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September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs1 Introducing the MCAST Library and learning Resource Centres (LLRCs)

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1 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs1 Introducing the MCAST Library and learning Resource Centres (LLRCs)

2 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs2 Outline of session Mission Statement Health, Safety & Security Issues Opening hours How the library is arranged Classification scheme used Lending policy Library Catalogue Other Library Facilities

3 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs3 Mission Statement The MCAST LLRCs aim to provide organised and easily accessible banks of information that all MCAST Students, Lecturers and Administration Staff can make use of for free to support their Learning and Lecturing programs. Moreover we also provide some items of edutainment value.

4 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs4 Health, Safety and Security Issues One of our main concern is the Health & Safety of all library user during your visit to our six libraries. The following are the safety rules at MCAST Libraries. If you hear a fire alarm – –LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and go to the assembly point outside. Do not return to the library until told it is safe to do so. –Do NOT use the lift. Use inside stairs or external emergency stairs exits. –If you cannot use the stairs let a member of staff on your floor know & you will be assisted.

5 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs5 If you had an accident or incident in the library no matter how small or big or you have noticed something dangerous, report it immediately to a member of the library staff. Emergency exits are STRICTLY for emergency use only. Their use will set off alarms and in case of improper use disciplinary action will be taken.

6 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs6 Ensure that all items to be borrowed are issued at the reception desk in your name. If the book detection alarm sounds upon leaving please return to the reception desk. Please deposit your bags at the main entrance before entering the Library however DO NOT leave valuables. For your safety and security all areas of the Library are covered by CCTV cameras

7 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs7 The MCAST LLRCs Main Library – Paola Agribusiness - Qormi Art & Design – Mosta Building & Construction – Naxxar Gozo Centre - Xaghra Maritime Kalkara

8 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs8 Opening hours Term-Time Main Library - Paola Mondays – Fridays : 08.15-16.15 Tuesday and Thursdays : 08.15-18.45 Other Institute Libraries Please refer to our library web-pages at

9 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs9 Library stock More than 25,000 books over 250 journals 30 journals in electronic format Over 300 CD-ROMs More than 200 Videos & DVD films Access to over 100 PCs with Internet connection to help you research and prepare your assignments

10 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs10 Book stock arrangement Materials in the MCAST Library are arranged according to whether they are a.Fiction (stories) or b.Non fiction (facts about people or subjects)

11 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs11 Book stock arrangement Non fiction materials are grouped according to subjects. Each subject has a number from 001 to 999

12 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs12 Book stock arrangement – Non Fiction Ground Floor : Generalities 001 - 099, Philosophy & Psychology 100 - 199, Religion 200 - 299, Social sciences 300-399, Language 400-499 Natural sciences & Mathematics 500-599. Periodicals 001 – 999 (All subjects) Reference Books 001 – 999 (All subjects)

13 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs13 Book stock arrangement – Non Fiction Second Floor : Technology (Applied sciences) 600- 699, Arts 700 -799 Literature & rhetoric 800 – 899 Geography & history 900-999. Intermediate, Junior and Kinder Collections (Fiction and Non-Fiction) Basic Skills Collections

14 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs14 Book stock arrangement – Non Fiction Third Floor : Lecturers Collection 001-999 All subjects Audio-Visual Collection (Films, CDs and music)

15 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs15 Book stock arrangement – Fiction Ground Floor: General Fiction in English and Maltese Second Floor: Intermediate, Junior and Kinder Fiction in English and Maltese Third Floor: Fiction films as Videos and DVDs

16 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs16 Classification system The Dewey Decimal Classification divides all knowledge into classes numbered 000-999. Examples include: 004 Computing 150Psychology 510Mathematics for Engineering 570Biology 611Medicine 620Mechanical Engineering 658Management 796Sports The Library Catalogue gives you the exact number you need

