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Khariff Action plan -2009-10 Kharif action plan for the year 2009-10 S.NoName of the district Wether ITDA PO involvedNo.of villagesNo.of MandalsNo.of FarmersTotal.

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1 Khariff Action plan -2009-10 Kharif action plan for the year 2009-10 S.NoName of the district Wether ITDA PO involvedNo.of villagesNo.of MandalsNo.of FarmersTotal acres 1 Srikakulam (tribal mandals included)Yes367142826585821 2 Vizianagaram (tribal mandals included)Yes3101835511105173 3 Vishakhapatnam (tribal mandals included)No180131953830550 4GunturNA1571847342124462 5NelloreNA150114224033684 6Kurnool (No tribal mandals)No120826637111391 7AnanthapurNo7303070666395651 8ChittoorNo14081422247794 9KadapaNA186182231863874 10RangareddyNA655303816429 11NizamabadNA608612018690 12MedakNA3003053660120300 13 Mahabubnagar (tribal mandals included)No1901927360106347 14NalgondaNo2001934853135041 15WarangalNo2151249617161940 16 Khammam (tribal mandals included) No26023101951274856 17KarimnagarNo140172036275823 18Adilabad (not included)No185204002093765 19PrakasamNA25415503725 20West GodavariNo102156540 21RampachodavaramYes202400650 Total 40102996458262006506

2 Achievements Name of the districtSown areaMandalsClustersVillagesFarmers Number of crops in Kharif Number of crops in Rabi Srikakulam 130028 95329723554105 Vizianagaram 125072 1844220281261110 Vishakhapatnam 22269 1330150103631012 Guntur 75434 13261321845275 Nellor 39243 11251259532128 Kurnool 61490 71785795797 Ananthapur 251886 301467306235477 Chittor 19579 7136538091211 Kadapa 57400 1526136965076 Rangareddy 12206 3735166156 Nizamabad 8252 35251428914 Medak 71787 18482402648586 Mahabubnagar 106716 143115515118148 Nalgonda 73563 15311551674398 Warangal 115293 93819029372118 Khammam 118853 18422103125098 Karimnagar 30063 17126142531110 Adilabad 62167 2031160188041018 Total 1381301 24062531713189113623

3 Achievements Name of the district 36X36 model s Poly Crop model s Kitche n garden s Land develop ment EGS Tanksilt applicatio n (Acres) Farm ponds( Nos) Compost pits under EGS Bund plantati on (Farme rs) Farmers registration fee SRI area in Rabi SRI area in Khariff Srikakulam15625402900340043128500 375980 50 7.5 Vizianagara m435011930120234007500 711840 65 44.4 Vishakhapat nam7270281001690 125310890 50 24 Guntur1501290000001321800227200 5 2 Nellor1671538200251202437850240810 152 0 Kurnool432258500322235025080040 50 5 Ananthapur360150040800520 204650 1332430 20 182 Chittor35902850319913031029575360 20 6 Kadapa55170380005182481742283 171500 45 18 Rangareddy32122000000045015000 20 2.5 Nizamabad3658200004000455042840 16 14.5 Medak67050480046.161330568350676360 500 297 Mahabubnag ar9050815001525507454 424230 474 265 Nalgonda820304400120100120378670 40 9.5 Warangal1531005000020135968235457000 500 152 Khammam210134500002361773120610000 40 19.5 Karimnagar94191150005406887125000 20 30 Adilabad245205050015 6474527 469910 60 18 Total269332305841146.1613117756810349262466600060 2127 1096.9

4 Achievements Name of the districtNPM shops Custom hiring centresBiogas plants Identification of PGS villages Vermicompost unitsNeem pulverisers Srikakulam 25797 3255011 Vizianagaram 4465 20323015 Vishakhapatnam 9690 24221683 Guntur453402040013 Nellor1251053579 Kurnool85706136 Anathapur623721345420 Chittor 4713 265502 Kadapa26 112500 Rangareddy14 15 51067 Nizamabad25054200 Medak240923052802 Mahabubnagar 9020 5153115 Nalgonda741408682 Warangal19060130003 Khammam2101885022617 Karimnagar484938710332 Adilabad16018220178 Total183858014731435133135

