to the right going down stairs No sitting on the stairs!! No clogging in the hallways. Step to the side if you wish to chat. It’s COMMON SENSE!!!!

22 Other matters / reminders No book bags - these are to be in lockers NO CELL PHONES during instructional time, i-pods, personal entertainment devices, personal computers, etc. They will be taken; sent to the office. Carry your AGENDA all the time and use it for organizing!

23 Displays of affection… because some need the reminder!! Appropriate –Holding hands –Brief kiss –Hug Inappropriate -Making out -Sitting/lying on each other -Lip locked -Hands all over each other

24 Bullying / Harassment ZERO tolerance ~ Tell me!! I want to know. I WILL listen and act upon it!! Everyone should feel safe at LHHS. PLEASE tell an adult in the building if you or someone you know is being bullied. It’s serious!

25 Garbage ~ Pile up! STASH YOUR TRASH!! Pick up after yourself ALWAYS! Clean up your garbage and recycle. Leave cafetorium/classrooms looking neat. Check around you and pick it up. If everybody picks up one thing, the floor will be clean for others.

26 Detention Halls Usually Noon hour. Your homeroom teacher will assign detention for truancy. Any ONE unexcused absence and you get TWO detentions. If you don’t show up, you will deal with your Vice- Principal who will give you Admin. Detentions or In-School Suspension. Saturday detention is also a possibility!! This year we have a LEARNING LAB where you may be sent as well. Reminder: Bring work with you to Detention.

27 If you are detained by your teacher and late for your next class… PLEASE ask your teacher to write a quick note in your agenda. Bring this note to your next class to avoid a detention.

28 Materials Take care of your textbooks, they are expensive to replace. You need materials for your classes / don’t show up empty-handed. Example –Binders, pens and pencils, looseleaf, highlighters, coloring material, glue stick, scissors, etc. Keep them on hand.

29 Guidance Info. – see Agenda You can make appointments, but do it OUTSIDE of class time. You must have your appointment slip to leave class… and return. Emergencies are different. On rare occasions, you may need guidance right away. A-F ~ Mr. Rutter G-P ~ Mrs. Morrison Mc/Mac Q-Z ~ Mrs. Smith First Nations ~ Mrs. Polches

30 Yes! We have a DRESS CODE… There are posters in each classroom outlining what’s appropriate attire for our building. If you are wearing something offensive or inappropriate, you will be asked to change.

31 Administration ~ The OFFICE! Each of you has an administrator for discipline issues or other issues that may arise. A-D—Mrs. Capson-Daniels E-L—Mr. Wilton M-P—Ms. Waddell Q-Z—Mr. Sturgeon FRONT DESK – Carol ☻ and Tammy

32 Review of things to get signed Agenda, page 33, Education Act (or paper copy) YELLOW Data Information Sheet Acceptable Use of Technology/Plagiarism Policy Late work policies/outlines from different departments- you will get these from subject teachers in each course. Other Information… –Read your Agenda!! –Bring your $40 student fee / $65 for two or more –School Photos-September 13 st & 14 nd –Open House on September 23 rd at 7:00 p.m.

33 There will be more to come!! Get involved! Make it a great year! SMILE, it’s only Day One! Questions???

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