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Prescribe – to order or direct the use of something as a remedy, as for medicine dictator- a person ruling absolutely and often brutally and aggressively.

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1 prescribe – to order or direct the use of something as a remedy, as for medicine dictator- a person ruling absolutely and often brutally and aggressively paternal – related through the father deport – to force an alien whose presence is unlawful or harmful to leave a country patriotic – love of one’s own country and devotion to its welfare dictate – to speak or read for a person to write down; to give an order scribble- to write or draw hastily or carelessly portable – capable of being carried or moved around inscription – written, engraved, or printed words on a plaque, trophy, etc. diction – choice of words especially with regard to correctness, clearness, or effectiveness

2 VP 6 1.bewildered – to fill with uncertainty; confused 2.speculation – to meditate on or ponder a subject; reflect 3.convictions – strong beliefs or opinions 4.obsessed – overly concerned; to occupy the mind of intensely or abnormally 5.vary – change; alter 6.dignity – the quality of being worthy, honored, or esteemed 7.passive – inactive; idle; patient; submissive 8.status – position or rank in relation to others; standing 9.preview – see beforehand; shown in advance 10.align – bring into line

3 VP 7 1.opportunity – a good chance 2.perplexity – confusion; bewilderment 3.drab – being dull and monotonous; cheerless; colorless 4.comprehend – to grasp the meaning of; understand 5.versatile – able to do many different kinds of things; changing 6.hardy – tough; sturdy; strong 7.assert – to state clearly and strongly; declare positively 8.sanctuary – a safe place; a place of refuge or protection 9.bias – prejudice; slant; inclination 10.wily – clever; cunning; foxy; sly

4 VP 8 1.noncommittal – not telling or showing what a person thinks or decides 2.incompetent – lacking qualities necessary for effective action 3.irrational – not based on reason; lacking mental reason 4.oppose – to strive against; resist 5.illegible – impossible or very hard to read 6.unabridged – complete of its class; not based on one larger 7.antidote – a remedy to counteract the effects of poison 8.malfunction – to fail to operate properly 9.disoriented – confused; without sense of where you are 10.detach – to separate from a larger mass without damage

5 VP 9 1.optimist – someone who is positive or hopeful 2.topical – referring to topics of the time or place 3.spontaneous – natural; arising without restraint; impulsive 4.abstract – theoretical; vague; not concrete; hard to understand 5.renegade – a person who turns against society and conventional life 6.unscathed – unharmed 7.dwindle – shrink; go down; disappear 8.throng – large crowd 9.portly – fat; overweight; chubby 10.barren – unproductive; unable to grow plants

6 VP 10 1.assess – to determine the importance, size, or value of 2.eerie – arousing fear or uneasiness because of strangeness; weird 3.gauge – measure; to size up; evaluate 4.loom – to appear in a large, indistinct, or distorted form 5.momentary – short; brief; temporary; not long 6.outpost – an outlying frontier settlement; fort; hideout 7.pitfall – hidden danger; trap; difficulty 8.pursue – to follow in order to overtake and capture or destroy 9.undermine – to weaken or wear away secretly or gradually 10.zest – excitement; keen enjoyment; relish

7 VP 11 – fortress; fort; stronghold 2.frenzy – wild excitement; a temporary madness 3.ominous – threatening; frightening; scary; worrisome 4.pinnacle – top; the summit or highest point 5.restore – renew; to bring back to original state 6.shun – to avoid deliberately and habitually 7.symbol – something that stands for something else 8.tranquil – calm; free from disturbance or turmoil; quiet 9.vigor – strength; power; force; energy 10.vital – alive; lively; spirited; spunky

8 VP 12 1.anarchy – a state of lawlessness, confusion, or disorder 2.chronic – marked by long duration or frequent recurrence 3.chronicle – an historical account of events in order of time 4.dynamic – powerful; forceful; energetic 5.dynasty – a succession of rulers of the same line of descent 6.hydrant – a pipe with a valve and spout at which water may be drawn from a main 7.hydroelectric – relating to the production of electricity by waterpower 8.monarch – a person who reigns over a kingdom or empire 9.synchronize – to happen at the same time; agree in time 10.tripod – a three-legged stand