5 Targets Name of the district Manda lsClusterVillages Farmer s 36X36 models @4per village Crop models @4per village( 8- 10crops ) Vegetab le minikts with multisto ries SRI area@3 Acres per weeder Tanksi lt applic ation (Acres )@50A cres per cluster Farm ponds@1 0 per cluster Compos t pits under EGS@1 0 per village NADEP compos t pits@10 per village NADEP compost pits achieved Srikakulam953297235541188 40296026505302970 464 Vizianagaram184422028126880 20337522004402200 75 Vishakhapatn am133015010363600 22505715003001500 183 Guntur132613218452528 50001213002601320 60 Nellor11251259532500 382015012502501250 65 Kurnool71785795748034010006850170850 45 Ananthapur30146730623542920 40801000730014607300 46 Chittor713653809260 130021650130650 20 Kadapa1526136965090054440004513002601360 36 Rangareddy3735166120014030007235070350 0 Nizamabad35251428100 15002425050250 0 Medak184824026485960 480080024004802400 193 Mahabubnag ar143115515118620 250064015503101550 31 Nalgonda15311551674380062030004815503101550 56 Warangal9381902937219007606000100019003801900 154 Khammam184221031250210084063006021004202100 61 Karimnagar171261425310002445000186600120610 0 Adilabad203116018804640 340010015503101600 50 Prakasam 100 2503 50 25020 Total2406253171318911166761268463262435928850630031710 1559

6 Targets Name of the district Biomass nurseriesAchieved Number of seedlinn gs Achiev ed NPM shops @ one per village Custom hiring centres@ one per cluster Biogas plants@1 per village Bund plantation( Farmers)@ 20 per village Bashkar Save models @2pervi llage Food security integration - villages@2vil lages per Mandal Marketing - Villages Srikakulam106100000550002975329759405941850 Vizianagara m10440000200002204422044004403650 Vishakhapa tnam23013000001503015030003002625 Guntur2005000001322613226402642650 Nellor616000050001252512525002502225 Kurnool8180000200085178517003001425 Ananthapur10010000007301467301460020006050 Chittor10250000300065136513002001420 Kadapa515000001362613627203003020 Rangaredd y335000010000357 70070615 Nizamabad50500000255 500100615 Medak252100000100002404824048007005025 Mahabubna gar15925000180001553115531003102825 Nalgonda4480000 1553115531003103025 Warangal3805000001903819057003801830 Khammam210 420000 184,00 02104221063004203630 Karimnagar20111000003000061126118301223425 Adilabad38 42185 1603116048003204030 Prakasam11300006300 4 Total461102160718546548523076252307636907380498535

7 Targets Name of the district Cattle shed lining@5per village Neem pulverisers PGS villages (Local groups formed) Documentation of Success stories@2per village Apiary @1village per cluster Fish documentation one CD from each district Perennial Redgram and Castor (5@Farmers per village) Srikakulam1485 6559453October1485 Vizianagaram1100 9344044October1100 Vishakhapatnam750 81930030October750 Guntur660 111826426October660 Nellor625 10625025October625 Kurnool425 3317017October425 Ananthapur3650 20221460146October3650 Chittor325 01113013October325 Kadapa680 6327226October680 Rangareddy175 51707October175 Nizamabad125 12505October125 Medak1200 231448048October1200 Mahabubnagar775 21031031October775 Nalgonda775 3431031October775 Warangal950 0538038October950 Khammam1050 51842042October1050 Karimnagar305 7812212October305 Adilabad800 171032031October800 Prakasam 3000October50 Total14370 1391595748625October15855

