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Bella Maranion HARC Meeting June 10, 2013 Chicago, IL.

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1 Bella Maranion HARC Meeting June 10, 2013 Chicago, IL

2 Overview Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) HCFC fire suppression agents Standards activities Other activities

3 SNAP Listings C7 Fluoroketone (C7 FK or FK-6-1-14) Published Final Rule (78 FR 24997) on April 29, 2013 Streaming: blend of two isomers ODP=0, GWP= ~1 Acceptable subject to narrowed use limits as a substitute streaming agent in portable fire extinguishers in nonresidential applications K-Ace Published Notice (78 FR 29034) on May 17, 2013 Total flooding: blend by weight of 50% each of potassium acetate and water ODP=0, GWP=0 Acceptable substitute for total flooding uses in both occupied and unoccupied areas

4 SNAP Submissions Ongoing Review Stat-X/Aero K Total flooding: aerosol extinguishing system For use in normally occupied spaces (already acceptable in normally unoccupied spaces) Submission anticipated later this year 2-bromo-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (2-BTP)

5 HCFC Fire Suppressants National Defense Authorization Act for FY12 (January 5, 2011) Amended CAA Sec 605 (restrictions on use of class II substances) Allowing for continued use of HCFCs after 2015 as fire suppression streaming agents in nonresidential applications if listed acceptable by EPA's SNAP program EPA will be making the change as a part of the HCFC Allocation Rule covering 2015-2019 Additionally, starting in 2015, all products containing or manufactured with an HCFC must be labeled e.g., HCFC fire extinguishers manufactured in 2015 or later See CAA Sec 611 and EPA regs at 40 CFR Subpart E

6 Standards Activities NFPA 2010 TC First Draft (FD) meeting: April 18 (webinar) Proposals Update to references Extension from 30 to 180 days for inspections FD final ballot: due June 6 NFPA 12/12A/2001 TC FD meeting: April 23-25, 2013, St. Petersburg, FL Preliminary First Revisions reports to TC: May 8 NFPA 12A FD ballots: due June 13

7 Standards Activities (cont’d) ISO TC21/SC 8 Gaseous Media and Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Using Gas Next meeting: Sept. 9-10, London, UK ISO/CD 14520 WGs drafts (Parts 1,2,5,6,8-15) Draft CEN standard on reduced oxygen systems Special WG on enclosure integrity (headed by US)

8 Other Activities Aviation Coordination with HTOC/ICAO/FAA on ICAO resolution, inventory, progress Coordination with FAA 38 th Session of the ICAO Assembly: Sept. 24- Oct. 4, Montreal HTOC Planning for 2014 Assessment

9 Contact Info Bella Maranion, (202) 257-7922

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