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Session planning in Sport and fitness © Crown copyright 2006 1.

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1 Session planning in Sport and fitness © Crown copyright 2006 1

2 Aim To practice planning sessions that provide the right level of challenge and support for every learner. © Crown copyright 2006 2

3 Intended learning outcomes By the end of the session to have: 1.reviewed the strategies that Sport and fitness tutors have available to them to meet the needs of all learners within their groups 2.recognised the importance of the readiness-to- exercise screening process in providing essential planning information 3.planned a session that takes account of specific learner needs; and 4.evaluated prepared examples with a view to developing their own practice. © Crown copyright 2006 3

4 Task What strategies do you use to make sure that all learners get the most out of your sessions? Think about situations where: some learners have specific medical conditions, health issues or disabilities that must be accommodated learners have different fitness levels some learners have more experience of the discipline than others; and learners have different reasons for wanting to learn. © Crown copyright 2006 4

5 Some ideas of how you might differentiate (With copyright permission from CILT: Convery, A & Coyle, D, “Differentiation and Individual Learners, a guide for classroom practice”, Pathfinder 18, CILT, 1999) © Crown copyright 2006 5

6 Some methods of differentiation you can offer learners (1) An alternative – a different exercise to work the same muscle group that the rest of the class is exercising in another way. Appropriate where a participant has a particular medical condition or health issue that means the original exercise is contraindicated. A modification – an easier version of an exercise. Often suitable where learners have yet to build strength, stamina or experience in their discipline. Also suitable where learners have physical limitations that mean that they cannot tackle the original exercise in the same way as other members of their group. © Crown copyright 2006 6

7 Some methods of differentiation you can offer learners (2) A progression – a development in an exercise to increase its intensity or complexity. Can be achieved in various ways, for example, by asking learners to increase the number of times they repeat the exercise or the duration for which they hold it. © Crown copyright 2006 7

8 Schemes of work and session plans A scheme of work provides an overview of the course and how it is designed to achieve certain learning outcomes. In a session plan you zoom in on a specific part of your course and show how, by taking the steps identified, learners will be moving steadily closer to achieving the intended learning outcomes of the course. A scheme of work is written before you have had the chance to get know learners. Session plans can be written beforehand too, but should be amended when you have a better idea of who your learners are. © Crown copyright 2006 8

9 Key elements of a session plan (1) Aims of the session (these must relate to what you have said in your scheme of work). The planned learning outcomes (what learners will gain from this session in particular). The activities you and they will engage in for these purposes. An indication of how long each activity will take and what you and your learners will do in it. Details of how you will cater for learners with particular needs, interests and aspirations. © Crown copyright 2006 9

10 Key elements of a session plan (2) An indication of how you will take account of equality and diversity issues. An indication of any assessment activities that will be carried out during the session. A list of the resources that will be used. Reference to any health and safety issues that need to be taken into account. © Crown copyright 2006 10

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