8 POP strategy State Abstract of POP data S.NoName of the districtNumber of beneficiariesNumber of villages 1Srikakulam286 2Vizianagaram269 3Vishakhapatnam146 4Guntur171 5Nellor125 6Kurnool226 7Ananthapur82 8Chittor105 9Kadapa234 10Rangareddy106 11Nizamabad123 Medak15312 13Mahabubnagar485 14Nalgonda155 Warangal3323 16Khammam254 17Karimnagar255 18Adilabad144 Total495111

9 NPM-EGS convergence Name of the District No. of Mandals No. of clusters No.of villages SURVEY (village level) MCC LEVELWork orders No. of Mandals No.of villages No. of mandals compute rized No. of villages compute rized No. of works Estimate d Estimati on cost in lak rupees Mandals Cost in lak rupees Srikakulam9532976118212191113.544.28 Vizianagaram12138512851285208160.4513.45 Vishakhapatnam79451285 94.54746.09 Guntur13261327557 70.117 Nellor91575639 362485.42318.62 Kurnool7 50 40 560 Ananthapur2375372 21711117.47 Chittor71365735 312.80557231.8994 Kadapa13101 2035 Rangareddy12101 1 3978.500 Nizamabad35253 17750310 Medak182412118121485704663.7 Mahabubnagar122713512135111252350675 454 Nalgonda513655 5 875507.43985 Warangal93819091009 Khammam1842937807 23531529.34931744.359 Karimnagar1712611551155111208506.3254 260 Adilabad203116020160540853.515963 Total1914011991141122479836218786513.076473413.764

10 Name of the district No. of Mand als No. of clu ster s No.o f villa ges Tank silt applicationCompost pitsFarmponds Land devel opme nt in lak rupee s Total Amou nt sancti oned Amount Executed (Rs.Lakhs) Amount Disburs ed (Rs.Lak hs) No. of farme rs No.of acres Total amoun t in lak rupees No. of farm ers No. of Pits Total amount in lak rupees No. of farme rs No. of Pon ds Total amoun t in lak rupees Srikakulam95329742175921063 1.8548 3 Vizianagaram143080905010545344.62169 1 4.4 Vishakhapatn am Guntur Nellor 16122510092 3145023 0.16121.4522.01621.4365 Kurnool Ananthapur122211029342117.121154 1.9385 0.84374.730 Chittor7 1171605.215922 0.6715660.7050231.910.56.59237 Kadapa Rangareddy Nizamabad35252056307.600000028.6 3 Medak511351734183792.15151810.64888713811.0446.16375.65149.999120.3 Mahabubnaga r718461705181978.2678 0.65 67578.2666.1 Nalgonda51365 52205.2 18347.665 29988.798 Warangal9104737169224 57343853 Khammam1842127144 2.0554108 9231000080661522.6165.59911 172.715 2 Karimnagar1712612002 12100 1.2220.24 56012.24 Adilabad471170 1.5686 0.456000048.7742.0160.442 Total 11022390419473276752586886576989123816251601104.7881733453.7448.65061 407.556 1

11 Other Important programs Participatory guarantee system – 150 villages – 2159 farmers Marketing – Total quantity sold is 25053qtls and Average premium price achieved is – 11.56% Village adoption by DPMs – total 10 villages – 5 POP villages and 5 covering all direction in the district Farmers field schools – Short and long term experiments Grafting Apiary

