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Hydrogen Sulfide Suicide

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1 Hydrogen Sulfide Suicide
AKA Detergent Suicide By Michael Magda

2 History Japan 2008 <2000 2009 <3 2010 <30 2011 Michigan 1

3 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Colorless gas Biological decay Olfactory
Rotten eggs odor Smell ppm Biological decay Sulfur-containing goods Sewage Manure Leafs, wood, animals Olfactory Deaden sense of smell ppm Chemical asphyxiate Rendering cells dead Chemical irritant Eye and upper airway

4 H2S properties Vapor density Vapor knockdown Venting Absorption
1.19 heaver than air Low to the ground Vapor knockdown Water spray Venting May not work Consider PPV Absorption Poisonous IDLH 100 ppm Autoignition 500°F Flammable gas LEL 4% UEL 44%

5 The concoction Mix Produces Acid and base ½ cup of each
Hydrochloric acid Sulfur compound Acid and base Exothermic Somewhat violent reaction ½ cup of each Produces 1000 ppm Average sized vehicle or 3,500 cubic feet of a confine space

6 Typical Chemicals Used
Acid Sources Muriatic acid Sulfuric acid Lysol disinfectant Lysol toilet bowl cleaner The Works, toilet bowl cleaner Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile cleaner Tile and Stone cleaners Sulfur Sources Artist oil paints Dandruff shampoos Pesticides Spackling paste Latex paints Garden fungicides Lime Sulfur Bath Salts

7 PPE Incidents dictates PPE SCBA Turnout or Tyvek <100 ppm Solids
liquids Gases Body fluids SCBA <100 ppm Turnout or Tyvek

8 Decontamination First Responder Victim Notify Transport deceased in
Appropriate for contamination Victim Remove clothing Double-bag Follow SOG Off-gassing Lungs Clothing Notify Hospital Morgue Transport deceased in Body bag Enclosed vehicle Wrapped in sheets Open vehicle Preferred method

9 Exposure and Treatment

10 Exposure and Treatment
Pulmonary edema Up to 72 hours Follow Protocols Support Cardiovascular Seizures Hypotension

11 Response Decay Internet sites Slowdown Look for clues 12-37 hours
Colder= longer Warmer=shorter Internet sites Encourage warning signs Slowdown 10 seconds rule Size-up Look for clues Signage HCN or H2S

12 Warning Signs / Vehicle

13 Warning Signs / Vehicle
Subject slumped over in the vehicle Suicide notes taped to the window Suicide note inside vehicle Yellow or green residue

14 Warning Signs / Vehicle
Windows taped Doors taped Vents taped up

15 Warning Signs / Vehicle
Tools used to mix the chemicals Bottles of household chemicals Containers used to mix the chemicals

16 Warning Signs / Building
Motel Doors and windows Odors Persons inside DIB

17 Trends Increased internet activity Younger people Suicide pacts
Middle and high schools Suicide pacts Hydrogen cyanide

18 Recap ½ cup Several gallons Linger for hours Acid and sulfur compound
1000 ppm 3,500 cf Several gallons Linger for hours

19 Recap Slowdown Look for clues PPE Air monitoring Follow SOG’s
signs Pails, buckets mixing vessels Acids and pesticides PPE SCBA Air monitoring Follow SOG’s Protect yourself

20 References CHRIS Manual NIOSH
2006 NIOSH 2011 Genium’s Handbook of Safety, Health and Environmental Data for Common Hazmat 1999 Micromedex July 2011 Internet sites Fire Engineering

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