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Kublai Khan Andy Holmes Andy Holmes February 6, 2008.

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2 Kublai Khan Andy Holmes Andy Holmes February 6, 2008

3 Kublai Khan Kublai Khan was the grandson of the mighty Genghis Khan. Kublai had a servant named Marco Polo. Kublai was the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai was a military leader.

4 Biography of Kublai Khan KKKKublai was born on September 23, 1215.  H e died on February 18, 1294.  K K K Kublai studied Chinese culture.  H H H He was a cruel emperor.

5 The Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan (emperor of China) established the Yuan Dynasty in 1271. He was the first Yuan emperor. He invaded Vietnam and sacked the capital at Thang Long. Kublai twice attempted to invade Japan in search of gold; however, it is believed that bad weather destroyed the fleets, or a flaw in the design of the ships.

6 The Vietnam war with Kublai Khan By 1225 the Mongols controlled most of northern China and Manchuria. The Mongols were also eyeing southern China, Vietnam, and Champa. In 1257, 1284, and 1287, the Mongol armies of Kublai Khan invaded Vietnam, overthrowing the capital of Thang Long. On each occasion, only to find that the Vietnamese had anticipated their attacks and evacuated the city beforehand.

7 Invasions in Japan Kublai Khan twice attempted to invade Japan looking for gold. The first invasion took place in 1274,with a fleet of about 900 ships. The second invasion occurred in 1281, with a fleet over 1,170 large war junks, each close to 240 feet long. The campaign was badly organized as the Korean fleet reached Japan much ahead of the Chinese fleet.

8 The Palace of Kublai Khan

9 Miscellaneous Pictures of Kublai Khan

10 Fast Facts Did you know that one of the Star Trek movies was based on Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan fought his own brother to become the Great Khan.

11 Sources 05&FORM=IE7RE&q=pictures+of+Kublai+ Khan 05&FORM=IE7RE&q=pictures+of+Kublai+ Khan Microsoft Office Clip Art

12 The End

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