12 Marketing DistrictCommodities Quantity (Qtls)NPM Price Premium Amo untPremium%Target Target Achi ved % Adilabad Rice,Redgram,GreenGRam, Cotton10663510600193280 5.83%(Cotton- 35%)1000000035.11% AnanthapurRice,Paddy317180062009.45%100000000.72% Chittoor Paddy,Redgram,Tomato,Gr oudnut,Chilly,Millets7758 69436514.77%100000000.00% GunturChilly319204160051040033%2000000010.21% KarimnagarPaddy9600650000073920012.83%1000000065.00% Kadapa 100000000.00% KhammamRice,Veg,Chillipowder58627012002413009.81%2000000013.51% MahaboobnagarRedgram,Paddy3155692506300012.44%100000005.69% MedakRedgram,Vegetables282797381143011.83%100000007.97% KurnoolRedgram,Paddy133419009501289007.27%1000000019.01% NalgondaVegetables7455065016.67%100000000.05% NellorePaddy9010728018001.71%100000001.07% NizamabadVegetables7535250525017.50%100000000.35% Prakasam 100000000.00% Rangareddy 100000000.00% Srikakulam(premium values only for paddy) Paddy,Rice,Vegetables, pickles, cahsew 68880000600008.11%200000000.40% VijayanagaramPaddy,Redgram509 100000000.00% Visakhapatnam Vegetable,Paddy,Rajma,Gr oudnut,Blackgram18511623990592103%1000000016.24% WarangalCotton,Rice,Chilly542121350015010012.37%1000000012.14% Total 2505321157351286795611.56 22000000 09.62%

13 DPM adopted villages S.No Name of the districtNorthSouthEastWestCenter POP village - 1 POP village -2 POP village -3POP village -4 POP village -5 1 Srikakulam Ramjolupe ta Hadduba ngi Shobana puram Lakshmip eta Pudivalas a Kapupet a Pusarlapa duLabbaPeddaramKuntikota 2 Vijayanagara m Thotapally Nimmala palem Kandivals a Vemulpal ly Manapur am Bokkap eta R Venkampe ta Yogatavalas aSurampeta Panukup eta 3 Visakhapatna m Kondavee dhi Chinanng ipally Kothapal em Pauluvad a Mettapale m Chintalu ruKasipuram Seethampale mPorada Pedabidd a 4GunturNutakki Kondapat uru Kattempu di Lingarao palem GG Palem Nagulpa duAnaparru Hanumanpal emGodavalu Ganapav aram 5Nellore Maddurup alem Saidaulap ally Pottempa du Chilakap adu Ulavapall a Mannagi dinneChennuruAB NagarUttam Nellore Devurapa lly 6Kurnool Kondajudu ru Gonavara m Rasulpet a Sugalime ttaPanyam Kamala puram Thadkanp ally R Krishnapura mJulekalPesaravai 7Ananthapur K BatlapallyChedam Kolimipall y Jambula dinna Kottlala Bommep arthy Tummal aJ K Pally Nilakantapur am 8ChittoorKarakallur Savenap ally Damarap akam Bommac heruvu Singasam udram Palama ngalam Sodiganip alyManidram Cheekalabayaa lu Mayinam pakam 9Kadapa Kondrajpal ly Chinnajp ally Ramayya palem Siriyapall y Bainapall y Gandlap ally Golcheruv u JandlavaramNakkupally Koravapll y 10Ranga Reddy Tippaigud a Pedagolk onda Chintapat laJukalNomulaManchal Tippaigud aKagazgadPedaShapur Chowdha rpally 11Nizamabad Lacchamp et Anthamp ally Devaipall y B ThandaBurgul Sangoji wadi Rajthanpe tganpur M

14 DPM adopted villages Name of the districtNorthSouthEastWestCenter POP village -1 POP village -2 POP village -3 POP village -4 POP village -5 Medak Kayadamp alli Maddikon da B G VenkatapurRaipally D Ramacha ndrapurMakkarajpet Venkatap urDharmaramVN Thanda Palamakul a Mahabubnag arDavjapalli Thudukurt hiPolepalli Gokafasala bad Akunellik uduru Yadireddipal liYapatla Cheedithapa lliKotthapetaMufsiripa NalgondaCholleruPerdpalliRajupetBollepalli Anathara m Warangal Ganturupa lli Mansanp alli Chinnakuntath andaDameraDuggondi Rajukotthap alli Thamada palli Lakshminay akthanda Kasannath andaBanjara Khammam Ramchan drapuram Narayana puram Annapredypall y Chegumm a Jagannad hapuramDantelabora Peddired dygudem Sairampura m Jeellacher uvuPapakollu Karimnagar Ramadug uBejjankiSrirampurKathalapurSircillaRavulapetMallapurMustabadRudranki Ganneruva nam Adilabad Bellurugud aSiralapegadapalliJogapur Nagampe taShetpalli Polampall iRebbenaMaddikal Prakasam Umamahe swarapura m Ayodhyan agarKunkalamarruPunuru Makkinav aripalem

