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12/10/07 Mike Gilbert, Matt Williams, Tuan Huynh, Travis Pincoski Team GORE.

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1 12/10/07 Mike Gilbert, Matt Williams, Tuan Huynh, Travis Pincoski Team GORE

2 Gore Confidential  To design and fabricate a device or devices that will reduce the changeover time for the pleating machine. The designed solution must work for all CleanStream filter products and be integrated into the existing machines.

3 Gore Confidential Pleat Height Pleater Bed Pleat Assist Stripper Bar Bed

4 Gore Confidential

5  4 Critical Adjustments ◦ Pleater bed ◦ Stripper bar bed ◦ Setting pleat height ◦ Pleat assist  At Least: ◦ 10 bolts ◦ 7 different tools

6 Gore Confidential  Pleater Height (50%) ◦ 2 sides ◦ Iterative process ◦ Must be accurate  Stripper Bar Bed (25%) ◦ Hard to adjust (friction and weight) ◦ Potential damage to other structures

7 Gore Confidential CustomerWants Operators More controlled adjustments Less tools required Safer* Easier access to adjustment sites Turn two adjustments into one Improve product accuracy Engineers Low Maintenance Reliability and durability Improved accuracy Less scrap Availability of parts Business Leaders Improved efficiency Reasonable cost/benefits Safer*

8 Gore Confidential  Safety: Solution must keep operators and engineers out of harms way. Must also meet OSHA regulations.  Cost: Solution must fit within Gore’s budget for this project.  Machine Conditions: Solution must be able to fit on the current Chandler pleaters.

9 Gore Confidential

10 RankMetric Target Value 1Decrease in Changeover Time50% 2Increase of Filters Per Day+175 3Number of Hard to Move Parts2 4Number of Awkward Adjustment Sites1 5Number of Maintenances Per Year1 6Number of Tools Needed4 to 5

11 Gore Confidential  Approx. 1 hr per pleat height changeover  170 changeovers per machine per year  3 machines  50% reduction = 255 production hours saved per year

12 Gore Confidential Scissor JackAutomatic Blade Pleater Popular tool (Automotive, aerospace, etc) Proven reliability, durability and strength Lightweight, cheap, etc. Fully automatic pleating machine High rate of production Expensive

13 Gore Confidential  Not feasible with one concept ◦ Cost ◦ Time ◦ Resources  Two Concepts 1.Moving both beds and holding the 1/8” gap 2.Setting pleat height

14 Gore Confidential Adjustable Bolt SpacerAssortment of Custom Spacers Caliper Spacer

15 Gore Confidential

16 MetricImportanceMultiplierCustom SpacerBolt SpacerCaliper Spacer Reduce Changeover Time11312 Less Adjustments Cost Reduce Number of Tools Minimize Required Force50.3N/A Less Maintenances SCORE: = Best, 2 = Moderate, 1 = Worst

17 Gore Confidential Caliper Spacer Design with slots for caliper

18 Gore Confidential Caliper Spacer Design with slots for caliper Locking system Alignment system Calibration system

19 Gore Confidential  Designed to work with digital caliper  Tolerance due to slip fit of alignment system  Deformation due to loads are negligible ComponentsMaterial Alignment systemTool Steel Calibrated BracketsTool Steel Locking systemSteel

20 Gore Confidential Rack + Pinion Scissor Jack Threaded Rod Design

21 Gore Confidential

22 3 = Best, 2 = Moderate, 1 = Worst MetricImportanceMultiplierScissor JackThreaded RodRack/Pinion Reduce Changeover Time11123 Less Adjustments Cost Reduce Number of Tools Minimize Required Force Less Maintenances SCORE:

23 Gore Confidential

24 Gearing system Bearing system Structural Mounts Railing system

25 Gore Confidential  Spacing of Railing Rods  ACME Thread Rod  Bearings Selection  Gearing ComponentsMaterial Railing systemWear-resistant Steel Threaded RodSteel Structural Brackets and mountsWear-resistant Steel HardwareStainless Steel

