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2 Introduction to CPC BLEND ASSAY
Teacher: Dr Nemati Student: Mohammad Noruzi Oct

3 What is CPC blend? … CPC Blend is a light crude oil which was first introduced to the market at the end of 2001 with the commissioning of a 1,580km pipeline by the Caspian Pipeline Consortium Oil Pipeline (CPC). The CPC pipeline links major oil fields in Western Kazakhstan to a Black Sea export terminal opened in 2001 at Yuzhnaya Ozereevka, located 40km North-West of Novorossiysk (Russia). Source:

4 … What is CPC blend? … At the end of 2004, CPC Blend consisted of seven crude oil streams: Tengiz Aktobe Kumkol Martyshi Arman Karachaganak Siberian Light Despite new streams being injected to the pipeline, Tengiz remains the single largest component of CPC Blend.

5 … What is CPC blend? The CPC Pipeline runs from Tengiz to a purpose built terminal at Yuzhnaya Ozerreyevka near Novorossiysk. There are injection points at Atyrau, Kazakhstan and also Kropotkin in Russia where other crude oil grades are added to the blend. The terminal has two Single Point Moorings (SPMs), where vessels are loaded at a water depth of metres. Crude oil is pumped to the SPMs from a tank farm located 238m above sea level and 9km inland. CPC Blend is loaded onto Suezmax (120, ,000 DWT) and Aframax (80,000-90,000 DWT) vessels. Implementation of strict vessel vetting procedures, use of double hull tankers, and deep water loading set high safety standards.

6 Inspection of CPC BLEND first half of 2005

7 Cpc blend – tengiz (2007) CPC blend Tengiz Gravity, API° 45.30 46.42
CPC blend Tengiz Gravity, API° 45.30 46.42 Gravity SG 0.80 Sulfur, wt% 0.56 0.51 Total Nitrogen, ppm 332.20 145.18 Acid Number, mg KOH/g 0.06 0.04 Pour Point, °C -15.00 -15.97 Charact. Factor (K-FACTOR) 12.14 12.05 Viscosity, cSt at 40°C (104°F) 1.84 1.52 Viscosity, cSt at 50°C (122°F) 1.57 1.32 Vanadium, ppm 1.33 0.12 Nickel, ppm 1.56 0.07 MCR, wt% 0.70 0.39 Ramsbottom Carbon, wt% 0.61 0.33 Asphaltenes, (H.C7) wt% 0.05


9 Thank you The End

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