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Successful Grant Writing & Management Gina Schlieman Charter School Program & Grant Manager, CDE Founder, GPS Strategies Group.

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1 Successful Grant Writing & Management Gina Schlieman Charter School Program & Grant Manager, CDE Founder, GPS Strategies Group

2 Project Planning RFP Submission PlanGrant Management Plan Read RFP Read informational documents Identify tasks necessary to complete proposal. Develop proposal objectives & content Develop proposal budget Draft it up Ask for feedback, make revisions Submit by deadline Read RFP Read informational documents Identify grant deliverables o Workshops/events o Due dates o Targets & expected outcomes Identify relevant rules & regulations Create a Workplan Manage deadlines

3 Sustainability What is the ultimate objective? How will you get there, even if funding is cut or runs out? Smart grant projects think long term. Focus on using grant funds to build capacity o Establish processes & procedures o Cover one-off costs o Develop relationships and products o Develop capabilities & expertise o Supplement, not supplant o Reach identified objectives

4 Drafting Your Proposal Words Matter Make sure you answer the question Consider the points Stick to the format Use a checklist to ensure all elements are included Ensure coherence & continuity SummaryEvidence InnovativeDocument SustainAwareness Steps / ActionsPartnerships

5 Grant Finances Drafting a Budget o Think through full costs o Be aware of grant restrictions o Include peripherals o Reasonable & appropriate Budget Detail o Provide quantities (# of FTE, number of units, etc.) o Be specific wherever possible o Double-check budgeted amounts Establish Procedures o Maintain separate accounting and management of grant dollars o Establish bookkeeping and spending authorization protocols o Keep documentation supporting all expenditures o Demonstrate timely drawdown of funds o Submit progress reports and revised budgets in a timely manner

6 Grant Management Basics Who is responsible? o Identify ONE point person as Grant Contact o coordinate information to and from grant office Maintain clear records o Email o Electronic files o Paper files o Established Naming Protocol Establish Procedures o Event & activity checklists o Timelines o Contact lists o Budgeting and finance protocols BE ORGANIZED!!!!!! Maintain documentation so that someone could easily pick up if you are not available.

7 Grant Management Workplan Identifying basics o What are your key objectives? o What are your key deliverables? o What resources do you have? o Who is responsible? o Who can help with organization & delivery? What should inform your workplan? o RFP & Program Information o Your grant application o Your Award Letter o Program documentation/guidance o Calendar / timeline o Other committments

8 Grant Management Workplan Dashboard or Workplan to track progress Identify tasks Assign priorities Create sub-tasks to break larger tasks into chunks Assign sub-task responsibility (who owns delivery?) Identify partners (who needs to be consulted?) Identify sub-task start date, due date, and progress monitoring checkpoints Identify Risks (risks of falling behind, risks of non- deliverables) Prioritize response to risk

9 Sample Workplan Template Project No. ProjectTask  Start Date (0 = ongoing) Progress CheckFinal Due Date (0 = ongoing) LeadSupportInitial Notes @ how to accomplish the task Date Progress Notes 1CCSP ManagementSpend Down Tracking - May 2013  5/1/2013MRGSMR to provide updates on spend down, EP to send communications to schools 1CCSP ManagementFederal Data Submission  6/17/20136/30/2013GSGM 1CCSP ManagementAttend National Charter School Conference  5/15/20136/1/20137/1/2013GM, GS 1CCSP ManagementStart-up RFP Review  6/17/2013 7/1/2013GSGM, MR 1CCSP ManagementTA Performance Surveys  6/15/2013 8/1/2013EPGSGS & EP Draft survey format. EP to deliver surveys following activities. 2CommunicationsMaintain Charter School ListServ  000GSKRGS to start, consider transfer to KR 2CommunicationsSOC Updates  5/1/2013GSKRGS Drafts 2CommunicationsSOC Updates  5/15/2013GSKRGS Drafts 2CommunicationsReview and update content to website 8/1/2013GSKR, GM, League 3CCSP TA-AllEvent Timeline 5/20/2013 6/15/2013GSKR, GM, EPGS draft event timeline, EP place on SOC and CDE event calendars 3CCSP TA - Board ModulesBoard Module Access 4/1/2013 6/1/2013GS 4Charter Growth - Leadership Development Strategy Leadership Development Programs 0GMPSFor rural areas especially. In collaboration with Peter Sherman and Turnaround team 4Charter Growth - Outreach to Foundations Identify funding strategies GSSW, KRSW-identify current and previous funding strategies 4Charter Growth - Outreach to Foundations Identify potential partners GSSW, KRSW- Identify and initial research 5Research & ReportsAnnual State Charter Report ???1/31/2014GSGM, KRJan 2014 report using 2012-13 data. (J:\Studies\State Eval). 6Database ManagementInfo for Data Reports ongoing 0KREP, GSInput information necessary for maintaining Data Reports. 7Unit ManagementTrack employee timesheets ongoing 0EPGMcollect employee timesheets and pass to GM for approval 7Unit ManagementIndividual Weekly Meetings ongoing 0GM 7Unit ManagementSOC Weekly Meetings ongoing 0GMGS, KR, EP 8CSSI ReviewCSSI Evaluator Recruitment - application 7/15/2013GMADApplication due 8/6, call for resumes at least 2-3 weeks beforehand that includes August PD date 8CSSI Review - Standards 9 re-writeRe-write Standard 9 (Governance) 7/1/2013 8/1/2013ADGM, GS

10 Grant Writing Resources GuideStar – Grant Writing 101 o for-grant-writers.aspx for-grant-writers.aspx Daily Writing Tips’ grant writing tips page o Education World’s tips for successful grant writing o Non-profit Guides’ grant-writing tools o The Grant Helpers Blog o Step By Step FundRaising – 20 Free Grant Writing Resources o profits/ profits/

11 Grant Management Resources Grants Managers Network o o GM Guide – source of grants management information, based on collective knowledge of the Grants Management Network ( Gantt Project o free project management software o Corporation for National & Community Service – o Grant Management resources - management/grant-management management/grant-management o Managing Grants Resources o

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