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Procedures for Three-Year Reevaluations Jolee Harney/Jenny Kurzer Marsha Holleman/Nancy Simmons.

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1 Procedures for Three-Year Reevaluations Jolee Harney/Jenny Kurzer Marsha Holleman/Nancy Simmons

2 EC students must be Reevaluated every 3 years, to determine continued eligibility. Evaluations may not be needed. Check due dates and combine meetings to save time. Contact parents early and plan ahead!

3 Explain the Options to parents: Option 1 Eligibility may be determined with a Review of Existing Data: Examples: Grades, state test scores, attendance records, discipline records, IEP progress, etc.

4 Option 2: Collection of additional data with or without formal assessment. ( See DEC 7) If you think you will need to do formal assessments, you need to start early. Psychologists need to know months in advance!

5 Make sure parents understand that if you Evaluate and the student no longer qualifies for services, they may be dismissed. – This could be a good thing!

6 *Developmentally Delayed students must have a Comprehensive Reevaluation:  3 years after they are initially placed  or before they are 8 years of age  or by 3 rd grade whichever comes first.

7 If you know ahead of time that no additional testing will be needed, you may conduct the Reevaluation in one meeting.

8 Forms required: Invitation DEC 7/Reevaluation - Do a detailed record review! Eligibility Determination DEC 5/Prior Written Notice DEC 4 (Develop a new IEP or revisit the current IEP – Choose Addendum or Reevaluation as the purpose.) (A DEC 3 Worksheet is not required.) Note if the parent received a handbook on the Log or on the Team Minutes!

9 If you think you will need any additional data or testing, you must conduct two meetings!

10 Meeting 1 *Invitation Letter * DEC 7/Reevaluation *DEC 2/Consent for evaluations *Use the Eligibility Cheat sheet to choose assessments needed. *DEC 5/Prior Written Notice

11 After the 1 st meeting, do the following: Request Vision & Hearing and Speech Screening. (EC 414 a & EC 414 b) Give these to your nurse and speech therapist. Send Request for Reevaluation, EC 416 to Mary Cameron Best at Liberty School with copies.

12 Meeting 2 After you receive the test results and the assessment summary is completed: Invitation Letter – Include school psychologist and related service providers. Complete DEC 3 Worksheet for suspected categories. Eligibility Determination

13 Meeting 2 continued… DEC 5 “Prior Written Notice” DEC 4 – New IEP or revisit current one & choose Addendum or Reevaluation. The date of this meeting is the new Reevaluation date! (The Goldenrod cover sheet to the psychological report goes in the permanent record.)

14 *Fill out the CECAS Student Information Form within 24 hours! *Program Specialists will audit all Reevaluations, Initial Placements, and Transfers… *Make corrections needed to maintain 100% accuracy.

15  You must conduct a Reevaluation to add or delete any related service, including transportation, nursing, counseling, etc.  Work with your related service providers and address the primary category. (This triggers a new Reevaluation date.)  Changes to Separate or Separate School may require a reevaluation. - Ask your Program Specialist to review your data beforehand. See local procedures!  Use your spell check on Easy IEP!

16 Questions???

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