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Algerian Petroleum Institute, Corporate University Sonatrach Algeria

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0 Sonatrach The Algerian National Oil & Gas Company Investment Plan 2012-2016

1 Algerian Petroleum Institute, Corporate University Sonatrach Algeria
Dr. Djamel BEKKOUCHE Managing Director Algerian Petroleum Institute, Corporate University Sonatrach Algeria Bekkouche Djamel is currently the head of the Algerian Petroleum Institute, Corporate University of Sonatrach Algeria. Bekkouche graduated from the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP) in 1978 and occupied many functions and positions at Sonatrach since 1980 where he started as Geologist. Mr Bekkouche was particularly in charge of the Exploration Division at Sonatrach Upstream Activity from 2008 to 2011. He also post-graduated from Grenoble University , France and got a PhD in Sedimentology in 1992. He has many publications and communications in international conferences and forums. Contact: Phone Fax: Adress: Avenue du 1er novembre Boumerdes Algerie

2 Outline The Algerian Hydrocarbon Industry Sonatrach’s Profile & Vision Sonatrach Development Plan and Strategy Concluding remarks

3 SONATRACH TODAY First Company in Africa In the World:
1st largest condensate exporter : 15 Mt/y; 2nd largest LNG producer : 45 Gcm/y; 2nd largest LPG producer : 9 Mt/y; 3rd largest gas exporter : 60 Gcm/y; The mission of Sonatrach : to meet Algeria’s present and future hydrocarbons needs to maximize the long-term value of Algeria’s hydrocarbons resources to contribute to the national development, mainly by providing the required hard currencies 3

4 The Hydrocarbon Industry in the Algerian Economy
5% The Hydrocarbon Industry in the Algerian Economy The Hydrocarbon Industry plays an important role in the Algerian Economy Imports taxes and duties The hydrocarbon industry accounts for around 44% of GDP Proceeds from hydrocarbon exports cover 98 % of hard currency resources of the country 76% of the state budget is funded by oil and gas revenues employees work for the oil and gas industry Government services 6% 8% Hydrocarbons Nongovernment services 21% 9% Construction and public works Industry Agriculture GDP : 135 G US $

5 Sonatrach : A Fully Integrated Company
Core Activities Subsidiaries Drilling (ENTP AND ENAFOR) Well Services ( ENSP) Geophysics ( ENAGEO) Construction (ENGTP, ENGCB, …) Refining ( NAFTEC) Petrochemical ( ENIP) National distribution ( NAFTAL) Shipping ( HYPROC) Electricity and desalination of sea water (AEC) Renewable energies ( NEAL) Training ( IAP-CU) Upstream Transport Downstream International Upstream Transportation Downstream Marketing Shipping Others Marketing

6 An Ambitious Investment Plan for 2012-2016
3% An Ambitious Investment Plan for Expansion of Algeria’s hydrocarbon reserves base through: Enhancement of exploration program (including the offshore) Unconventional gas appraisal (shale and tight) Increase and insure sustainability of production levels (development of new oil and gas fields, EOR, etc…) Expansion of the oil and gas export capacity (Refinery, LNG & Natural Gas) Maximize the value of Sonatrach products (Petrochemical projects and International trading) Consolidate our assets internationally Sonatrach investment plan over :$68.2bn Support Transportation 8% 1% Downstream 9% 82% Upstream 6

7 Main Downstream Projects
Strengthening the Downstream … Under-Construction Projects Revamping, Adaptation, and 10% Increase in the capacity of toppings of Skikda refinery. Commissioning : End 2012 Revamping, Adaptation, and 50% Increase in the Topping capacity of Arzew refinery. Commissioning : February 2012 Revamping, Adaptation, and 35% Increase in the Topping capacity of Algiers refinery. Commissioning  : March 2014 Projects in lunching Phase New refinery of Hassi Messaoud (RHM3) and the Revamping of RHM2 (FEED) Fuel Conversion in RA1K (Skikda) Projects under Study New crude oil refinery in centre region. New refinery to process the heavy crude oil for bitumen production. REFINING 7

8 Main Downstream Projects
… & Developing the Petrochemical sectors Under-Construction Projects Pier of the Ammonia/Urea Plant - Mers El Hadjadj Building of a pier intended for the Ammonia/Urea Plant of Mers El Hadjadj. Commissioning : End 2011 Revamping of the CP1K Plant Upgrading of the production units and implementation of a DCS. Commissioning : End 2014 Extension of the CP1Z Plant Methanol Unit Revamping and increase in capacity of the Methanol unit. Commissioning : Jan. 2015 New Urea-Formol UFC 85 Pre-condensates Unit for the CP1Z Plant Installation of a new mixed production Unit of Urea Formol 85 pre-condensates. Commissioning : Jan. 2014 Projects under Study Project dehydrogenation of propane and polypropylene production in Arzew PETROCHEMICALS 8

