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Letter of Reminder.

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1 Letter of Reminder

2 Should indicate that the recipient had forgotten to make an important act. Most often the reminder letter is used as a reminder of the missed payment. Yoy must tread a careful line. You cannot be sure your client is deliberately frustrating you, he may really have forgotten. Positively stating your request and still retaining the recipient's goodwill. This is especially true for the first reminder letter concerning an unpaid invoice. So begin your reminder letter in simple form: just let client know about the forgotten event. Include all the relevant details.

3 Provide as much information as possible.
Repeat all the necessary information – time, date, place, deadlines, purpose and so forth. If the reader has forgotten about what the reminder is about, he or she shouldn't have to go elsewhere in the files to get more information to carry out the action.

4 If you are writing a reminder letter in memo form, mention in both the subject line and body of the memo the word “reminder.” Otherwise, the reader may think you are sending him/her new information containing some detail about which he or she was unaware beforehand.

5 If the letter of reminder is sent due to some change in the original plan or announcement, call special attention to that change. To add emphasis, place that detail alone in a separate paragraph or underline it. If necessary, request a confirmation.

6 Dear Sarah, Our records indicate that payment on your account is overdue in the amount of Rp ,- If the amount has already been paid, please disregard this notice. If you have not yet mailed your payment, please make out your check and place it in the enclosed envelope while this reminder is has your full attention. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. Yours sincerely,

7 Dear Mr. Clinton: Recognizing your very busy schedule, I’m sending you this note as a reminder to renew your Cleaning and Maintenance Contract with us. I hope you have been more than satisfied with our service so far. Enclosed is a copy of the original contract for your convenience. Would you please have your assistant drop me a note or phone if you require further information. I’m sincerely looking forward to receiving your renewal. Regards, Miss Lewinsky

8 Dear Miss Angelina Jolie, Recognizing your very busy schedule, I’m sending you thisnote as a reminder to our interview on 21 September at 2pm to be held at the Ghana Embassy. This interview is regarding the adoption of the orphans twins Jack and Jessica. Would you please have your assistant drop me a note or phone if you require further information. Thank you and I’m sincerely looking forward to meeting you in person. Regards Dax Cheng

9 What is reminded? Dear Adam, As discussed this morning, I need to complete the project status update report to our client on (state the date). In order for me to complete the report, I need the actual expense spent in your monthly financial report to compare our budgeted expenses versus the actual. You have indicated that the monthly financial report cannot be completed before (state the date), which is after our meeting with the client. We cannot delay the client meeting, so we have agreed that you can give me the actual expense spent portion of the financial report by (state the date), which is acceptable. For this, I thank you very much. I look forward to getting the actual expense spent numbers from you on (state the date). Again, thank you very much for your help.

10 Dear Customer, May we remind you that according to our records the above amount is overdue for payment. If you have paid within the last few days please accept our apologies for troubling you and disregard the remainder of this letter. If however, your account is outstanding then early settlement would be appreciated. We would ask that full payment reaches our office by the 2th Dec 2011 to ensure our continued serve to you. Please note that no further reminders will be issued and should your service be suspended a reconnection fee of £ (inc. VAT) will be charged for each line. In addition to this, reconnection of service may take up to 72 hours. However, if you are experiencing financial difficulties or have any queries regarding your account, please contact our Customer Service department on Yours Sincerely Customer Care

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