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1 PPT2000

2 PPT2000

3 PPT2000 Ergogenic Essentials: Beta Oxidation Fat Perfect Fuel Carnitine Transfer Fat Burned as Fuel ELECTROcarbs / Gluconeogenesis Fructose and Neoglycolysis The Three Classes of Lipotropes Lipolysis HGH and its role in Fat Metabolism

4 PPT2000 Nutrients & Other Factors : Nutrients HCA SHFB/Superior Herbal Fat Burners Endo 24 / 1 st Kings 17:6 A&B Biotropins List of Associated Fat Loss Nutrients Other Factors NaK pump Lipolysis Defatification of Liver GI Activity Ketosis Acidosis

5 PPT2000

6 PPT2000 Beta Oxidation Best source of ATP production Primary Fuel Three Pathways for Fuel:

7 PPT2000

8 PPT2000 Carnitine Transfer Essential for Fat Metabolism –L-Carnitine –CoA How Formed & Effects of Need for Dietary Supplementation Why Food Source Won’t Meet Needs

9 PPT2000 The 3 Classes of Lipotropics: 1st Class Lipotrope - L-Carnitine 2nd Class Lipotrope - Fat Burners 3rd Class Lipotrope - Niacin

10 PPT2000

11 PPT2000 HGH & its Role in Fat Metabolism Exercise Releases HGH Stimulates FFA Release High Levels of FFA’S in Blood Causes Release of Insulin Stops HGH Release HGH Release Stopped Thus Stopping FFA Release Insulin Continues & Depletes Blood Glucose Levels Leading to Hypoglycemia and Deamination

12 PPT2000

13 PPT2000 Fructose & Gluconeogenesis Prevents Insulin Rush Sustains Even Levels of Blood Glucose Necessary for Healing

14 PPT2000 Muscle Tapping (Deamination) Insufficient Proteins Too Much Sugar Insufficient Carbohydrates

15 PPT2000 Endo 24 / 1 st Kings 17:6 Complete Meal 56 Essential Nutrients Increases Metabolism

16 PPT2000

17 PPT2000 Negative Nitrogen Balance How it Happens How to Prevent

18 PPT2000

19 PPT2000 Negative Thermogenesis Causes of Negative Thermogenesis Effects of Negative Thermogenesis How to Avoid Negative Thermogenesis

20 PPT2000 Now you know!

21 PPT2000

22 PPT2000 Fat Burners Role in Biochemistry Cholesterol Defatification of Liver Nerve Cell Stability Second Class Lipotropic Function of Herbs/Vitamins in Fat Burners Timing and How SHFB Will Impact

23 PPT2000 Lipolysis Defatification of Liver GI Activity Ketosis Acidosis

24 PPT2000 A&B Biotropins Necessary for Maximum Immunity Necessary for Maximum Digestion and Assimilation Produces Important Nutrients

25 PPT2000 Fat Metabolizing Nutrients ALA DHEA CP200 Pantothenic Acid VAN50 CoQ10 Carniplex Superior Herbal Fat Burners

26 PPT2000 HCA Prevents Carbohydrates From Being Converted Into Triglycerides and Stored as Fats. Allows for More Glucose in the Glucose Blood Pool Which Prevents Over-Eating.

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