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Hydrogen Fuel Cells By: Justin Hewitt and Ian Allen.

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1 Hydrogen Fuel Cells By: Justin Hewitt and Ian Allen

2 Outline What it is How it works History Uses Environmental Impact Advantages Disadvantages Outputs Facts Closing Sources Questions

3 What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell? Energy converting cell Consists of an anode, cathode, and two electrodes Provides energy in form of electricity and heat

4 How it works Water put through anode Power source hooked up Hydrogen separated from Oxygen in water Can be used to power different things Demonstration

5 How It Started Invented in early 1960’s GE employees Thomas Grub and Leonard Niedrach NASA Continued to revise and edit cell

6 Uses Transportation  Cars Honda FCX Clarity BMW Hydrogen 7  Buses  Planes Telecommunications Stationary Power  Homes  Businesses

7 Environmental Impact Hydrogen fuel releases water emissions Reduces global warming effects Reduces fossil fuel demand

8 Advantages Plentiful Renewable Contains a lot of energy

9 Disadvantages Hard to store Requires energy to produce Selective in locations Requires careful handling

10 Outputs Type 1  Hydrogen fuel separated from Oxygen Type 2  Creates waste energy in separation  Requires high-pressure storage Type 3  Can be separated using clean fuels  Powering vehicles with virtually no emissions Type 4  Not as available as planed

11 Facts By 2040, Hydrogen will reduce oil demand by 11 million barrels/day Lightest of all fuels but produces 3 times as much energy/pound of gas

12 Closing Hydrogen is reliable and clean energy Can be used in many ways Need more to become available

13 Sources Information  m m     Pictures   Google Images

14 Questions?

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