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Gas Quality Measurement Peter Schley marcogaz, Paris 13 September 2007.

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1 Gas Quality Measurement Peter Schley marcogaz, Paris 13 September 2007

2 5. Mai 2015 Seite 2 Gas Quality Measurement  Energy billing (superior calorific value, normal density, gas composition) V p x i H s,n E = V n · H s,n VbVb  Quality control (dewpoint, sulfur, etc.) T V n = V b · U Z

3 5. Mai 2015 Seite 3 Gas Property Data from Measurement Stations  Gas composition CH 4... C 6 +, N 2, CO 2 Superior calorific value Normal density  Sulfur and sulfur compounds H 2 S, COS, mercaptans Total sulfur  Water dewpoint / Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Process gas chromatograph Sulfur GC Water dewpoint The gas properties of the main natural gas flows are measured continuously, stored on an hourly basis and retrieved monthly.

4 5. Mai 2015 Seite 4  Analyses up to C 14 (in special cases up to C 40 )  Sulfur compounds  Water dewpoint  Hydrocarbon dewpoint  Other trace components Laboratory Analysis (Gas Quality Competence Centre) Laboratory analyses are made several times a year at entry points and at storage facilities during withdrawal.

5 5. Mai 2015 Seite 5 Limit Values to G 260 (Germany) - EASEE GAS 12.8 to 15.7 (group H gas) 0.55 to 0.75 Max. ground temperature Dry: 3%; wet: 0.5% 30 mg/m³ 6 mg/m³; 16 mg/m³ (temp) 5 mg/m³; 10 mg/m³ (temp) Not specified EASEE Gas Wobbe index in kWh/m 3 Relative density d Hydrocarbon dewpoint Water dewpoint CO 2 Oxygen (O 2 ) Total sulfur (S) Mercaptans (R-SH) Hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) Carbon oxysulfide (COS) 13.6 to to °C (1-70 bar) - 8 °C (70 bar) 2.5 mol% 0.01 mol% 30 mg/m³ 6 mg/m³ Total 5 mg/m³ Properties DVGW Code G 260

6 5. Mai 2015 Seite 6 Future Requirements for Gas Quality Determination (1)  Injection of biogas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen (  additional gas constituents)  Growing gas trade leads to stronger variations in gas quality (  gas quality transition zones)

7 5. Mai 2015 Seite 7 Future Requirements for Gas Quality Determination (2)  Prompt and location-specific determination of gas quality increasingly important  More flexibility required  Computer-assisted simulation tools to trace gas quality (gas quality reconstruction system)  Existing measurement technology to be developed further and optimised in terms of costs

8 5. Mai 2015 Seite 8 Gas Quality Reconstruction System Being Developed at E.ON Ruhrgas  E.ON Ruhrgas filed an application with PTB (verification authorities) in June 2006 for approval of the system for part of the pipeline network.

9 5. Mai 2015 Seite 9 Principle of Gas Quality Tracing System Subsequent calculation of  superior calorific value H s  normal density  n  gas composition x i (11 constituents) for delivery stations Input data for calculation  H s,  n, x i at entry points  Volume flow at entry points  Volume flow at exit points  Grid topology  Auxiliary data (pressure,...)

10 5. Mai 2015 Seite 10  PGC technology  Design to be modified to include additional constituents (inter alia, O2, H2 for biogas)  Outlook: multi-function PGCs for billing and quality control (inter alia, sulfur, hydrocarbon dewpoint)  Correlative measurement systems / sensor measurement systems  Development of simple measurement systems for biogas (e.g. based on infrared technology example: INCA, Union)  Further optimisation of costs Improvement of Measurement Technology

11 5. Mai 2015 Seite 11 Conclusion / Outlook  Growing natural gas trade and injection of, for example, LNG or biogases lead to stronger gas quality variations in terms of time.  Prompt determination of the relevant gas property data has therefore become increasingly important.  Computer-assisted simulation (gas quality tracing systems) and improved measurement technology will help to meet future requirements.

12 Thank you for your attention. Gas Quality Centre Accredited calibration laboratory / state-approved test centre

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