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A primer for making the day a success Becky Bowers-Lanier, VAHPC legislative liaison

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1 A primer for making the day a success Becky Bowers-Lanier, VAHPC legislative liaison

2  Increased visibility among Virginia’s legislators and their aides  Better understanding by legislators and aides of the work we do  Communication to them about our issues of importance  Beginning (or continuation) of an ongoing relationship with legislators

3  Make an appointment with your delegate(s) and senator(s). ◦ Click here if you do not know who they are and also for information on them and their contact info. Click here ◦ Call for your appointment. Do not email. Use their capitol telephone number when making your appointments. ◦ If your hospice catchment area extends beyond legislative districts, make appointments to meet all of the legislators in your catchment area.  Know the issues that VAHPC is working on. (Review any bills or fact sheets that you may receive beforehand).

4  The GAB is located at the southeast corner of E Broad Street and N 9 th street on Capitol Square. The entrance is on the “square” side.  Legislators’ offices and our briefing room are located in the GAB.  Parking lots are close by. Click here to find them and for directions.Click here  Give yourself at least 30 minutes from the time you arrive in downtown Richmond.

5  Enter into the GAB on the Capitol side (follow the crowds). Pass through security (like the airport).  The elevator bank is behind the receptionist desk. Walk to the right or left.  Elevators to the floor to the fifth floor  When debarking from the elevator, look to the right and left. One side is clearly marked 5 West Conference Room

6  We will meet beforehand in the 5 West conference room.  Coffee and breakfast are served in the 6 th floor GAB cafeteria, if you arrive early  Briefing in 5 West conference room. ◦ Go over bills and budget issues of importance ◦ Discuss the climate for legislating ◦ Answer any questions you might have

7  Chaos (many people wandering the halls doing the same thing we are doing)  Last minute schedule changes (even if you make an appointment, it may need to be changed)  Getting lost (although there is fairly adequate signage, sometimes it’s hard to find)  Lots of walking. Wear comfortable shoes.  An exercise in participative democracy!

8  Look for the secretary for your legislator and announce who you are and that you have an appointment.  Offer your business card.  Follow the secretary’s instructions.  Be kind and courteous (there are lots of people doing the same thing you are doing).

9  Be on time. If you are going to be late, call the office (make sure you have their capitol number) and offer apologies. Try not to be late.  Be courteous and polite.  Deliver your message and ask for the support of your legislator. Listen to what is said and ask questions.  Thank them for their time.  Offer yourself as a contact person for hospice and palliative care issues in the district.

10  Legal Definitions "Lobbying" has a strict legal and IRS definition for nonprofits which generally only includes activities that ask policymakers to take a specific position on a specific piece of legislation, or that ask others to ask the same. In contrast, the common language definition of lobbying usually includes any discussion of issues with policymakers. "Advocacy" encompasses any activity that a person or organization undertakes to influence policies. There is great latitude in this definition, and some people consider advocacy to be all activities that are not specifically lobbying, such as public demonstrations, or the filing of friend of the court briefs. 10

11 11 Direct Lobbying Has Three Elements 1. An organization is attempting to "influence legislation" when the communication: is directed to a legislator or employee of a legislative body; 2. Refers to specific legislation; 3. Reflects a view on that legislation Source: IRS Reg. 56.4911- 2(b)(1)(ii). Grassroots Lobbying Has Four Elements 1. Grassroots lobbying occurs when the communication: is directed to the general public 2. Refers to specific legislation; 3. Reflects a view on the legislation AND; 4. "encourages the take action with respect to the legislation." Source: IRS Reg. 56.4911- 2(b)(2)(ii).

12  You are educating

13  Write a personal letter of thanks when you get home. (very important)  If you learn something that you believe the VAHPC lobbyist should know, email Becky at with the information.

14 Thank you for participating in VAHPC Legislative Day!! We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." --Thomas Jefferson

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