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 Dave Sullivan – Team leader and Electrolosys expert  Mike Whiteman – Teams analytical expert.

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2  Dave Sullivan – Team leader and Electrolosys expert  Mike Whiteman – Teams analytical expert

3  Adelio De Monte – Professor at Fleming College and is interested in the results and performance analysis of the system  DSE Automotive – Automotive company in Brampton owned by David Stirk which will be helping us with the automotive side of things and is interested in the end gains of the system.

4  In today’s world gas prices are rapidly sky rocketing from where they where 5 years ago. Our goal is to create a system that will convert water into hydrogen fuel using electrolysis to cut down the need of fuel by a considerable amount. This system will be able to be installed into any vehicle with an internal combustion engine or a diesel engine.

5  Construction of electrolizer at DSE Automotive  Install electrolizer into the car as well as all other necessary devices such as bubblers and valves.  Create the PWM device for the power supply to the electrolyzer  Hand wind the toroid transformer coil to combine difference wave outputs.

6  Install dc to ac inverter to power the PWM  Install Rectifier to convert the ac back to dc  Tune the PWM to resonance frequency of the cell.  Create o2 sensor modifier which will allow us to manually control the fuel/air ratio as lean as 18/1  Create the mass airflow sensor mod to allow us to match the tuned o2 sensor modification.

7  Create analog readout display of current fuel air mixture so we can visually see how lean we are running it.  Tune all sensors to the optimum efficiency according to how much hydrogen is being produced.  Gather statistics of sensor settings and performance statistics to do a performance analysis on it.  In the end we should have a very efficient vehicle

8  See Gantt Chart

9  Fleming College ◦ Oscilloscopes, power supplies, multimetres, and other miscellaneous electrical equipment to test our circuits to make sure they are functioning properly ◦ Computer to use lab view, avr studio and codevision to program our atmel microprocessor board ◦ Printer to print out any documentation or final presentation material

10  DSE Automotive ◦ Routers, drills, Welders and other equipment for construction and installation of our electrolysis device. ◦ Expert advise and automotive software to help us look up car electronic schematics and other things we may need. ◦ A warm place to install the electronics and other things into the vehicle during the middle of winter

11  Equipment and Items ◦ Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Multimetres, routers, soldering iron, welding machine, Obd2 to usb to notebook diagnostics. ◦ All the above items are supplied by either Sir Sandford Fleming College or DSE Automotive.

12  Parts and Supplies List ◦ Water Level Sensing Circuit, PWM3G1 Circuit, 18/1 Fuel Enhancer circuit, bubbler, Analog Fuel/air Mixture display, DC to AC Inverter, Rectifier, toroid Transformer coil, Plexiglas and fittings, other miscellaneous stuff that may be needed ◦ The above items have an estimated value of 628$

13  Office Supplies ◦ Computer with firefox ◦ Windows XP ◦ AVR Studios ◦ Codevision ◦ Labview ◦ Paper to print on

14  Fabrication tools requirements ◦ Router tool, drills, and other miscellaneous equipment for our project will be provided by Sir Sandford Fleming or DSE Automotive.

15  Meetings every Monday at 11am in Noel Briones Office  Cell phones and land phones for audio messages and conversations  E-mail for communications  Microsoft Groove may be setup for file sharing and other materials  will be setup for use when needed

16  Sponsor 1 ◦ Adelio Demonte ◦ 599 Brealey Drive ◦ Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B1 ◦ Canada ◦ Email: ◦ Office 5916

17  Sponsor 2 ◦ David Stirk ◦ RR 2, Brampton, ON L6V 1A1 ◦ Canada ◦ Email: ◦ Phone: 905-846-2682

18  Team Leader ◦ Dave Sullivan ◦ 494 College Ave. ◦ Orangeville, Ontario L9W 4R8 ◦ Canada ◦ Email: ◦ Phone: 519-215-1127

19  Team Member 2 ◦ Mike Wightman ◦ 19 charlotte street ◦ Trenton, Ontario, k8v2c1 ◦ Canada ◦ E-mail: ◦ phone: 705-772-2707

20  In closing, we have a project ahead of us that will not only extend our knowledge in electrolysis and other aspects of this project, but we will be creating a brilliant device, that if done properly, should yield amazing results to help reduce fuel consumption in an everyday vehicle. This not only be an incredibly project for Fleming College but may produce an end product that could make major changes in the way vehicles operate today.

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