9 VP 13 1.advantage – superiority of position or condition 2.aviator – the pilot of an aircraft 3.communism – a social system in which property and goods are owned in common 4.condemnation – the act of judging something to be wrong 5.investor – someone who invests money in a business 6.realism – the tendency to see situations in the light of facts and deal with them practically 7.spoilage – the act or process of decaying 8.temptation – the act of being tempted to do something wrong 9.termination – ending; conclusion; finish 10.vendor – one who sells

10 VP 15 1.anticipation – looking forward to 2.compassion – pity 3.confront – meet; to face 4.exuberant – joyously unrestrained 5.indifferent – unenthusiastic 6.nurture – develop the potential 7.obscure – vague; not clear 8.perilous – dangerous 9.refuge – shelter; place of safety 10.relinquish – release; let go

11 VP 16 1.beneficial – conferring benefits; advantageous; helpful 2.compensation – payment to make up for a loss 3.consolation – something that consoles or comforts 4.crucial – decisive; marked by final determination of a doubtful issue 5.devise – to form in the mind; invent 6.dispense – to deal out in portions; to give out 7.murky – dark; gloomy 8.premonition – sense that something will occur; forewarning 9.ravenous – very eager for food, satisfaction, or gratification 10.scour – to move about or through quickly especially in search

12 VP 17 1.posterity – all future generations 2.postscript – a note added at the end of a letter, article, or book 3.postseason – occurring after the regular season of a sport 4.preamble – an introductory statement 5.preconceived – to form an opinion beforehand 6.predate – to come before in time 7.predetermine – to determine or settle beforehand 8.premature – happening, coming, existing, or done before the proper or usual time 9.prerequisite – something required beforehand 10.presume – to suppose to be true without proof

13 VP 19 1.modest – not boastful; humble; shy 2.frail – physically weak; fragile; slight 3.defiant – bold; insolent; openly disobedient 4.intimidated – to frighten esp. by threats; frightened; fearful 5.ordeal – severe or difficult trial, experience, or test 6.desolate – lacking inhabitants and visitors; deserted; empty 7.mobility – ability to move 8.resilient – springy; flexible; able to spring back 9.nimble – quick and light in motion or movement; agile 10.circumstance – surrounding conditions that affect an event

14 VP 20 1.mock – ridicule; to treat with scorn; taunt; jeer 2.collaborate – cooperate; to work together; conspire 3.falter – to hesitate or become unsteady because of fear or nervousness; stumble 4.soberly – with a serious or thoughtful purpose; solemnly 5.surge – to swell or rise suddenly, like a wave; grow 6.drastically – harshly; severely; extremely; radically 7.displace – remove; to take the place of; shift 8.somberly – in a gloomy or depressing manner; cheerlessly 9.acutely – sharply; keenly; intensely 10.improvise – invent; to make or compose without preparation

15 VP 21 1.docile – easily taught, led, or managed 2.documentation – the providing of documents in proof; evidence 3.resent – to feel or express annoyance or ill will over 4.sentimental – marked by excessive feeling or emotion 5.advocate – to speak in favor of; support or recommend openly 6.revoke – to put an end to by withdrawing or canceling 7.aggravate – to make more serious or severe 8.grave – meriting serious consideration; important 9.invert – to turn inside out or upside down 10.version – an account or description from one point of view

16 VP 22 1.academic – of or relating to school or college 2.civic – of or relating to a citizen, a city, or citizenship 3.annual – covering a period of a year 4.lethal – causing or capable of causing pain 5.distinctive – clearly marking a person or thing as different 6.inquisitive – curious; questioning 7.despicable – deserving to be despised or hated 8.lamentable – sorrowful; regrettable; causing sorrow or sadness 9.lofty – rising high; noble; superior; proud 10.primary – of first rank, importance, or value; chief