15 Components in DPM adopted villages 36X36 models in all CMSA farmers fields or in backyards of POP The village should have at least 100 farmers and 300 Acres of area Brining 80-90% of farmers under CMSA Maintain data base for at least 50 farmers from each village all 50 formats (total 500 farmers – for all districts 9000) Capturing economic, social, ecological benefits such as revival of fish in Paddy or honey bees in the fields of CMSA Calibrating farm sustainability index of 50 farmers in each village Bund plantation in saturation model Poly crops (8-10 crops) NADEP composting in saturation mode Cattle shed lining in saturation mode SRI Paddy in at least 30 Acres NPM shop with all 30 components Custom hiring center Biomass nurseries with at least 10,000 seedlings (covering fruit crops and green leaf manure plants) Five Farm ponds Kondra system in pilot basis with 30 farmers in dry Bio-digesters in saturation mode All 13 fertilizer reduction components in saturation mode Bhaskar Save model on pilot basis Neem seed collection (1qtl by each farmer)

16 DPMs non-negotiables Should Submit all reports by 10th of every month (should not send old reports to create confusion and for show in the 11th hour) – Send to group mail only – Attend monthly review meetings and Video conferences regularly From 1st -5th of every month ensure collection and compilation of reports Should visit at least five FFS in a month and submit the report to SERP Should visit at least five MMS sub committee meetings in a month Should visit at least five VO subcommittee meetings in a month Should cover at least 20 villages (field visits) apart from subcommittee meetings – Nizamabad/Prakasam – Should cover all villages once in a month - Ensure coverage in all directions of district Preparing Khariff and Rabi action plans Should not buy any inputs – if any necessary arises only Samakhyas can put an indent for inputs

17 DPMs non-negotiables Facilitate release of budget upto VO level with in 10days of budget release Ensure Capacity Building Programs on time Ensure budget discussions and resolutions done in subcommittee meetings Ensure social auditing of budget (display all expenditures on ZS and DRDA notice boards) Documentation of success stories Establishment of NPM shops and custom hiring centers in all villages Develop calendar of activities for the district Should interact with concerned SPMU member over phone on daily basis for better coordination and effective implementation Ensure grounding of all non-negotiables given to CAs during Capacity Building Programs at Hyderabad Should capture economic, social, and ecological benefits such as revival of fish in Paddy fields and bees Identification of breeder CRPs

18 Components of TTDC and premises of Samakhyas 36X36 model Farm pond NADEP compost pit Biomass nursery Solar energy – cooking and lighting Organic outlet Azolla pit Poly crop model Live fencing (where there is no compound wall) Border crop with mixed crops bund plantation Perennial Red gram and perennial Castor SRI Paddy (if possible) NOTE: Those who don’t have area to adopt the above has to maintain rooftop garden

19 Savings and improved incomes Savings on PesticidesSavings on fertilisers Name of the Crop Saving s in Rs./acr e Area covere d Total saving s in Rs. Crores (A) Savin gs/Ac re in Rs. Area covered in Acres Total savings in Rs. Crores( B) Increase in good quality grain Increased income on Account of increased grain yield in Rs. Total Increased in yield on Account of increased grain yield in Rs. Crores (c ) Premiu m price per Qtl Premiu m price per Acre Premiu m Price over selling price in Rs. (D) Total savings in Rs. Crores(A +B+C+D) Paddy100038265538.2665038265524.87 1qtl (Reduced Chaffy grains)100038.26100200076.53177.92 Chillies150001352920.29130013529.51.75 1qtl (Reduced discolurati on)16002.1630060008.1732.37 Redgram1200756079.07350756072.64 18 Kg (Reductio n unfilled pods)10004.0820010007.5623.35 Groundnut80021219416.974002121948.48 20Kg (Increase d pod formation)100010.600036.05 Cotton50004868624.34800486863.8901000000028.23 Vegetables1500220003.3500220001.1010000200 0.444.77 Others100017751317.7500001000000017.75 932184129.98 754671.542.73 55.1 92.7320.44