9 Insure a sustainable position in the Natural Gas Market
Afin de renforcer la position de l’Algérie sur le marché gazier du bassin méditerranée, les extensions I et II du GEM et MEDGAZ ont permis d’augmenter l’approvisionnement du marché européen de 14,5 BCM. Le gazoduc GALSI devrait apporter 8 BCM de capacité supplémentaire à Moyen Terme. Hassi R’Mel Arzew Skikda Tankers capacity of 1 million m3 GPDF 11,5 BCM MEDGAZ 08 BCM GL2K LNG Unit of 4.5 MT/y TSGP 20-30 bcm GEM 33,7 BCM GALSI GL3Z LNG unit of 4,7 MT/y New LNG train – Skikda Annual Production capacity : 4.5 MT Commissioning : August 2012 New LNG train– Arzew Annual production capacity : 4.7 MT of LNG Commissioning  : June 2013 LNG PROJECTS GALSI Transportation Capacity : 8 BCM TSGP Transportation Capacity : 20 to 30 BCM PIPELINE PROJECTS 9

10 Sonatrach : from Regional to Global player
Spain: Reganosa (10%): Regasification GEPSA(30%) : cogeneration CGC (30%) : Trading SGC (100%) : Trading Propanchem (49%): Petrochemical UK & Netherlands: Oil, LPG & LNG regasification & Trading USA : Regasification France Trading of LNG Italy Trading of Gas Portugal: 2% of EDP 25% in Power stations of EDP (one in Spain) Tunisia : 01 Exploration block Korea : Crude oil storage capacities Libya : 2 Exploration blocks in Ghadames basin Mauritania: 6 exploration blocks Peru : Pipeline Project Transport of Oil & Gas from Camisea Field to Lima & Callao Development of the blocks 88 and 56 in Camisea Mali : 2 exploration blocks Singapore : Trading Au cours des cinq(5) dernières années, SONATRACH a signé des contrats d’exploration, pour opérer sur des périmètres situés dans les pays limitrophes suivants: Tunisie ( en JV avec ETAP): operating conjoint Blocs; Nord des Chotts & Kaboudia Réalisations : Sismique 2D:1330 Km, Forage: 01, Découverte: une ( Mahdia-2) Libye: operating Blocs / 096. Réalisations : Sismique 2D: 4082 Km, 3D: 1811 Km², Forage: 04 puits ( un suspendu), découverte: deux Niger: operating Bloc Kafra 09 KFR Réalisations : sismique 2D : 1442 Km , Forage en cours de préparation. Mali : operating Bloc 20. Réalisations : sismique 2D: Km, Forage: un, en cours de préparation Mauritanie: operating blocs Ta-1,30,31,35. Réalisations : levé aérogravi Mag, Sismique: en cours de préparation, forage néant En plus de ses propres périmètres d’exploration à l’international, SONATRACH a pris des participations dans trois(3) projets: Egypte (en partenariat avec STATOIL ) blocs 9 & 10 Off Shore Réalisations : sismique 2D: 2600 Km, 3D: 4196 Km², Forage: un, Découverte: Néant Mali (en partenariat avec ENI) Bloc 4: Réalisations : sismique 2D: 6135 Km, 3D: Néant, Forage: un, en cours de préparation Mauritanie (en partenariat avec TOTAL) Blocs Ta-7 & 8: Réalisations : sismique 2D: 5520 Km, 3D: Néant, Forage: un Découverte : Néant Nigeria : Gas pipeline TSGP Niger : 01Exploration block

11 Concluding remarks (1) Main Factors of Success for our company and the investors in Algeria, Important base of reserves Sedimentary basins of high potential and under explored More than 40 years of experience in integrated oil and gas activities, from upstream to downstream Leading experience in the gas chain, mainly in gas liquefaction Proximity to important markets Successful record of partnership

12 Concluding remarks (2) Sonatrach considers partnering as a key liver for implementing his strategy, Partnership with foreign companies has given substantial results in the upstream and our ambition is to reach similar results in downstream activities, Many projects in the downstream sectors are planned for the next five years in refining and petrochemicals (more than 10 billions $US will be invested) The Algerian mining domain is still under explored and the potential of the unconventional resources, Tight ands shale gas is very high: so welcome to the Canadian company to explore and develop shale gas in Algeria. More than fifty Billions US$ will be instead in the the investment in the upsteram Several opportunities available in the hole hydrocarbon value chain (E&P, energy services, Construction, Refinery, Petrochemicals…) and in the renewable and new energy. The Canadian Oil and Gas company are welcome to invest in Algeria were all the conditions and rules for transparency are set up to allow to the foreign company to be present in force. Many Canadian companies are present in Algeria, as SNC Lavalin in the construction and Talisman in the Upstream (field developpement) with a successful business and we hope that others company will visit our country to see the reality and to meet business private and state companies.

13 THANK YOU Contact Ministère de l’Energie et des Mines
Tour A, Val d’Hydra Alger, Algérie Tel FAX Web Site: Contact Direction Générale Sonatrach Chemin Djenane El Malik Hydra Alger Algérie Tel FAX Web Site:

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