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Updated: 7/20/06 Welcome to New Student Group Advising The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Created By: The Engineering Advising Center Staff.

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1 Updated: 7/20/06 Welcome to New Student Group Advising The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Created By: The Engineering Advising Center Staff

2 Updated: 7/20/06 Engineering Advising Center Staff: Jeanette Sorensen, Director Marissa Blas, Advisor Barbara DiPaolo, Admin. Asst. Janelyn Orellana, Peer Advisor Karina Diestra, Peer Advisor Location:TBE-A 207 Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (Evening advising appointments are available upon request)

3 Updated: 7/20/06 How to Contact Us  Phone: (702) 895-2522  Fax: (702) 895-1436  Email: 

4 Updated: 7/20/06 What is your major?  Civil Engineering  Construction Management  Computer Science  Computer Engineering  Electrical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Minors:  Entertainment Engineering  Comp Science  Engineering Sciences

5 Updated: 7/20/06 Our Responsibilities  Help you clarify your interests, values, and goals  Coaching you on the skills you will need to succeed in college and prepare for your career  Provide you with accurate information about policies and procedures  Provide you with an outline of degree requirements and regular progress reports  Refer you to various campus resources as needed  Be your advocate  Uphold CONFIDENTIALITY (FERPA)

6 Updated: 7/20/06 Your Responsibilities  Meet with/contact an Advisor/Mentor each semester  A HOLD is placed on your registration until you meet with an advisor (Oct. & Mar.)  Be prepared for your advising sessions  Bring a pen!  Bring questions  Look at the course schedule beforehand  Attend and study hard for your classes!  Let your adviser know if you are having difficulties in school (early prevention!)  Read the undergraduate catalog

7 Updated: 7/20/06 “Must Have” Tools for Success  Undergraduate Catalog (available on paper & the web)  Course Listing (available on the web)  The Engineering Survival 101 Guide  Your Major’s Degree Sheet/Flow Chart  A calendar or organizer  Form a regular “Study Group”  Membership to one of the Engineering Student Groups

8 Updated: 7/20/06 What is in the “Catalog”?  Academic Policies/Calendar  Course descriptions/prerequisites  Math, English & Chemistry placement requirements  You are responsible for knowing all of the information in the UNLV Undergraduate Catalog as well as the UNLV Student Code of Conduct

9 Updated: 7/20/06 GPA Requirements for the College of Engineering: 2.5 Minimum  College Probation GPA between 2.0-2.49.  University Probation GPA below a 2.0/GPB below 0.  University Suspension GPB below -15.00. Out of UNLV for 1yr minimum.

10 Updated: 7/20/06  Engineering Students must earn a “C” or better in ALL “pre-major” and “prerequisite courses.” Check the catalog for minimum grades requirements for your major.  Contact an advisor if you should earn below a “C” in any class Minimum Grade Policy

11 Updated: 7/20/06 More Policies…  Repeat Policy  You may repeat a course once to have the first grade expunged from your GPA. The second grade will replace the first grade in your GPA  Withdrawal Policy  If you “drop” a course after the first instruction week a “W” grade will be reflected on your transcript

12 Updated: 7/20/06 More Policies…  Multicultural/International Requirement  Refer to the list for “double dipper courses”  Humanities, Social Science, Fine Arts  Pre-Major vs. Advanced Standing  Entering students are “pre-majors” until they complete a series of required courses with a min. grade of “C”, then they may declare “advanced standing” in their major  Faculty Mentoring  Required for MEG and CEG students prior to registering

13 Updated: 7/20/06 What is a “credit”?  A credit is the semester hours, which is defined as one fifty minute lecture a week for semester  Lectures: 3 hour in class = 3 credits  Labs: 3 hours in a lab = 0-1 credit

14 Updated: 7/20/06 Time Management  Balance school, work, and home responsibilities!  Full-time Student = 12+ credits/semester 12 cr + 24/36 hrs of study time = 36/48 hrs you will need to commit to coursework **DO NOT work more than 20 hrs/week if you are taking 12+ credits, or your grades will suffer!**  Working more than 30 hrs/week? DO NOT take more than 9 credits per semester!

15 Updated: 7/20/06 Student Resources  Minority Engineering Program (MEP)  Engineering Writing Center (TBE – A207)  Financial Aid (SSC - 2 nd Fl)  Career Services (SSC 301)  Tutoring Services (SSC – 1 st Fl)  Disability Resource Center (SSC 137)  Student Counseling Services (SSC 107)  Student Involvement & Activities (MSU)  New Student Orientation (Aug 24 & 25)

16 Updated: 7/20/06 Scholarships/Financial Aid  Make sure to complete the following forms each year (Due Feb. 1 st ):  FAFSA – Federal Financial Aid Form  UNLV Scholarship Application Form  Apply for the Stocker Scholarship form is available at the Engineering Advising Center  Applications are due June 1 st and November 1 st

17 Updated: 7/20/06 Placement Requirements  ENGLISH and MATH:  SAT/ACT, ACT Residual, Departmental Exams or AP scores are used for placement into English and Math courses  CHEM 121/L:  You will need to take a placement test For more info go to Chemistry website:

18 Updated: 7/20/06 What Classes Should I Take My First Semester?  Depending upon placement scores -- a typical schedule for Freshmen would be 12-16 credits comprised of: MATH ENGLISH ENGINEERING/COMPUTER SCIENCE SCIENCE US & NV Constitution -PSC 101/ HIST 100… Social Sciences PSY 101, ANT 101, SOC 101…

19 Updated: 7/20/06 How do I read the class schedule?  Look at Course name / Call # / # of credits / Time & Date / Location / Instructor ENG 101 60847 COMP I 3 11:30-1:00 T/R CBC-A 145 SMITH

20 Updated: 7/20/06 How do I register for classes?  Map out your schedule  Write down the 5-digit “Call Numbers” for preferred sections  Go to WWW.UNLV.EDU and click on “On-line Registration”WWW.UNLV.EDU  Enter social security #, then pin (yymm)  Chose “Add Courses” or “Search for Open Classes”  Enter Call Number for each class  Print out a copy of your schedule when finished

21 Updated: 7/20/06 Problems Registering?  Holds  Unable to add classes “You do not meet the Pre- or Co-reqs”

22 Updated: 7/20/06 Registering Solutions  All Holds Removed? Admissions/Advising?  For Pre-reqs/Co-reqs  Remember to register for course co-requisites first! Refer to the catalog.  Add LAB or DISCUSSION Groups before adding the corresponding lectures  If you DO NOT meet the prereqs for a course you will need Departmental approval  If you DO meet the prereqs for a course and cannot add the class, then contact the Advising Center for assistance

23 Updated: 7/20/06 TO DO List  Register for Classes  Print your Class Schedule prior to the start of classes  Obtain your REBEL CARD (MSU)  Get a Parking Permit (  Locate classrooms prior to the first day of classes  Purchase textbooks/school supplies  Obtain a UNLV Computer Lab Account (at any lab)  Activate your UNLV Email (Rebel Mail) account

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