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Introduction to Coaching Development Programme Youths & Minis.

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1 Introduction to Coaching Development Programme Youths & Minis

2 Youths & Mini Structure Chairman Youths & Mini Rugby Coaching Co-ordinator Minis Head Coaches (U7-U12) Youths Head Coaches (U13-U16) Youths Co-ordinator Recruitment & Retention

3 Our Approach – “APE” An coaching system that is –Appropriate –Professional, and; –Effective For the –Game & Team –Player, and; –Coach Game & Team PlayerCoach

4 The Game/Team Exciting and skilled A go-forward/running game Adaptive game allowing players express themselves and play to their strengths

5 The Player Knowledgeable and intelligent Responds quickly and appropriately Has self belief and fulfils potential Performs his skills to a high standard

6 The Coach A clear communicator Has age appropriate knowledge of all aspects of the game Is respected by players Allows players to maximise potential and performance

7 How Do We Do It? There is a need to standardise the approach to coaching and ensure a continuity of approach Develop effective coaching system for youths and minis –General Movement of Play (i.e. what we do and where we are in open play) Develop and catalogue age specific drills –Ball Handling –Contact –General Play

8 Monitor progress Assess coaching technique – “develop the skill not the drill” Address shortfalls Develop a mini to youth transition programme Monitor talent and potential

9 Ball Handling Contact General Play

10 Example The following are the standards that could be expected of a player at U12 at season end Catch and pass to both sides Be stronger and more accurate to favourite side Tackle with either shoulder Be stronger on favourite side when under pressure Have knowledge of most key factors Has ball in two hands Understands need to protect ball (“body before ball”) Low body position and good foot placement Better on one shoulder Ball Handling Tackle Body Contact

11 Coaching Sessions Planned –Coaches know the plan!! –Resources assigned –Stations set Disciplined –Speak to players beforehand –Set the standard that is expected Skill focussed Strong Emphasis on ball handling/passing

12 Typical U12 Coaching Session AreaActivityTime Warm UpStretching & Ball Handling15 Drill (Passing)“Depth Charging”15 Drill (Rucking)“Go with the Flow”15 Conditioned GameIncorporate skills learnt – stop/start – challenge and question players 20 Warm DownHelps prevent muscle soreness and break downs by-products of exercise 5 Team TalkFocus on key learning2

13 Summary Continue to develop our minis and youths coaches Set standards Support each other

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