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Hydrogen Fuel Cells An Info 8 Assignment by Tom Linaker.

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2 Hydrogen Fuel Cells An Info 8 Assignment by Tom Linaker

3 A fuel cell would be more convenient than a regular battery because it would not require charging. Chargers like this would be useless.

4 Since the fuel cell relies on chemistry and not combustion, emissions from this type of a system would still be much smaller than emissions from the average car.

5 The types of fuel cells are phosphoric acid, proton exchange membrane (used in automobiles such as this one), molten carbonate, solid oxide, alkaline, direct methanol fuel cells, and regenerative fuel cells.

6 Sir William Grove, a Welsh judge and scientist, built the first fuel cell in 1839. Serious interest in the fuel cell as a practical generator did not begin until the late 1960s.

7 Today, one company commercially offers fuel cell power plants for about $3000 per kilowatt. It has been predicted that once the fuel cell costs drop below $1500 per kilowatt, they will achieve market penetration nationwide.

8 If you want a career in the fuel cell industry you should get a science major. Studies include various types of engineering, chemistry or physical areas of study. Fuel Cells

9 Experts predict that fuel cell vehicles should overtake gasoline powered cars in the next 20-30 years. Vs.

10 Since fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, emissions would only be water vapor.

11 A recent study projected global demand for transportation fuel cells in 2007 at $9 billion.

12 I think that fuel cells should be developed and used for powering cars and such because they will greatly reduce global warming. Then snowmen like this one will last longer!

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