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Topic 4 Ecology Ecology Conservationist Hierarchy of life-

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1 Topic 4 Ecology Ecology Conservationist Hierarchy of life-
Vocabulary – Quizlet/ Ex. Or Picture Ecology Conservationist Hierarchy of life- species, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere Greenhouse gases Climate Change vs. Global warming HFCs and CFCs Charles Keeling and carbon dioxide Modes of nutrition - Autotrophs, Heterotrophs, Consumers, Detritivores, Saprotrophs Trophic level Nutrient cycling Carbon cycle vs. Carbon flux Methanogenic bacteria (Archaeans) Mesocosms

2 Virtual labs Mesocosms Ecosystem
(Complete journal and table) Orbiting Carbon Observatory-

3 Exam-style questions A. Nitrogen and methane
Which of the following statement is correct? Which substances increase the greenhouse effect by the greatest amount? A. A community is the place where several different species live. B. Heterotrophs are organisms that feed off organic matter. C. Decomposers bacteria are detritivores D. A habitat is a community and its abiotic environment. A. Nitrogen and methane B. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen C. Methane and HFCs D. Oxygen and HFCs

4 Questions State the difference between energy movement and nutrient movement in an ecosystem. State 2 ways in which the formation of peat differs from the formation of coal. Explain what the arrows represent in a food chain. Describe what is meat by a food web. List 3 ways energy is lost when moving from 1 trophic level to the next. The leaves of a tree store 20,000 J m-2 y-1 of energy. Estimate the amount of energy stored by the caterpillar that feed on the leaves.

5 Topic 5 Evolution & Biodiversity
Vocabulary & Ex/picture Variation Selection pressures Evolution Homologous structures Analogous structures Artificial selection/ Selective breeding Fossil record Adaptive radiation Natural selection Competitive advantage Charles Darwin Alfred Wallace Industrial melanism and moths

6 Classification of biodiversity
Binomial system of classification 7 levels of taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus Carl Woese 4 Main phyla of plant kingdom 7 Phyla for some the animal kingdom Dichotomous key Cladogram/ Cladistics

7 Videos, Virtual labs, & Animations

8 Questions Define the term “clade.”
If 2 organisms are member of the same order, then they are also members of the same: Genus Class Family Species Outline the role of variation in evolution.

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