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Molten Salt Gasification Break-Through Hydrogen Manufacturing

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1 Molten Salt Gasification Break-Through Hydrogen Manufacturing

2 A Canadian Company -- based in Calgary, Alberta Founded in 2006 Technology: Molten Salt Gasification (MSG) Technology Development Timeline … 2005: Initial Investigation by Idaho National Laboratory … 2006: Exclusive World-Wide Rights Granted to Western Hydrogen … 2008: SDTC Awards Funding … 2006-2011: Bench-Scale Testing at INL & Patents Filed … 2011-2013: Construction of Large-Scale Pilot Plant in Alberta … 2013: Pilot Plant Start-Up & Operation 2

3 Guy Turcotte, Chairman, previously founded and acted as Chairman and CEO of Western Oilsands. Guy has been involved in all segments of the Alberta oil & gas market including founding of Fort Chicago Energy Partners and Chauvco Resources. Mr. Turcotte has been a director for numerous organizations in Alberta. Lyman Frost, Chief Technology Officer has been involved in the development of new technology for thirty years. He previously ran five small businesses in the energy arena, worked as a Director at a US DOE national laboratory, and managed corporate research programs for McDermott Inc, a major contractor in the offshore oil & gas market. He is director of a regional development bank and on the Utah governor’s science advisory council. Neil Camarta, President & CEO, has previously held senior leadership positions with Shell, Petro-Canada and Suncor. Neil led the development of Shell’s Athabasca Oil Sands Project. He has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry in Canada and globally. 3

4 MSG Reactor MSG Reactor Hydrogen ~2000 PSIG Hydrogen ~2000 PSIG CO 2 ~2000 PSIG CO 2 ~2000 PSIG Sodium Salts Sodium Salts Carbon Compounds Carbon Compounds Water Low-Cost Sequestration Make-Up No Oxygen Plant No Compression Single, Small Reactor No Oxygen Plant No Compression Single, Small Reactor 4

5 Significantly Lower Hydrogen Supply Costs … no oxygen plant & no compression Maximum Feedstock Flexibility … coke, asphaltenes, methane, glycerol, algae, etc. Lower GHG Emissions … ~ 20% less than Steam Methane Reforming High Pressure Hydrogen Production … ~ 2000 PSIG: ideal for industrial uses & transportation fuelling “Low Cost” Sequestration of CO 2 … ~ 2000 PSIG: capital avoidance for capture & compression 5

6 Reactor Pressure Test Furnace Exclusive License to Western Hydrogen 6

7 7

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9 Operates at 900 C & 2000 PSIG External Pressure Boundary … does not contact melt … not exposed to hydrogen Multiple Feedstock Flexibility Single Reactor … lower capital & operating costs … high thermal efficiency 9

10 $/Kg H 2 25 MMSCFD 99.9% Pure H 2 1000 PSIG H 2 2012$ Alberta Based Plant $150/Tonne Glycerol 4.25 Capex O&M Glycerol 2.85 Conventional Technology MSG 10

11 2006201520142013201220072008200920102011 201620172018 Idaho National Laboratory R&D Pilot Plant EPC Pilot Plant Operation Demo Plant EPC Demo Plant Operation $12 Million$35 Million 11

12 Advanced Technology Status … MSG Process Modeled and Verified in Lab … Construction Materials Tested & Confirmed … Large-Scale Pilot Plant Built & Starting-Up Competitive Supply Costs Lower GHG Emissions & Lower Cost of Capture Experienced Team 12

13 13 403-470-0141 1100 1 st Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 1B1

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