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Thinking of Running for Village of Sayward Council? 1Village of Sayward2008.

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1 Thinking of Running for Village of Sayward Council? 1Village of Sayward2008

2 Purpose of Presentation To provide information to a prospective candidate on what is involved in the ‘job’ of being on council for the Village of Sayward To provide information on some of the responsibilities of a candidate during and after the election To answer any questions regarding the above 2Village of Sayward2008

3 Village of Sayward Overview In Area H of Strathcona Regional District Population – 341 (2006 census) Village area – 596 Ha; 1,472 acres; 2.3 sq. mi. $860k expenditure budget $610k capital budget Median age of the population 50 m, 49 f; BC 40 m, 42 f % of the pop aged over 15 86 m, 82 f; BC 83 m, 84 f. 2008Village of Sayward3

4 Responsibilities of Council Council – the primary responsibility of a council is to exercise the powers under the Community Charter Council adopts policies and bylaws to put into effect desires of residents and land owners Councils usually represent the will of the majority, listen to the minority and decide on the long term interest of the community as a whole 4Village of Sayward2008

5 Councillor’s Time Commitment This is a three year time commitment Regular meetings are held on 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays Usually 7:00 pm Sometimes followed by an incamera meeting Sometimes meetings of any kind can go to 11 pm Often councillors are appointed to outside boards requiring them to attend those meetings A councillor is expected to review the council package beforehand; ask any questions of staff and attend council meeting as well informed as possible 5Village of Sayward2008

6 Other Council Information Often council is asked to attend other government special functions Community groups will sometimes ask council or a councillor to attend their functions Council or a councillor is not expected to manage the day-to-day affairs Councillor remuneration is $3.3k and Mayor $5.7k for 2009; expenses for travel on council business are covered 6Village of Sayward2008

7 Qualifications for Office 18 or older on election day Canadian citizen Resident in BC by April 8, 2008 Not disqualified from voting i.e. failing to file a disclosure statement 2008Village of Sayward7

8 The Election – Overview This overview is not intended to be exhaustive nor take away any responsibility of a candidate to be fully knowledgeable of the rules – Candidates Handbook Nomination period – Began 9 am Wed Sept 30 th ; ended 4 pm Friday Oct 10 th Withdrawal of nomination by Fri October 17 th 4 pm Advance voting Wednesday Nov 5 th ; 8 am – 8 pm Election day – Saturday November 15 th You win? Swearing in December 3 rd at 7:00 pm 8Village of Sayward2008

9 The Election – Overview cont’d Candidates representatives Official agent Scrutineers Disclosure statements Advertising within 100 metres of voting place Ballot counting Do not arrive before close of poll at 8 pm Do not appear around the poll before 8 pm Only one other person at ballot counting time 9Village of Sayward2008

10 Election Finances Financial agent required (may be official agent) or the candidate as own financial agent Campaign accounts – new Must open an savings institution account before incurring any expenses or as soon after a campaign contribution or money is received – whichever occurs first Account must be in name of election campaign candidate, elector organization or campaign organizer All money contributions and all expenses into/out of the account 10Village of Sayward2008

11 Election Campaign Contributions No contribution over $50 is anonymous Not make a number of anonymous donations under $50 that total over $50 Give a campaign contribution indirectly by giving money or property or services someone else to contribute If given an anonymous contribution exceeding $50 must give contribution to Village to be used at discretion of Village 11Village of Sayward2008

12 Financial Recording Financial agent must: Value the contribution Date the contribution Full name and address of contributor Record class of contributor – individual, corporation, unincorporated organization, trade union, non-profit organization, other contributors Keep records for 7 years after November 15 th If contributor is numbered or unincorporated – full names and addresses of 2 individuals – directors or principal officers or members 12Village of Sayward2008

13 Summary Read and follow the Candidates Handbook Respect all the time frames New rules from the last by-election and the last general election in 2005 Don’t disqualify yourself!! Each candidate is responsible for knowing all the rules, this presentation does not cover all a candidate needs to know! 2008Village of Sayward13

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