20 Score card for VA ActivityScore allottedScore achievedRemarks Whether imparted trainings imparted as desired5 Whether he is a practicing farmer5 Collection and Maintenance of data5 Maintenance of diary5 Maintenance of FFS record5 Maintainace of farmer wise data5 Conduct of FFS5 Adopting non negotiables by VA5 Adopting non negotiables in villages5 NPM shops and custom hiring cenetrs5 Seed banks5 Adopting 36X36 model5 Usage of Ghanajeevamrutham/Dhrava jeevamrutham5 Conducting Crop Cutting experiments5 Achievements on fertilizer reduction5 Different methods of composting5 Bio-mass nursery and bund plantation5 Mulching5 Total95

21 Score card for CA ActivityScore allottedScore achievedRemarks Participation in training5 POP program5 Collection and maintenance of cluster statistics5 Maintenance of Diary5 Maintenance of farmer wise data5 Conducting FFS and maintain ace of records5 Adoption of non negotiables5 Adoption rates of non negotiables5 NPM shops and custom hiring cenetrs5 36X36 models5 Use of Ghanajeevamrutham/Dhravajeevamrutham5 Conducting crop cutting experiments5 Achievement on fertiliser reduction5 Different methods of compost making5 Bio-mass nursery and bund plantation5 Mulching5 Area under SRI Paddy5 Attaining trainer capacity5 Attendance in video conference5 Participation in Village NPM subcommittee meetings5 Participation in MMS NPM subcommittee5 Participation in Immersion program5 Submission of monthly reports to MMS5 Feeding data at mandal5 Planning of activities 5 10 Gunta model5 Total130

22 Score card for Coordinator - NGO ActivityScore allottedScore achievedRemarks Whether spending full time in NPM5 Whether promoted from CA5 Attending to ZS subcommittee meeting5 Attending to MMS (with whom they entered MOU) subcommittee meeting5 Capacity to train5 Whether imparted training as desired5 Number of FFS visited in last six months5 Coordinating activities of CAs and Submitting reports5 Place of residence5 Whether 1 Gunta model adopted in his back yard5 No of days toured5 No of VO subcommittee meetings attended5 Number of VCs attended5 Adoption of NPM methods in his/her field5 Number of pest life cycles prepared5 Number of disease herbariums prepared5 Adoption rates in his/her area5 Any other achievements5 Total90

23 Score card for CRPs ComponentTargetAchievementScore Registration fee collection in Rs. 36X36 models NADEP compost pits SRI in acres NPM shops Number farmers enrolled into CMSA Bund plantation (number of farmers) Ghana jeevamrutham (no of farmers) Dravajeevamrutham (no of farmers) Mulching (no of farmers) Pest life cycles (Nos) Disease herbariums (nos) Poly crops (no of farmers) Azolla (no of farmers) Alleys (no of farmers) Extracts (no of farmers) Bhaskar Save model

24 Score card for NGOs ParameterScoreRemarks Attendance in the Video conferences and monthly meetings Monthly report from NGO head Replication of BAIF,Tiptur model Bhaskar Save models 36X36 models Biomass nursery Bund plantation Sholapur model for POP Drought proofing Polycrops Organic produce certification and marketing Farm ponds NADEP composting Cattle shed lining