17 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs17 Shelf Marks and Collections Besides classification numbers that indicate subjects items, are given letters (shelf-marks to indicate their collection. Examples include: (Blank)Books can be borrowed for home use (95% of all books) RReference (use in the Library only) A-V Audio visual (CDs, DVDs, Videos, music) MMelitensia FFiction IIntermediate The Library Catalogue lists all these shelf-marks with their explanation and location in each library

18 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs18 Class marks / shelf marks So to help you find items easily each item has a spine label with Shelf mark (letters only) if applicable A set of numbers to indicate subject if non fiction 3 letters taken from the author’s surname

19 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs19 Class marks / shelf marks As an example the book An Introduction to Physical Science by Shipman, Wilson Todd. has the following spine label where R 500.2 SHI Reference First 3 letters of author Classification number

20 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs20 Loan categories 3-WEEK LOANS Open shelves 1-WEEK LOANSPeriodicals Collection You need to first register with the library at the reception desk (form available on-line) Show us your ID Card to borrow Books You will be charged a fine (5c a day) if you bring books back late.

21 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs21 Reference books In addition to books on the open shelves the Library also holds a good collection of reference books : GENERAL and SUBJECT REFERENCE collections, located on the ground floor of the MCAST Library. The collection contain language and translation dictionaries, general encyclopaedias like Britannica, specialist encyclopaedias like McGraw Hill enycl. of Science & Technology, Atlases, Year Books, Almanacs, Annual Reports, Business Directories etc.

22 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs22 Journals The MCAST Library subscribes to around 250 journals and periodicals – some in electronic format. Details of our journal holdings are shown on the Library Catalogue - direct access to electronic journals is provided. Journals and periodicals are shelved according to subject areas. All journals can be borrowed for 1 week.

23 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs23 Library Catalogue The Library Catalogue is on the Web ( and tells you what’s in our Libraries and where to find You can search by:  Author  Title  Keyword  Subject  Author + keyword  Author + title  Your course and study unit You can use the catalogue anywhere you have access to the Web

24 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs24 Using the Library Catalogue Library Search Our Catalogue

25 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs25

26 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs26 Click on the Show Copy link to show all the copies of the book, with their shelfmark, loan type and availability. Availability Shelfmark Location of the Book Loan type Author Title

27 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs27 Your course and the Library You can search for library titles that are directly linked to your studies at Choose your Institute, then choose your course, and for all study units in your course there is a direct on-line link by ‘Subject’ or ‘Class’ to our catalogue.

28 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs28 Other facilities  Photocopiers near the Issue Desk. Cost: 2c / A4 sheet  Printers. Cost: 2c € 0.05 / A4 sheet For black and white prints, and 10c € 0.23 for colour prints  Scanners: Free  Computers offering word-processing and Internet access free  A-V Equipment Video, DVD, Cassette and CD players

29 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs29 Other facilities  Assistance with Basic Skills on the second floor by qualified BSU staff  A-V Presentation area for groups on the first floor – please book beforehand  Lecturing area for groups on the first floor – please book beforehand  Areas for small group work on the third floor  Lecturers’ area on the third floor

30 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs30 Things you should do  Register with the Library (you can print the on-line form)  Ask for assistance from Library staff as necessary  Read the Library Posters and follow Library Signs

31 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs31 Things you should do  Visit our web-pages  Practice using the on-line Library Catalogue so that you can find books about a particular subject

32 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs32 Things you should do  Practice using the “Your course and the Library” page on our web-site. It is an invaluable tool to find books for each particular study unit in your course.  At the Main Library – Paola get your Username and Password to use PCs.

33 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs33 Remember this URL URL of the MCAST Library’s website: Provides links to the Library Catalogue, the Subject Directory and many pages of help and advice to aid you in getting the most out of the Library.

34 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs34 Rules and Regulations In every house there are rules and regulations and even MCAST library has it’s own rules and regulations so please ask at the reception desk for a copy or refer to our web-pages

35 September 2007Introducing the MCAST LLRCs35 Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you on a regular basis

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