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Foreshadowing and Flashback

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1 Foreshadowing and Flashback

2 What Is… Foreshadowing? Flashback?
In this presentation, you will learn the difference between foreshadowing and flashback.

3 Foreshadowing Hint Try breaking the word FORESHADOWING apart.
FORE means ahead. A SHADOW is a glimpse of something without the complete details.

4 Oh no……something is about to happen.
What a pretty kitty!! Oh no……something is about to happen. Run kitty!!!! The music gives a hint at what is going to happen in the future.

5 Definitions Foreshadowing: Foreshadowing means suggesting beforehand what is going to happen later in the story. It gives us hints in the story of what is to come...we just have to pick up on it. Nice use of the line to show looking forward. Language - later in the story…. Something about that word. Don’t know a better replacement… just a thought.

6 Foreshadowing suggests events that have yet to occur in a work of literature. Writers use foreshadowing to build their readers’ expectations and to create suspense. Example: A weapon found in a drawer early in a story might foreshadow a future crime in the story.

7 In real, everyday life we often experience foreshadowings of things that may be about to happen.
Examples: A sudden, blustery wind starts making its way through the woods. This could foreshadow that: a. the biggest storm of the year will ravage the town. b. a tree will topple over, smashing into a nearby house.

8 A police car with sirens blaring zooms down the highway
A police car with sirens blaring zooms down the highway. This could foreshadow that: a speeder will cause a major traffic accident before being pulled over. b. the police will finally capture an escaped convict.

9 A dad greets his kids at the door saying, "Have I a surprise for you
A dad greets his kids at the door saying, "Have I a surprise for you! You'll never guess where we're going!"

10 To Disneyland!

11 Now you read this paragraph
Now you read this paragraph. Do you think you know what is going to happen? Why? All of a sudden, Rory remembered an incident from long ago. He had been walking in the woods with his older brother, who tried to scare him half to death with a story about a hooded monster. Rory had been so frightened then that he had cried uncontrollably.

12 Today, as he strolled along peacefully, Rory chuckled at that long-ago horror story. He had no way of guessing what was waiting now, just a few yards ahead. Right now, he was happy and relaxed.

13 Gloria lined up with the other runners
Gloria lined up with the other runners. They were all flushed with determination and excitement - all except Gloria. She remembered a time when she was telling the coach that she had to drop out of the team because of her illness. Now she was well again. "Still," she said to herself, “What am I doing here? I'll never win. I haven't practiced enough!"

14 Flashback Hint Now try breaking the word FLASHBACK apart.
FLASH: a quick glimpse. BACK: behind/in the past.

15 Definitions Flashback: when an author refers back to something that already took place in the story Nice job keeping consistent.

16 An Example… And now you will see portions from the well known children’s story Little Red Riding Hood. Can you figure out the Foreshadowing and Flashback?

17 Little Red Riding Hood Foreshadowing
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived with her mother. Her mother asked her to take her old and lonely grandmother some food one day. "Don't stop along the way. Go straight to your Grandma's house and back. Don't talk to any strangers and watch out for the wolf in the woods! Now get along!" Before this slide, there could be a transition slide. Something that allows the reader to know what is coming next. .. Now you will will portions from a story… Foreshadowing

18 Foreshadowing The first set of underlined words is an example of foreshadowing. Little Red Riding Hood’s mother is warning her about the wolf in the woods, which hints at what may happen next. Nice explanation. Can you use color to highlight meaningful words? Maybe use the arrow thing again. Question -isn’t there a clip art image with a shadow?

19 Little Red Riding Hood While she was walking through the woods, a wolf was walking past her. "I bet I could convince her to take the long way. Then I could get to her grandmother's house first and trick her into thinking that I was her grandma. That way I could have her and her grandma for a large feast,” he thought.

20 Little Red Riding Hood Flashback
The wolf went up to Little Red Riding Hood and told her that he knew a shortcut. Little Red Riding Hood thought back to what her mother told her. “Don’t talk to any strangers and watch out for the wolf in the woods!” But it was too late, she had already listened to the wolf’s directions. Flashback

21 Flashback The second set of underlined words is an example of flashback. Little Red Riding Hood is thinking back to something that happened earlier in the story. Again - use of color

22 Little Red Riding Hood Most know how the rest of the story ends. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma are saved from the wolf. Hopefully you can understand foreshadowing and flashback now. Change everyone to most - may isolate those students who do not -I.e. those not US born.

23 Review When an author mentions or hints at something that will happen later in the story, it is called Foreshadowing

24 Review When an author refers back to something that has already happened in the story, it is called Flashback

25 Congratulations!! Now you understand flashback and foreshadowing!
Remember these terms and look for them when you read your next story!

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