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Writing A Lab Report.

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1 Writing A Lab Report

2 Bell Work If John has 100 meters of string and Aliyah has 10 dekameters of string, whose has the longest piece of string? Ms. Eubanks travels 10 kilometers each day to work. How far does she travel in centimeters?

3 Objectives: Practice Writing Lab Reports Expectations/Notebook Set-up
Conversion Review

4 Lab Report Must Include all elements outlined in the lab format.
Turned in on time Conclusion must contain all elements

5 Lab Report Format I. Title of Experiment VI. Procedure ·Step by step
II. Experimental Question The purpose of the experiment in the form of a question.  III. Hypothesis  IV. Introduction paragraph discussion outlining the important concepts in the experiment  V. Materials A list of ALL of the materials used in the experiment VI. Procedure ·Step by step   VII. Data & Observations VIII. Results/Calculations  IX. Conclusion begin with purpose of the lab state hypothesis briefly discuss the procedure then discuss ALL of your data and results for the experiment finally conclude with whether you proved/disproved hypothesis why or why not

6 Lab Report Hydrogen Balloons How is Hydrogen produced?
Hypothesis: Hydrogen is formed from a metal and hydrochloric acid reacting together. The purpose of the experiment is to observe, take data, and write a lab report concerning the production of hydrogen gas. Materials:

7 Materials: Zinc, HCl, beaker, test tube, balloon, weigh boat, lighter, stick, safety glasses, gloves, and string. Procedure: 1. Put on Safety Equipment 2. Obtained Materials 3. Put zinc in test tube 4. Put HCl in test tube 5. Put Balloon on Test Tube 6. Collected Gas and tied balloon with string. 7. Caused the collected gas to combust.

8 CLASS WORK Write the first five steps of your lab report in your notebook Data Table Observations Zinc Hydrochloric Before After

9 VIII Results and Calculations: The experiment produced hydrogen gas from a chemical reaction. There were several things that indicated a chemical change: change in temperature, color change, formation of a precipitate, and production of a gas.

10 Class Work Write Your Conclusion in your notebook
If you are not finished in class, complete for homework

11 200 grams = _____decigrams .150 kilometers = ____ meters
Home Work 200 grams = _____decigrams .150 kilometers = ____ meters

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