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Hydrogen Power By: Maggie Hartz Mike Balke Jackie Fontaine

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1 Hydrogen Power By: Maggie Hartz Mike Balke Jackie Fontaine

2 Uses and Functions of Hydrogen Power electricity electric cars emergency power to hospitals wilderness locations refining treating metals processing foods NASA Chevy Volt Hydrogen Power Car NASA hydrogen power fuel cell

3 How Hydrogen Power Produces Energy Photoelectrolysis Biomass gasification Thermolysis Steam reforming electrolysis biological production

4 Advantages of Hydrogen Power eliminates most pollution problems we face today gives off no carbon dioxide nontoxic less flammable than gasoline

5 What Hydrogen Power Would Replace Fossil Fuels –Oil –Natural Gas Coal Burning Power Plants It can even replace other forms of renewable energy like wind and hydroelectric

6 Hydrogen Energy California Project (HECA) Pros: –Would reduce fossil fuel use by a lot –Hydrogen feeds a 390 MW power plant –Powers 150,000 people so far –Captures 90% of CO2 from plant and pumps it to nearby oil fields for storage –Uses recycled resources in the process HECA is designed to take carbon based products and put them through a “gasification” process to make end products of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This will be used to power a turbine to create energy Cons –Still uses coal to produce the CO 2 and hydrogen –10% of the carbon dioxide produced is released into the atmosphere

7 Challenges of Making Hydrogen Power Mainstream New facilities and systems must be built to process hydrogen People need to learn to use it safely It takes a lot of energy to produce usable H2 The gas containers and liquid holders are very expensive and heavy The creation of hydrogen as an energy source is very expensive as of now

8 Challenges Con’t Hydrogen Power has a small chance of becoming mainstream because it isn’t a fuel like oil and gas it stores and transports energy. Hydrogen has to be made before usage usually by being extracted from fossil fuels or from water. Fuel cells are very expensive so that will prolong the usage of hydrogen power It will probably be 10 years before we start to see mainstream usage of hydrogen power


10 Michigan Hydrogen fueled Interstate rail coming to Michigan * Hydrogen would be used in fuel cells, internal combustion engines, micro turbines, and other devices to generate power The US Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Fleet Demonstration and Validation Program has worked to help advance hydrogen infrastructure for usage of fuel Michigan will help in the project to build cars with hydrogen power engines hydrogen-super-highway-world%E2%80%99s-first-multi- utility-high-speed-rail-system/ 17658216.jpg?size=67&uid=%7B3C08AB00-48BE- 4A6D-86E7-48BDAE32324B%7D

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