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Uranium Enrichment Nuclear Bomb Test Little Boy Reactor Core.

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1 Uranium Enrichment Nuclear Bomb Test Little Boy Reactor Core

2 Why Separate? Must Separate Lighter U235 from U238
Only U235 is fissionable Necessary to produce reactor fuel which is 3.6% U235 Weapons grade is 90% U235 Lead container supposedly containing stolen weapons grade Uranium Billet of highly enriched U235

3 Uranium Enrichment Centrifuges
Uses UF6 gas (Uranium Hexafluoride) Solid UF6 in vial

4 How Gas Centrifuge Works
Originally developed in Russia by Austrian scientist

5 Gas Centrifuge Details
The centrifugal forces push the heavier uranium 238 (U-238) closer to the wall of the rotor than the lighter U-235. The gas closer to the wall becomes depleted in U-235 whereas the gas nearer the rotor axis is enriched in U-235. The arrows in the first illustration depict the gas flowing within the rotor. The gas flow can be produced by a temperature gradient over the length of the centrifuge. UF6 depleted in U-235 flows upwards adjacent to the rotor wall, while UF6 enriched in U-235 flows downwards close to the axis. The two gas streams are removed through small scooped pipes, called "scoops."

6 Spin 50,000 to 70,000 RPM On magnetic bearings Run ten years without attention Low power use Give 1,000,000 g’s 10 to 20 stage cascade needed to get 3.6% U235 from 0.7% natural occurring

7 Urenco Plant, UK

8 Gaseous Diffusion Process
Passes UF6 gas repeatedly through porous barriers with very tiny holes barely big enough for a molecule to squeeze through Lighter U235 squeezes through more easily Paducah, Kentucky Gaseous Diffusion Plant

9 Control Center of Paducah Plant

10 Gaseous Diffusion Plant in France

11 More On Gaseous Diffusion
Original process used in WWII at Oak Ridge, Tenn. facility Much more expensive to operate than centrifuges Needs up to 1400 stages to get reactor grade fuel Oak Ridge K25 plant begun in 1943

12 Portsmouth, Ohio Diffusion Plant

13 Uranium Enrichment Capacity
France diffusion 10,800 Germany-Netherlands-UKcentrifuge 5,850 Japancentrifuge 900 USAdiffusion 8,000 Russiacentrifuge 20,000 China mostly centrifuge 1, Pakistancentrifuge 5

14 Laser Process Newer process under development in Australia promises to be cheaper Called SILEX Licensed by US Details are secret

15 Bushehr, Iran Nuclear Plant

16 What is this?

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