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NDR9 - Country Report Colombia - Adriana Arcila IT Advisor New Delhi, India 2009.

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1 NDR9 - Country Report Colombia - Adriana Arcila IT Advisor New Delhi, India 2009

2 Cultural Background In 2003 ANH was founded to regulate and manage the exploration and production of the hydrocarbon resource in Colombia. The ANH is the legal owner of all exploration data in Colombia which is preserved in Colombia’s NDR called EPIS – Exploration and Production Information System. 2

3 Exploration activity has increased considerably 3

4 Licensing activity continues to increase and seismic data acquisition activity is high … 4

5 … the highest number of exploratory wells and high success rates … 5

6 Growth of the data bank 2008 & 2009 Approximately 2 TB increase mensually 6

7 History of EPIS In 2003 ANH received the exploration database and tapes/documents from Ecopetrol, the state oil company that used to have a dual role of operator and represent the states interest infields operator by third parties. Data is managed by SLB applications 2003-2007 the databank was managed, administered and operated by SLB. 2007-2009 an IT service company manages the hardware platforms of the databank and SLB manages and operators the geosciences components of the databank. In 2009 WhereOil by Kadme is installed to administer and manage the databank. Capabilities for online searches and data deliveries have been greatly expanded. 7

8 Legislation /Data Release All operators are required to report exploration data to the NDR The latest exploration agreements provide for a confidentiality of 5 years for seismic and well log data. The ANH releases data in support of license rounds. Public data is available to everyone. 8

9 Future EPIS A select group of data service companies are allowed direct access to the databank for reception and delivery of large volume datasets. The data service companies verify that newly reported data is compliant with the data reporting standards and meet completeness and integrity criteria. Data is delivered electronically to the data services companies which in turn provide reformatting, transcription and other services to as required by oil companies requesting the data. 9

10 Data consumers Service Company A Oil Company B Public Oil Company B SUBMISSION RETRIEVAL Reporting Companies Service Company A Oil Company A NEW EPIS EPIS -2010 10

11 Stimulate local industry ANH will like to promote: This new operational model stimulates local service industry to acquire the technology and knowledge to provide data management services. Value added services such as work station loading, data preprocessing, log correlation etc provides growth path for local industry in servicing the petroleum industry in Colombia. 11

12 Successes New technical possibilities appeared with the division of the contract between the EPIS operator and the Data Center The response time for the services has reduced. Control and tracking of the process has improved. Facilitate the accessibility to the information (new web-site search and delivery, VPN) 12

13 Thank you! 13

14 Purpose of the NDR The main purposes of EPIS are:  Preserve the exploration data of Colombia by design and not by intervention whenever a license operator changes hands.  Facilitate exploration data to license rounds participants and operators. 14

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