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Chickens: Breeds, Why You Want Them, and How To Take Care of Them.

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1 Chickens: Breeds, Why You Want Them, and How To Take Care of Them

2 Why Get Chickens Anyway? Why get Chickens?

3 1.Delicious, and more nutritious fresh eggs. 2.Chickens have personality, seriously. 3.Contribute to a healthy planet. 4.A healthy lawn WITHOUT chemicals. 5.Somebody’s leftovers are a chicken’s feast. 6.Better-than-average compost. 7.Chickens make great pets. 8.Free Leaf, Weed, and Grass Removal. 9.One of the lowest maintenance pets you will ever have. 10.Be the “Coolest kid on the block”.

4 Breeds I never knew that chickens had different breeds

5 The Basics 1.Some breeds can be flighty and aggressive while others can be docile and gentle as a lamb. 2.Different breeds have different countries of origin. 3.All breeds have different characteristics that make it stand out from other chickens.

6 Rhode Island Red

7 Orpington

8 Plymouth Rock

9 Astralorp

10 Wyandotte

11 Easter Egger

12 Chicken Maintenance They don’t need a lot of it.

13 The Basics Chickens need care every day, but some work can be done once a week, month, or twice a year. They also need prep beforehand See link for more depth chickens/chicken-care/guide-toc.aspx

14 Beforehand care 1.You need a shelter of some sort that is secure from predators 2.You need feeders and waterers and fill them with what they sound like they are for 3.You need an outside run for them to play in 4.You can buy already built coops online or at a store, buy instructions to build a coop, or build a coop from scratch

15 Daily Care Fill up feeders and waterers if low Clean waterers Check if they are active and alert (in the nest box laying an egg is an exception) Collect eggs Let Chickens out in the morning, put them away in the evening.

16 Monthly care Fill Grit Dish if low Change bedding under nest boxes

17 Bi-Annual Care Really get the coop clean including bedding change in all areas and put new bedding in

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