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The Language of Chemistry

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1 The Language of Chemistry

2 Language of Chemistry Formula:
A combination of symbols that shows the ratio of elements in a compound. ex: H2O

3 Chemical Equation: A short, easy way to show a chemical reaction, using symbols instead of words ex: 2Na + Cl2  2NaCl

4 Subscript: A small number in a formula that tells the number of each element in a compound.
ex: CO2

5 Coefficient: ex: 2Na + Cl2  2NaCl
A BIG number placed in front of a formula in an equation that tells how many atoms of each reactant and product are involved in a reaction. ex: 2Na + Cl2  2NaCl

6 Reactant: A substance that enters into a chemical reaction (what you start with).

7 Product: A substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction (what you produce or end with).

8 +: Is added to or combined with.
: Yields or produces.

9 (g): in gaseous state (l): in liquid state (s): in solid state (aq): substance is dissolved in water means heat is added

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