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2  approx. 56 hours work (30 h guided practicals + 4 h closing seminar + 8 h literature seminar + some independent work) → together with lectures (or with book exam, exchange students) 7 credits  Schedule, check carefully your sessions: also some work outside of schedule → flexible attitude needed!!!  Starting always with demos in KS124: meeting in the hall in the front of these rooms  Closing seminar  Literature seminar (separate instructions at the end)  Lab notebook (separate orders at the end)  Participation obligatory: absence only for compelling reason (discuss beforehand with Kari)  list for control of  participation

3 AIMS: to learn…  planning of research  use of literature in planning research and evaluating results  sampling and correct use of samples  some basic methods used in plant ecology  calculation of results, making tables, reports and presentation  certain basic principles in plant ecology  making notes from you working procedure (lab note book)

4 LABORATORY WORKS ● read the instructions beforehand → so you have an idea what (and why) is going to be happen!!!  lab work mainly in room ET102, and other measurements in botanical gardens (see time-table carefully each time)  starting in rooms KS124, usually with demonstration of the work ● keep notes during your work!!!  the times given in your schedule are flexible; sometimes the session may be shorter, and sometimes you have to perform independent work outside the time-table!!!

5 COURSE WORKS Work Responsive teacher Number of work sessionsGroup size 1.Light and nutrientsAnnamari2half group 2. HerbivoryAnnamari2 half group 3. Root and shoot competitionAnnamari2 half group 4. Soil propertiesKari3half group 5. Effects of droughtKari1quarter group 6. Autumn colourationKari1quarter group A or B A1, A2, B1 or B2 start and termination !



8 REPORTS AND CLOSING SEMINAR  the closing seminar will be held 11.12. at 12-16 (KS217)  before that (29.11.) the students are divided in 6 groups (6 works)  each group will write a report (4 pages) where they document the work in a scientific style  the responsive teacher will quide your reporting  in the seminar the whole group participate the presentation  time 15-20 min per presentation + discussion (5min)  Power Point  language: English in reports and presentation material, recommended also for talks (but Finnish is also acceptable)  NOTE!!!! This is the most informative and educative part of the practicals → the ’puzzle’ will be finalized

9 Literature Seminar  Aim: (1) Learning to read scientific articles from the field of plant ecology, for example: -to find key points ‘economically’, not reading from word to word necessarily -to evaluate methodology and its presentation, and the strength of the data and its presentation -to evaluate discussion and its validity (2) Indicate the key points clearly and in unambiguous way (3) To arise inspiring discussion  Four seminar sessions (08.10. -26.11. 2012) in KS217  The articles will be found at the notice board one week before the seminar!  For each sessions, everyone first reads the article(s) in own time, at home!!!  Copy the article for yourself and read the chapter/article and answer to the questions listed below BEFORE the seminar

10  The seminar session starts with meeting in class room, continues by discussion in groups for 1 hour (choose a chairperson who makes notes and CHANGE the chairperson in each session).  For example: if there are 4 questions on a paper, the students will be divided in 4 groups, and so on.  Each group will also act as opponent every time. Once the group has finished their own presentation they start to prepare inspiring additive questions and comments for the presenting group. The aim is to raise a lively discussion!  Back to class room at after 1h work; every group gives a short (5 min – one, hand written transparency) presentation concerning results of your discussion  After this the given opponent group starts discussion!

11 LABORATORY NOTE BOOK  each student will hold !!!  this have to be a real booklet/excercise book; loose notes or separate prints are not accepted  all the main phases of work and special comments given by teacher in each session have to be documented every time--- not afterwads  write down a story about “what, why and how” was done; the plant materials, growing mediums, fertilizers, growing conditions, but not too much repetition of details in instructions; exceptions to the instructions!!!; and all the results from measurements (weighing etc.); and finally answer to the questions at the end of instructions!!!  only the accepted notebooks will result in the acceptance of the course (deadline 11.12.)


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