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King Power Company (KPOW), LLC United States of America.

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1 King Power Company (KPOW), LLC United States of America

2  King Power’s clean green methane gas (natural gas) can be made economically from renewable energy (sources could include wind, solar, or hydro)  KPOW technology allows for efficient storage and usage of renewable energy by converting renewable energy to clean natural gas

3  King Power’s natural gas (methane gas) is pure & can be immediately distributed into existing infrastructure and does not need any special or unknown equipment  King Power’s pricing is competitive with market LNG (liquefied natural gas).

4  Distribution of KPOW’s methane gas versus LNG is more efficient because existing lines can be utilized immediately upon production  KPOW’s methane gas can also be added to existing geo methane gas already in the pipeline without any difficulty

5  Using KPOW’s technology avoids expensive special ships, handling, vaporization tanks, and specialized receiving ports

6  Off shore windmills could be utilized at sea to produce hydrogen (H 2 ) and oxygen (O 2 )  Plus, the sea water could be processed to be used in the hydrogen production as well

7  KPOW’s hydrogen can be put into solid form so large amounts of hydrogen (H 2 ) could be shipped to shore  Using KPOW’s technology would avoid the expense of expensive electrical transmission lines on the ocean floor since none would be required

8  Wind and solar can be utilized in a variety places without grid connection using KPOW’s technology  Other useful gases could also be produced such as liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid nitrogen (LN 2 )

9  Timeline is shorter for gas production and utilization ◦ Gas production can be in 6 months or sooner ◦ The amount of gas produced would depend on market requirements and the desire of countries to have a long-term and secure clean green energy supply

10  There are very long lead times to get gas in place if you build if you build a large LNG port  An added plus, is a domestic supply of gas versus just changing from one imported source of gas to another. This gives a country the possibility of total energy independence

11  This technology will also allow large windmills to be placed further out in the ocean on platforms because the hazards of placement of large transmission lines would be avoided

12  KPOW utilizes carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) to synthesize natural gas (methane)  CO 2 becomes a recyclable gas and is changed into useful natural gas that fits existing infrastructure  Thus, the cost of long-term storage of CO 2 would be totally eliminated

13  On a start-up basis, CO 2 credits and avoiding CO 2 storage could aid in financing both socially and financially sound projects  CO 2 now becomes part of a solution and not a problem

14  King Power Company, LLC has the technology and engineering expertise to build and manage large facilities to produce clean natural gas on a worldwide basis.  KPOW would like to welcome the opportunity to work with interested parties both private and governmental to bring about a clean, green energy supply for total energy independence.

15 Forrest A. King, CEO King Power Company, LLC United States of America Email: Phone: 423-432-5041 Fax: 423-710-1642

16 King Power Company, LLC United States of America

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