25 Score cards for VO/MMS/ZS PDs conference\non negotaibels_VO.xls

26 Calendar of Activities MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary Registration fee collection grounding of POP Capacity building to Vos36X36 modelsTransplantationFollowup of POP Neem seed collection Sowings and seed treatment with bheejaamrutham Application of Ghanajeeva mrutham FFS - Short experiments Sharing of Res ults of exp eri me nts Cropcutting experime nts Installation of neem seed pulverisersBund plantation Pest and disease survellia nce Cropcutting experiments Summer ploughingsPoly crop models Biogasplants Internal inspection in PGS villages Pest and disease survelliance Internal insp ecti on in PG S villa ges Preparation of Ghanajeevamr utham (3qtls per farmer)Community bonfires Adoption of non- negotiablesApplication Tonic Adoption of non- negotiab lesMulching Internal inspection in PGS villagesMulching EGS works Application of Ghanajeevamrut ham as basal doseBiomassplantation Adoption of non- negotiablesMulchingApplication TonicRabiactionplans Rabi sow ings Collection of trap crop seedsCattleshed liningFollowup of POPMulchingApplication TonicRabiactionplans Plans for food security integration Developmen t of rice cre dit line Subcommittee meetings

27 Components in NPM shops All major botanical extracts Ghana jeevamrutham, Dravajheevaamrutham,Panchagavya and Bheejajeamrutham Green manure crop seeds Border crop seeds Pheromone traps Yellow and White plates Delta traps in Ground nut growing areas Neem powder and Neem seeds ( Tie up with custom hiring center) Cuttings of Gliricidea and seeds of Subabubl, cassiasamia and other green leaf manure seeds NADEP and other composts Egg amino acid and Fish amino acid extracts Seeds for polycrops Azolla Cattle Urine /Cattle dung (Cattleshed lining as per targets) Biogas slurry Trap crop seeds Seeds for Dabholkar method and Tonic preparation NPMpaste (Alternative for Bordeaux paste) - where orchards are existing Bird perches

28 Components in Custom hiring centers Neem pulverisers Markers Weeders Maize huskers Sprayers Ploughing and intercultivation equipment Winnowers

29 Registration fee and Audit of ZS accounts Auditing of ZS accounts to be completed by 30 th of June by utilizing accounts and audit staff of the district Collection of Rs.100/Acre/year is treated as validation of the program by farmers SBI is keen to support by financing Zilla Samakhyas for the entire project to be repaid from registration fee by Samakhyas Detailed circulars of CEO are in circulation today

30 Non-negotiables for CAs PDs conference\non negotiables.pdf

31 Non- Negotiables for NPM Summer ploughings Community bonfires Bird perches Alleys in Paddy Azolla in Paddy Clipping of the tips in Paddy Boarder crops Trap crops White and yellow plates Inter crops Light traps Pheromone traps

32 Strategy for fertilizer reduction Returning crop residues to soil through animal route / directly Promoting tank silt application through NPM-NR EGS Promoting compost pits and plantation of Gliricidia around the compost pits Bund plantation with Gliricidia and Subabul Neem cake application Mulching – (earth worms appear) Application of biofertilisers Promoting Azolla in Paddy on large scale Promoting efficient composting methods like NADEP – 1Kg dung will produce 40Kg of compost Application of dung based inoculants Crop diversification including legumes

33 Flagship programs of this year POP strategy 36 1 X36 1 models Poly crops Farmer groups EGS convergence (including biomass nurseries) Bund plantation Promoting perennials Bio-digesters

34 Films on natural/organic farming “Sustainable organic agriculture – a small intervention” Vishavalayam Kranthi Padham Mundadugu Ma manchi Mirapa

35 A guideline of quantification of farm sustainability (Model) Sr.Indicators Sustainability value BeforeAfter ASpecies Diversity 1Crop Species 1-2 crops 3-5 crops >5 Crops Additional Native species Hybrid Single crop In > 50% area Each crop in <25% area 2Non-crop Vegetation (Excluding Weeds) >100 Trees or perennials per ha. 50-100 Trees/perennials No trees Additional > 5 Tree species (no one species more than 20%) Nitrogen fixing tree species > 5 Medicinal plant species 3Cropping Strategy Mixed/intercropping/crop rotation in > 750% area) Mixed/intercropping/crop rotation in 25-50% area) Mixed/intercropping/crop rotation in <25% area)