17 VP 24 1.obstinate – stubborn; firm; headstrong 2.uniform – having always the same form, manner, or degree 3.unsightly – unpleasant to the sight; ugly; unattractive 4.offensive – causing unpleasant sensations; annoying 5.toxic – poisonous; deadly; harmful 6.precise – very exact; accurate; strict 7.competent – capable; qualified; fit 8.shrewd – clever; cunning; foxy 9.raucous – disagreeably harsh or strident; raspy; disorderly 10.prosperous – successful; rich; wealthy; economic well-being

18 VP 25 1.maneuver – to move into or out of position 2.eventually – at some future time; in the end 3.intercept – to take or seize on the way or before arrival 4.restrain – to prevent from doing something; to hold back 5.thrive – to grow vigorously; do well 6.moderately – neither very much nor very little; not extreme 7.simultaneously – existing or occurring at the same time 8.conceive – to form an idea of; imagine 9.jest – to act or speak playfully or jokingly 10.squander – to spend extravagantly or wastefully

19 VP 26 1.tactful – an ability to deal with others without offending them 2.remote – far off in place or time; distant; slight 3.concise – brief; compact; succinct 4.prudent – wise; reasonable; sensible; sound 5.ample – enough to satisfy; abundant; plentiful 6.hinder – delay; hamper; to make slow or difficult 7.audacious – bold; daring; arrogant; foolhardy 8.foster – to give parental care to; nurture; promote 9.arid – very dry; barren; waterless 10.prevail – to win a victory; triumph; overcome

20 VP 27 1.abrupt – sudden; rudely brief; curt 2.abstain – to refrain voluntarily; hold oneself back 3.adjacent – lying next or near; having a common border 4.administer – to direct the affairs of ; manage; have charge of 5.deduce – to draw a conclusion 6.degenerate – to pass from a higher to a lower type of condition 7.dejected – cast down in spirits; low-spirited; sad; depressed 8.symmetrical – having a balanced mirror-image arrangement 9.sympathy – feeling of pity for another’s distress 10.symphony – harmonious arrangement of sound or color

21 VP 29 1.brood – worry; think anxiously or moodily 2.resourceful – inventive; able to meet situations; creative 3.potent – powerful; mighty; having force or influence 4.enticing – tempting; attracting by arousing hope or desire 5.rash – reckless; being too hasty in speech or action 6.uncanny – eerie; being beyond what is normal or expected suggesting supernatural powers 7.sufficient – adequate; enough to meet the needs of a situation 8.flounder – to struggle or proceed clumsily or awkwardly 9.saturate – to soak in or fill to capacity 10.efficient – effective; capable of producing desired effects

22 VP 30 1.clarify – to make or become more readily understandable 2.tyrannize – to exercise power in a harsh or cruel manner 3.mobilize – to put into movement or circulation 4.modify – to make changes in; alter 5.implicate – to bring into connection; involve 6.itemize – to set down one by one 7.vacillate – to incline first to one course or opinion and then to another 8.revitalize – to give new life or vigor to 9.verify – to prove to be true or correct; confirm 10.ruminate – meditate; to engage in contemplation; muse

23 VP 31 1.backtrack – to go back over the way by which you have come 2.straightforward – direct in manner or expression 3.good-humored – cheerful; good-natured 4.heat lightning – vivid flashes of light without thunder on a hot day 5.self-concept – image that a person has of himself or herself 6.shortchange – to give someone less than what is due him or her – to check or inspect something in an irregular way 8.topsy-turvy – upside-down; in a state of disorder or confusion 9.sugarcoat – to make superficially attractive 10.headroom – space above one’s head for standing, sitting, or moving

24 VP 33 1.sluggish – slow and inactive in movement or reaction 2.drastic – acting rapidly or violently; extreme 3.glee – exultant high-spirited joy; happiness 4.scurry – to move briskly; scamper; hurry 5.fiction – something made up 6.cower – to crouch down from fear or cold; pull away in fear 7.hostile – unfriendly; of or relating to an enemy 8.extension – something extended; a lengthening 9.regal – royal; suitable for a king; majestic 10.lunge – move suddenly; act of leaping suddenly forward

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