26 Gore Confidential ItemDescriptionQuantityPriceTotal Threaded rodPrecision ACME threaded rod 1"-101 $ Acme tapStraight Flute cut tap 1"-101 $ Steel RodsWear-Resistant 4150 Alloy Steel 1"2 $ $ Stripper bar bracket1018 Carbon Steel1$ Gear BoxSlide-Rite 2:1 Standard Series Right Hand1 $ BearingFrelon Lined Linear bearing for rail system4 $50.00 $ MiscellaneousBearings, hardware, etc--$ Labor/Fabrication Cost8$50.00$ TOTAL~$ ItemDescriptionQuantityPriceTotal Metal Plate4142 Alloy Steel Hardened (1” by 6” by 6”)2 $75.00 $ Miscellaneous $20.00 Labor/Fabrication CostMachine custom components5 $50.00 $ TOTAL ~$ Total Cost = Under $2300 Bed Mover Spacer (x2)

27 Gore Confidential  Custom Machine work ◦ Low quantity ◦ High precision ◦ Adaptability  Off-the-Shelf Parts ◦ Stock rods ◦ Bearings (linear, roller) ◦ ACME rod ◦ Gearbox

28 Gore Confidential 1. Structure mounts and brackets  Linear and roller bearings pressed fit beforehand 2. Thread in ACME rod 3. Attach gearbox, crankshaft, and hand wheel

29 Gore Confidential  Changeover Time Test ◦ 3 Team Members  Each Performed 3 Trials  Average time of 3 rd trial will designate the new time of the changeover ◦ One operator  Performed only one test due to time constraints  Results used to “bridge gap” between team tests to what Gore can expect ◦ Basis for Comparison  Time of 62 minutes will be used as benchmark for time reduction

30 Gore Confidential Target Time (31 Mins)

31 Gore Confidential  All 10 trials were well below target value of 31 mins.  3 rd Trial Times ◦ Mike: 18:14 ◦ Matt: 17:14 ◦ Tuan: 18:35  Team Average = 18:01 => 70% Reduction  Gore Operator had time of 18:10 ◦ Times should improve as well, therefore Gore can expect roughly 70% improvement when system is fully implemented.

32 Gore Confidential RankMetric Target Value Testing Value 1Decrease in Changeover Time50%70% 2Increase of Filters Per Day * 3Number of Hard to Move Parts20 4Number of Awkward Adjustment Sites11 5Number of Maintenances Per Year1Unknown 6Number of Tools Needed4 to 55 * Anticipated Value

33 Gore Confidential Projected Percentage of Time Reduction: Approx. 56% Actual Tested Percentage of Time Reduction: 70% *Time in Minutes Step #AdjustmentCommentsOriginal TimeProjected TimeNew Time 1 Loosen Set Screws 2:000:001:45 2 Loosen Lock NutNEW0:001:000:11 3 Loosen Pleat Assist 2:00 1:50 4 Move Beds 15:00-20:003:00-5:00 0:49 5 Set Pleat Assist Gap ELIMINATED5:000:00 6 Set Pleat Assist 5:00 4:46 7 Tighten Pleat Assist 2:00 2:01 8 Secure Lock NutNEW0:001:000:20 9 Tighten Set Screws 2:000:001:46 10 Loosen Pusher Bar 2:00 0:42 11 Set Pusher Bar 20:00-25:008:00-12:00 2:07 12 Tighten Pusher Bar 2:00 1:44 Totals: 57: :0026:00-32:0018:01

34 Gore Confidential  Bed mover was removed from pleater after testing  Further testing required for manufacturing implementation ◦ Additional time testing required ◦ Additional alignment testing required  Solidworks drawings provided to Gore  Training materials created

35 Gore Confidential  Sponsor: Craig Livingston  Advisor: Dr. Michael Keefe  Engineers: Julia Levinson, Steve Stark  Operations: Mark Cotter, Dave Burnham  Machinists: Dave Pierce, Sebastian Giambanco, Brian Villanueva

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