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Basic Computer Classes Liza Cagua TechMission 617.282.9798.

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1 Basic Computer Classes Liza Cagua TechMission 617.282.9798

2 Model for Computer Classes Classes can easily be taught by volunteers – Get more advanced students to assist in classes – One instructor, 2-4 assistants and 10-20 students Classes are taught with instructor using LCD projector Classes can be as little as once a week (good for most volunteers) with homework students do during the week Typing can be taught with minimal instruction using supervised, scheduled time with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Curriculum/lesson plans available at

3 Curriculum for Computer Classes TechMission offers in-depth Intro to Computers curriculum in English and Spanish TechMission Manual contains curriculum for Intro to Word and Excel AC4 has dozens of additional lesson plans for teaching computers at – Includes Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. – Includes lessons for youth and adults “Using Theology to Teach Technology” by Clemmie Perry – Find more at:

4 TechMission Curriculum: Intro to Computers This curriculum spells out a lot, but it assumes that teacher is beyond a basic familiarity with computers – lots of verbal explanations are not written out – walk-through of activities must be done Teacher must be patient with new learners – Try to never touch the mouse! – Never assume someone knows where an icon is, or what something is or how it works – Don’t expect to cover everything in the class plan!

5 TechMission Curriculum: Intro to Computers (cont.) Teacher’s Guide outlines plan, but make sure you do everything beforehand! – Thoroughly understand lesson – Save files locally or on server; test projector/computers/printer – Make handouts Save at least 30 minutes to prep for class Go over material with assistants beforehand

6 TechMission Curriculum: Intro to Computers (cont.) Use pretest to know how to target your class— where to start and at what rate you expect to cover material Student Manual is handed out in weekly pieces; student has completed binder at end Homework is a similar exercise to what was covered in class, to be done at home and reviewed during the next class Use the post-test!

7 Developing Your Students

8 Basis of TechMission Leadership Development Model People Remember… – 10% of what they read – 20% of what they hear – 30% of what they see – 50% of what they see and hear – 70% of what they discuss with others – 80% of what they experience personally – 90% of what they teach to someone else From psychologist William Glasser

9 TechMission Leadership Development & Learning Model Learn Assist Teach Replicate

10 TechMission Leadership Development Model 1. Students take a computer class then become… 2. Assistants who then assist in teaching a class and may take advanced classes and then become… 3. Instructors who then teach a class and train assistants and may become… 4. Interns who help run programs and teach classes The folks in your classes are an auto replenishing volunteer base!

11 Recruiting Volunteers Make announcements in other Churches for Tech Volunteers Computer Ministries – Computer ministries are teams of volunteers from churches or staff that support community computer centers Online volunteer recruitment – Like online “job posting” for volunteers – No way to limit inquiries to Christians only – Register opportunities at,, and

12 TechMission Volunteer Training Model Have required volunteer training each semester Three parts of training 1. Program Overview and Vision Setting Explain what we do, and the motivation to build vision Details of program and expectations of volunteers 2. Train the Trainer Provides basics needed for teaching and being assistants 3. Cross-Cultural Ministry Training Required each semester for all volunteers

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