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Introduction to N1MM Logger Confessions of A Former DOS Addict By Pete Smith, N4ZR.

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1 Introduction to N1MM Logger Confessions of A Former DOS Addict By Pete Smith, N4ZR

2 Background Started in computer logging with C-64 Went to CT with version 6 Went to TR Log 8 years ago (Version 4) First tried N1MM Logger in November 2003 Now entirely committed to using N1MM

3 Why? Advantages of Windows environment for logging programs is too important to ignore Display flexibility Smooth multi-tasking Easy networking (LAN or Internet) Compatibility with evolving machines and operating systems (e.g., Windows XP)

4 Display Flexibility Here’s a typical screen from TRLog

5 And in N1MM Logger

6 For Example

7 What’s Different About N1MM Run/S&P modes Enter Sends Messages (ESM) mode A better bandmap All contests stored in a common database Very quick, responsive support Extreme customization possible And it’s freeware

8 Run/S&P Modes

9 ESM …S&P


11 ESM …Running



14 A Better Bandmap





19 Zooming the Bandmap


21 A Common Database All contests are stored in a common Access database. Switching between contests is almost as simple as just choosing another one from a menu Records are accessible to any Access tools you have, and may be easily exported to other formats.

22 Very Quick, Responsive Support N1MM monitors activity during major contests and users’ testing beforehand Bug fixes quickly implemented; rarely are other things broken when a bug is fixed Lots of open discussion about potential enhancements on N1MM mailing list

23 Extreme Customization Possible Because all the windows are true Windows, all can be resized and moved around the screen. This gives great flexibility. Some users even run two monitors and put some windows on one, and others on the other.

24 What Don’t I Like Handling of multiplier lists for different contests is awkward; manual customization may be required to avoid problems, particularly where VE mults involved. Canned CW or voice message lists must be manually stored and recalled for each contest.

25 Gripes (cont’d.) SO2R support not quite as good (yet) as TR Log – less automatic Good CW and SO2R may require an outboard keyer (fortunately “Winkey” is cheap) No integrated paddle keying – but Winkey does it almost as well as TR Log, including interruption of canned CW messages

26 Gripes (cont’d.) Needs more stored CW messages, for fills in contests with complex exchanges. Some Multi-op features – synchronization across network, for example – less mature than Writelog. Built-in contest recording not very effective

27 Computer Requirements For phone, or if Winkey used, a 266 MHz Pentium with 128 MB of RAM will probably be adequate. Windows XP may require more RAM With my 1700+ Athlon and 256 MB, there is no problem running internal CW and SO2R in the most challenging configuration.

28 Where to Get It Download (freeware) from Info on Winkey from http://www.k1el.com

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