36 BNutrition Management 4Chemical Fertilization No chemical use Up to 25 kg per ha 25 to 50 kg per ha 50 to 100 kg per ha More than 100 kg per ha 5Biomass Recycling Recycling / composting all dung and agriculture waste Recycling / composting 50-75% dung and agriculture waste Recycling / composting 25-50%dung and agriculture waste Do not recycly any dung / biomass Additional Improved / systematic composting 6Biological Inputs Use for >75% of the crop area Use for >50-75% of the crop area Use for >25-50% of the crop area Use for <25% of the crop area Not used at all

37 CSoil & Water Management 7Soil And Water Conservation Structures (Trenching, Bunding, Basin, Etc.,) Adequate for >75% area Adequate for >50-75% area Adequate for >25-50% area Adequate for <25% area 8Irrigation Structures (Terracing, Ridge & Furrow Etc.,) In >75% area In > 50-75% area In >25-50% area In < 25% area Additional Farm pond Trees on bunds / boundaries / green cover 9Water Saving Crops And Systems In > 50-75% area In > 25-50% area In > 25% area In < 25% area Not at all DCrop Protection 10Chimical Methods In > 50-75% area In > 25-50% area In > 25% area In < 25% area

38 11Biological Methods Totally biological Frequent use Occasional use Not use at all Additional Home-made biological pesticide Cultural / mechanical EFarm Outputs 12Food Quantity More than enough for the family (enough for > 12 months) Just about enough for the family (enough for 8 to 12 months) Meets half the family's requirement (enough for 6 to 8 months) Meets less than half the requirement (enough for <6 months) 13Quality of Food Produced Pulses and vegetables - adequate - Partial - Inadequate Additional Vegetable production well distributed during the year Owns milking animal (s) 14Non-Food Production Fodder and fuel need - Totally met Fodder and fuel need - Partially met Fodder & / fuel needs - Partially met Fodder & fuel not produced Additional Non-wood produce

39 FFarm Energy 15Use of Fossil Fuel and Electricity Dependence on tractor, pumps - high - medium - low 16Labour Totally family labour Partially hired Totally hired 17Draught Power Owns animals for field work Animals sharing for field work Do not have animals Additional Owns requied implements GInformation Sources 18Reading / writing, audio-visual, interaction with expertise & exposures Any three of the above Any two of the above Any one of the above None HMarket Dependence 19Input Dependence More than 75% inputs are purchased 50-75% inputs are purchased 25 to 50% inputs are purchased Less than 25% inputs are purchased Not purchased 20Opportunities for Marketing - Excellent - Good - Satisfactory - No

40 23Family Size 3 Members 4 Members 5 To 6 6 To 8 More than 8 members Additional All family members migrate Some family members migrate JLivestock 24Draft power, milking animals, small animals and birds Draft power Milking animals Small animals Birds (Agriculture) Do not have any animals Additional Cross breeds KNumber of Enterprises 25Agriculture Fruit trees (orchard) Forest trees (agro forestry) Large ruminants Small ruminants Birds Systematic composting Post harvest processing for value addition and sale Post harvest processing for home consumption such as papad, pickle making Perennial vegetable / nutrition / kitchen garden

41 Road map Expansion in IKP- EGS convergence villages Convergence with Health and Nutritional villages Pilot in selected Chenchu tribal habitations 36X36 models in all POP house holds in saturation mode 36X36 models in the households of pregnant women and lactating mothers of H&N villages


Download ppt "Khariff Action plan -2009-10 Kharif action plan for the year 2009-10 S.NoName of the district Wether ITDA PO involvedNo.of villagesNo.of MandalsNo.of FarmersTotal."

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