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Carbon Compounds Chapter 8 Section 2.

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1 Carbon Compounds Chapter 8 Section 2

2 Organic Compounds Compounds that contain Carbon are called organic compounds (with the exception of few). Many organic compounds have similar Properties such as: Low melting point, low boiling point Do not conduct electric current Do not dissolve in water They are liquids or gases at room temperature They have strong odor

3 Hydrocarbons Are compounds that contain only the elements carbon and hydrogen. Properties of Hydrocarbons: 1. Hydrocarbons mix poorly with water 2. Hydrocarbons are flammable. Chemical Formulas of Hydrocarbons: Methane CH4 Ethane C2H6 Propane C3H8

4 Structure of Hydrocarbons
The Carbon chain in a hydrocarbon may be straight, branched or ring-shaped. Each hydrocarbon has its structural formula; its kind, number and arrangement of atoms in a molecule. Isomers; are compounds that have the same chemical formula but different structural formula.

5 Double bond and triple bond: in addition to forming a single bond, two carbon atoms can form double or triple bonds. Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Hydrocarbon with all of its carbon atoms having single bonds it is a saturated hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons with double or triple bonds are called unsaturated hydrocarbon.

6 Substituted Hydrocarbon
If just one atom of another element is substituted for a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon, a different compound is created. Compounds containing halogens when one or more halogen atoms replace hydrogen atoms. Alcohols When OH (hydroxyl group) replaces hydrogen atoms. Organic Acids When COOH (Carboxyl group) replaces Hydrogen atom.

7 Esters and Polymers Ester is a compound made by chemically combining an alcohol and an organic acid. Many esters have pleasant fruity smell. Polymers are long chains of organic compounds made up of thousands or even millions of atoms.

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