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January 29, 2015 Meeting Agenda Club’s Season in review Timeline Club Dues Apparel Package –”Spirit Pack” FORMS Required – If you want to play! Programs.

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1 January 29, 2015 Meeting Agenda Club’s Season in review Timeline Club Dues Apparel Package –”Spirit Pack” FORMS Required – If you want to play! Programs – Sell Ads to pay your dues Season Kickoff Event – 02/27 Social Activities Volunteer Trade Show – 3 volunteer sign- ups by family Coach’s Season in review To Include: Upcoming tryout dates Schedules Varsity spring break trip Player expectations

2 Varsity Spring Break March 25th Depart DIA at 1105 AM Land at SEA 12:55 where the bus will be waiting for us Game @ 5ish TBD (most likely Nathan Hale HS) Post game dinner at Bucca Di Beppo Lynnwood Check into the hotel Embassy Suites Lynnwood March 26th Breakfast at the hotel Seattle tour in the morning (shootaround) Lunch and tour downtown Seattle Game against Eastlake HS 6 or 8 PM Return to Hotel March 27th Breakfast at the hotel Check out of hotel at 12 PM Activity TBD 4PM game at Odea school Depart 835 land in Denver at 1155 PM

3 Heritage Lacrosse 2015 Team Rules and Player Expectations You are a student-athlete. Not an athlete-student. The reason you are in school is to get an education, not to play lacrosse. The lessons learned in the classroom and on the field will make you a better young man. Understand that your position as a student/athlete is a privilege and not a right. You will advise the coaches of any problems that you are having in any classes. We will do everything we can to help you with these problems. Failing is not an option! The only time the team runs sprints is for grades. Our practices are high intensity enough that we do not need to run sprints I find it a waste of time. But as the current players know the whole team runs for individuals poor grades. Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman players cannot make varsity if you are ineligible at the time of tryouts. Seniors will not play until their grades are fixed. Take your academics very seriously. It is important to establish relationships with your teachers that show them you are a conscientious student who is interested in more than lacrosse. Should you miss class due to illness or another excused absence you will communicate this with the teacher your next day back and make arrangements to make up any missed work.

4 Heritage Lacrosse 2015 Team Rules and Player Expectations If you are found to be partaking of any alcohol, drugs, or tobacco you will be dealt with per the rules of the HHS code of conduct book depending on the violation, each incident will be handled on a case by case basis based on prior record and the severity of the incident between the coaching staff and athletic director. This means that the coaches might have a more severe penalty than the school or district imposes. Social Media Remember that what you post online has repercussions. The school does see it and in turn the coaches hear about it. Just remember you are representing yourself and your school regardless of the channel you post on.

5 Practice is NOT optional if we do not here from you beforehand the player will be suspended. Repeated unexcused absences will result in a player being removed from a team. We follow the Lombardi rule if practice starts at 5 that means everyone is there at 445. The senior class of 2014 did a great job of getting everyone ready by the time the coaches were there. Leave everything non lacrosse related off the field, practice games should be your couple hours of being Older players are encouraged to help younger guys out be a good teammate no need for criticism, alibis, or excuses. Heritage Lacrosse 2015 Team Rules and Player Expectations

6 Our Bench Be loud. Be positive. Stay in the game. Support your teammates. Focus on your opponents’ tendencies so when you enter the game you are prepared to play against them. Have ALL of your equipment on and ready in case you need to enter the game. Our Supporters Parents, family members, and HHS fans are encouraged to be loud, positive, and supportive of all those involved in the game. Set good examples for the young men in competition with the way you conduct yourselves on the sidelines. Fans have yet to get the referee to change his call. If you can’t conduct yourself in the proper manner you will be asked to leave the competition site. Parents and/or players are requested to address personal issues with the head coach in person directly after practice sessions, or via e-mail or telephone, but NOT immediately following the game. This “cooling off” period will insure that the excitement of the moment will not jeopardize the enjoyment of the experience win or loss. The coaches expect to hear from the players if there is an issue. Please allow for this opportunity for your sons to advocate for themselves. Heritage Lacrosse 2015 Team Rules and Player Expectations

7 The Year in Review: 2014 / 2015 SEPTOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUG Homecoming TEAMTEAM CLUBCLUB Fall Kick-off Fall Club Fundraiser Season KICK-OFF Dinner Dues DUE Season Banquet Board Elections NEW Games, Team Feeds, Parent nights, Service Hours, etc… Seattle, WA Varsity Only March 25th – 27th Official Lacrosse Season Fall Ball I DLC Foothills Indoor Lacrosse (2 Teams) Saturday Games Start Sept 6 Cost = $100 HHS Weight Room & Gym Tryouts Feb 25 Two Teams (JV &Var) – *Practice 5x a/wk Cost = TBD (2013 = $700, 2013 cost based on 47 players and NO fundraiser) Saturday Games Summer Ball 2015 plans TBD Spring Break * Please Note – Practices for both Var. and JV and are held @ Euclid Middle School. If underclassmen require rides, we will organize closer to the start of the spring season. Prepare for Fundraiser Organize Volunteers Dues Calculated YOU ARE HERE ! BOX Lacrosse Freshman Conditioning

8 Lacrosse is a Non-Sanctioned Sport with LPS The PARENT Booster Club is established to be responsible for the following expenses: Operating Expenses Coaching Expense Apparel & Uniform Expense Game & Field Expense Admin Expenses (Web site, Insurance, PO box, Tax filing fees, etc…) Buildings & Equipment Expenses Addt’l Club Expenses (incl. Year End Banquet) Expenses to support sources of Income (Incl. Concession Stand supplies) CLUB Sources of Income Fall Fund Raiser – (Goal, to reduce player dues) We Earned $5,627 –Thank You! Player Dues – (Even distribution across the number of players) Apparel Sales Club Mini Fundraiser events (Examples, Garlic Knot, Freddy’s) “Home Game” Ticket Sales Concession Stand – New this Year, we will have concessions at HOME JV and C games New Parent Sources to Pay down Player Dues King Soopers Card Fall Fruit Sales Program AD sales In Addition, HHS LAX is responsible for transportation to and from games (No LPS Buses) What is the Booster Club? Please ask any board member for more details

9 Booster Club Dues (2014/2015) 2013/2014: Dues = $700 per player 2014/2015 Dues = $600 per player Fall fund raiser income = $5,627 (THANK YOU!!!) Dues Incl. Spirit Pack Gear for every player Warrior Burn Shorts (HHS logo) Short sleeve (eagle tuxedo) Long sleeve shooter shirt Warrior Socks Warrior Quarter Zip (HHS logo) Warrior Sweatpants (HHS logo) Reversible Pinnie New HELMET WRAP (see next slides) Dues are to be PAID by Season Kickoff Event (02/27) Lacrosse Community Event Fun way to pay off your dues and bring home some prizes

10 Jon and Daphne


12 Discussion Topics FORMS… Julie P. If you want to play! Program Ads…Joe D. A way to pay down your Dues and the Spring break trip Season Kickoff Event (02/27) …Betsy H. Lacrosse Community Event – Volunteers needed! Fun way to pay off your dues and spring break trip while bringing home some prizes Upcoming Social Activities…Mary Lynn B. and Becky G. Volunteering “Trade Show”…Joe D. Booster Club is supported by it’s members Each Family is to sign up for a MIN. of 3 activities “It takes a village to raise a lacrosse program”

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