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Savitri Retold by J.F. Bierlein. Origin Hindu Aryan (India) Vedic.

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1 Savitri Retold by J.F. Bierlein

2 Origin Hindu Aryan (India) Vedic

3 Theme The main idea or central message in a literary work Some stories have more than one theme If there is more than one theme, most often they are interrelated or consistent with one another

4 Theme Infer theme Look at how the author resolves the plot Characters respond to conflict in a certain way Their actions have consequences What happens as a result of their actions are clues to theme

5 Savitri Interrelated themes Can be inferred from the consequences of the main character’s actions Theme can be determined from the lessons that the characters learn Oldest Vedic Myths

6 Savitri Main character A human woman and princess Great wisdom and virtue

7 Yama The lord of the dead The first human who died Rules kingdom of light below earth This is a place of rejoicing for those who have achieved salvation by living a good life No living person is allowed to pass the gates of Yama’s realm

8 Hinduism Teaches that people achieve salvation in stages At each stage, a person becomes less concerned with the material world More aware of spiritual matters

9 Three Paths Devotion- daily worship of a personal god and sacrifice Knowledge- practice study and meditation Duty- do what is right without regard to personal gain

10 After Reading Discussion Questions

11 What things are really an “illusion” to Savitri? Philosophical ideas, spiritual things, knowledge, love, helping the poor What does this say about what the Vedic culture valued? They valued the mind and spirit over material things.

12 Why did Savitri decide to marry the blind king’s son Satyavant who lost his kingdom to an usurper? Satayavant lived among the sadhus until the throne was restored-lived as a holy hermit, could rule wisely, and understand the plight (difficult situation) of the poor Lived a life of poverty-could see past the illusions and judge people fairly

13 What was the problem Savitri faced by marrying Satyavant? He was ordained (decided beforehand by an authority) by the gods to die within a year of marriage

14 Why doesn’t Savitri’s father want her to marry Satyavant? Doesn’t want to see his daughter widowed so young May not produce an heir

15 How does Savitri react? Persuades her father to give his blessing Feels it is better to be married for love for a year than not at all

16 Describe Savitri’s wedding. Not luxurious Married in the style of the holy hermits Luxury was only an illusion (deception, trick, delusion, false impression)…of what?

17 Does Savitri tell her husband about his foretold death? No Where do they live? On the edge of the deepest, darkest forest in the world

18 How does Satyavant die? In the woods, the animals sense his death He dies of a stroke while cutting down a tree

19 What does Yama look like? How does he get Satyavant’s soul? Dark blue skin Red eyes Often thought of as Heartless and cruel, but can be compassionate The Lord of the Dead Takes the souls of the sick to free them of misery Took his cord and ripped out his soul from his body

20 Describe how the culture views death. the gods decide when it is time to die It’s out of human control

21 How does Yama react at first to Savitri’s love for husband and courage? Offers her one wish to restore the kingdom of Satyavant’s kingdom. Does she turn back? No

22 How does Savitri find the loop hole in entering Yama’s gates? No man has ever entered She declares she is not a man but a woman

23 Love Love is stronger than death Love is the power that Yama cannot defy

24 What happens to Satyavant? Yama restores his life Yama restores his father’s kingdom-king’s eyesight restored Satyavant thinks he had a dream that Yama took his soul away and Savitri’s love saved him

25 How did the royals, Satyavant and Savitri raise their family? In poverty, humility, honesty and wisdom Simple life Later when Satyavant’s father died, they ruled with equity (fairness)

26 What happened when Savitri and Satyavant died? Yama greeted them as old friends There for a visit They would go to the highest heaven They had over one hundred descendants

27 Themes Many interrelated themes Can be inferred by Savitri’s actions and consequences Marry for love and rewarded with happiness Be courageous rewarded with a wish An unselfish choice (wish) brings happiness

28 Themes Can be determined by the lessons that the characters learn Love is stronger than death Those who follow the three paths to salvation without personal gain are rewarded The more righteous the behavior, the greater the reward

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