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United States Net Import of Energy costs $300 billion per Year.

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1 United States Net Import of Energy costs $300 billion per Year

2 One Palo Verde Nuclear Installation in Each State Results in $200 Billion Net Export of Energy

3 Al Gore’s Explanation to Children of Global Warming

4 The temperature change during the entire past 3,000 years would have essentially no effect on the melting rate of Susie’s ice cream cone. Average United States temperature changed 0.5 degrees C during the past century – 1% of the ordinary range in Oregon.

5 Al Gore’s Explanation to Children of Global Warming

6 H 2 O and CO 2 molecules do not kill sunbeams. They also do not steal boxes of money. However, as Al Gore neglects to mention to the children, they do provide the carbon and much of the oxygen and hydrogen for every protein, fat, and carbohydrate molecule in Susie and the ingredients in her ice cream cone. Without atmospheric H 2 O and CO 2 molecules, shown here as evil demons, life on earth would not be possible.

7 Al Gore’s CO 2 curve has no axis, but implies that CO 2 has risen from a very low value

8 Atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased by 22% since accurate measurements began in 1958. The air in ordinary human offices is typically more than 1,000 ppm.

9 Al Gore blames the retreat of Glaciers on human-caused global warming

10 Al Gore begins this glacier discussion in 1980, and uses short time periods in all of his glacier examples. In fact, world glaciers have been retreating for 200 years. This glacier retreat reflects a rising temperature trend beginning in 1800, which has been entirely unaffected by human hydrocarbon use. Glaciers lengthen and shorten cyclically as the earth cools and warms.

11 Al Gore states that his strongest evidence is a CO 2 – temperature correlation during the past 650,000 years

12 Rising temperature raises the vapor pressure of CO 2 over the oceans, increasing atmospheric CO 2. This accounts quantitatively for all CO 2 rises during the interglacial periods of the past 650,000 years. Also, careful analysis shows that the CO 2 rise and fall generally lags the temperature. Al Gore claims that CO 2 fluctuations from an unknown source caused the ice ages and the interglacials. In fact, the temperature changes caused the changes in CO 2 - not the opposite, as Al Gore claims.

13 “Predicting” Earth Temperatures

14 There are no such “computer models that long ago predicted” these temperature trends, as Al Gore claims. The computer models were fitted, with 6 or 7 adjustable parameters, retroactively to the temperature record. Notice also that Al Gore’s alleged computer model predictions begin before 1940, when computers did not exist. Moreover, none of the models include short-term fluctuations of less than 0.01 degrees C. These fluctuations have been graphically added to the “predicted” curves to make them look authentic.

15 Al Gore Blames recent Hurricanes on Human Hydrocarbon Use

16 Neither the frequency nor the intensity of Atlantic hurricanes has increased. Assertions that hurricanes are increasing as a result of human hydrocarbon use are entirely false.

17 “Many residents of low-lying Pacific Island nations have already had to evacuate their homes because of rising seas.” Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth

18 Sea level has increased gradually and steadily at a rate of 7 inches per century for 150 years. This change cannot be causing the evacuation of flooded islands as Al Gore asserts. In the past 50 years, sea level increased 3 inches.

19 Gore claims that diseases are spreading due to global warming. There is no evidence for this, although malaria has killed 10s of millions of children as a result of the DDT ban that Al Gore championed.

20 Gore claims that many species have become extinct as a result of global warming – including the Wooly Mammoth, which has been extinct for several thousand years.

21 Gore claims that those who oppose his claims do so for profit – but Gore himself has made millions of dollars during his global warming crusade – and is now raising large amounts of venture capital for his business effort to profit from fears of global warming.

22 Finally, Al Gore and his Hollywood, IPCC United Nations, and Media retainers claim that an overwhelming “consensus” of scientists agree with his statements, and only a handful of “skeptics” disagree. Yet, more than 20,000 Americans with university degrees in physical science –– have signed a petition that reads:

23 T emperature of Sargasso S ea (a 2 million square mile section of the Atlantic Ocean) now Equals the 3000-Year Average Temperatures were about 1 °C warmer 1000 years ago and 1 °C cooler 200-300 years ago during the Little Ice Age

24 Climate records of more than 100 other Geographical Locations confirm Sargasso Sea record Quantitative Data from 23 Geographical Locations confirms 1 °C higher Medieval Period

25 Current cycle of Glacier Melting as Earth Recovers from Little Ice Age began about 1800 and is unaffected by hydrocarbon use Glacier shortening lags temperature by 20 years

26 150-year 7-inch-per-century Sea Level Rise also reflects recovery from Little Ice Age and is unaffected by hydrocarbon use Rise lags temperature by 20 years and is due to sea water expansion and other factors

27 Glacier Length and Sea Level confirm one another and the temperature rise since the Little Ice Age Hydrocarbon use has no effect

28 U.S. Average T emperature T rends U pward at 0.5 °C per Century Three intermediate trends are seen – including downtrend used to justify fears of global cooling in the 1970’s.

29 The Current T emperature Rise of about 0.5 °C per Century is Slight

30 U.S. Temperature F luctuations C orrelate with Solar C hanges

31 Arctic air temperatures correlate with U.S. temperatures and with solar activity – but NOT with hydrocarbon use

32 Tropospheric Temperatures C onfirm U.S. Surface Temperature R ecords

33 Six temperature records confirm one another and the correlation with solar activity Hydrocarbon use does not correlate

34 U.S. Rainfall is Increasing at 1.8 Inches per Century

35 Number of Violent Tornados is Decreasing

36 Atlantic Hurricanes making Landfall have not Increased

37 Violent h urricanes and maximum hurricane wind speeds have not increased

38 Atmospheric CO 2 has risen 30% largely due to hydrocarbon use

39 Temperature Rises during I nterglacial P eriods Caused the CO 2 R ises by Decreasing the Solubility of CO 2 in S ea W ater During the interglacials, CO 2 rose 50% - due to temperature caused ocean out-gassing. Also, CO 2 rise and fall lagged the temperature rise and fall throughout this period. So, it could not have caused the temperature rise.

40 Plants obtain their carbon atoms from carbon dioxide. Animals obtain their carbon atoms from plants. Carbon is the structural element of all organic molecules in living things. The most important substances that make life possible, are water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are definitely not atmospheric pollutants.

41 When atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, plant fertilization is increased. So, plants then grow faster and larger and require less water. Fertilization of plants by CO 2

42 The Growth R ate of Long L ived Pine T rees has Accelerated due to Human H ydrocarbon U se

43 Standing Hardwood and Softwood timber in the United S tates has Increased 40% during the past 50 years, largely due to Human H ydrocarbon U se

44 Plants are Fertilized by Carbon Dioxide, including the 279 plant species summarized in this figure

45 Wheat and Trees are already Growing far Faster due to Human H ydrocarbon U se

46 ….and, they will grow even faster in the f uture! This is a wonderful and unexpected gift from the industrial revolution.

47 Human hydrocarbon use is not increasing temperatures nor damaging the climate. Hydrocarbon use is increasing the amounts and diversity of plants and animals on the Earth. Global taxation and rationing of energy will end this environmental improvement; diminish American prosperity; and destroy the lives of billions of people in poorer nations - who are lifting themselves from poverty by means of hydrocarbon energy.

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