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Slide Information Pine Wilt Nematode Megan Kennelly Kansas State University.

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1 Slide Information Pine Wilt Nematode Megan Kennelly Kansas State University

2 First found in Kansas in 1979 Pine wood nematode Pine Wilt Photo by Judy O’Mara

3 Image from Jon Appel, Kansas Dept of Agriculture

4 Pine wilt hosts Common on Scots Also starting to see it on Austrian pine, and Mugo Drought stress –Beetles prefer to lay eggs where resin flow is reduced

5 Pine Wilt: Symptoms Rapid wilt/death. Needles yellow then brown. Lack resin. Branches dry, brittle. They snap rather than bend

6 Image from:

7 Beetle overwinters in pine trees -start emerge ~ May 1st. femalemale Images from:

8 May 1 : adult beetles emerge *Lay eggs, (prefer drought stressed/dying) *Nematodes enter tree and feed on bluestain fungi. Lay eggs all season Beetles feed in healthy trees Nematodes are inside the trachea (breathing tubes) of the beetle. Beetle carries up to ~80,000 nematodes Images from:

9 Egg-laying phase Feeding phase * Beetle larvae develop in the tree. *Larvae feed in cambium layer, then burrow deeper into the tree *Larvae turn to pupae *Nematodes are attracted to pupae *Pupae emerge as adults, and the cycle continues Nematodes leave beetles and enter tree through feeding wounds. Nemas eat plant cells, and tree dies Image from: http://www.extension.iastate.e du/Publications/SUL9.pdf

10 The nematode in the tree Once in the tree, the nematode spreads around in resin ducts. Feeds on resin cells (healthy trees) or blue-stain fungi (in dead trees) When food is running out, nematode seeks out the beetle. Nematodes produce 4 th stage larvae which hitch a ride with the beetle. This larva is a “dispersal” stage, tolerates drying. (dauer larvae)

11 Nematode can’t spread by itself: it needs the beetle Beetle can fly several miles We can also spread nematode and beetle in nursery stock, firewood

12 Sanitation is Critical Component in Controlling Pine Wilt Tree removal before April 1 –Reduces nematode and pine sawyer numbers Don’t leave stumps –Root removal not necessary Don’t stack wood. Chip or burn dead trees. Sanitation must be coordinated effort. –Pine sawyers strong fliers

13 Two new products for pine wilt Greyhound and Pinetect –Both are 2% Abamectin Contact companies (Rainbow Tree Care, Arborsystems) for more information Need to be applied by trained treecare professionals

14 Injections Not 100% effective No curative activity Carefully evaluate tree beforehand Proper technique Repeat every 2 years Expensive

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