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Oxygen Concentrators.

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1 Oxygen Concentrators

2 Topics Principle of Operation Diagrams Applications Safety Operation
Preventive Maintenance Common Failures/Troubleshooting

3 Principle of Operation
Concentrates oxygen by pulling in air and absorbing nitrogen Sieve beds are made of zeolite (aluminum silicate) Zeolite has selective affinity for nitrogen at high pressures Air is compressed and passed through sieve beds Output is max 95.6% oxygen Zeolite only filters out nitrogen, not other trace gasses in air

4 Principle of Operation
Pneumatic Components Gross particle filter Compressor inlet filter (0.1 um) Compressor (20 PSI) Heat exchanger 4-way solenoid-controlled valve Sieve canisters with zeolite Pressure equalization valve Check valve Pressure regulator Product canister Outlet filter (0.3 um) Flow meter

5 Principle of Operation
Electrical Components Power Cord Circuit Breaker (spring-type, thermal, resettable) Power Switch Circuit Board Cooling Fan Compressor Capacitor (stores power for alarm) Transformer Solenoid Pressure Equalization Valve Alarm

6 Principle of Operation
Oxygen Sensor Monitors concentration of oxygen leaving product canister Sounds alarm when concentration too low Pressure Sensor Monitors pressure in the canisters Sounds alarm when pressure is too high or low

7 Diagrams Pneumatic Diagram Compressor Sieve Bed Sieve Bed Air Exhaust
Four-way Valve Directs air from compressor into sieve beds Directs exhaust nitrogen out of sieve beds

8 Diagrams

9 Diagrams Solenoid & Pressure Equalization Valve Coil and pin assembly
Ohms indicates good coil 24 V DC signal from circuit board

10 Applications Patients with diminished lung function need extra oxygen
Oxygen cylinders are not always available or too expensive for patients

11 Safety Near the concentrator DO NOT: Oxygen is extremely flammable
SMOKE CREATE A SPARK IGNITE A FLAME Oxygen is extremely flammable Always use PPE Before using, read the owner's manual Check filters are clean Do not come in contact with concentrator if wet Unplug machine when working on it

12 Operation Place concentrator at least 3“ away from other items in room
Avoid placing on deep pile carpets or near heaters, radiators or hot air registers Plug concentrator into electrical outlet. Extension cords are never to be used. Connect tubing Turn unit ON and set flow rate. Alarm will sound for ~5 seconds To set flow rate, put ball on top of the L/min line of the flow meter NOTE: Flow must be set after all delivery apparatuses have been connected The concentrator may be used during initial warm up period (approximately 30 min) while waiting for O2 purity to reach max Alarm will sound if: Concentrator is On and Unplugged The oxygen concentration is below 85% for more than 15 minutes

13 Preventive Maintenance
On Each Inspection: Record date of service. Record hour meter reading. Clean cabinet filters. Check prescribed L/min. flow rate. Every 180 Days (4380 Hrs): Check oxygen concentration. Annually or During PM Schedule: Clean/ replace cabinet filters. Check outlet filter. Check compressor inlet filter. Check O2% and power loss alarm. As Required: Clean heat exchanger. Replace exhaust muffler. Rebuild top end of compressor.

14 Common Failures/ Troubleshooting
Low or No Oxygen Output Filters may be blocked & need replacement Check Gross Particle Filter Check Compressor Inlet Filter Sieve Canisters may need to be replaced Humidifier Bottle is not screwed on properly Compressor Leaks at fitting or tubing Work cup seals or gaskets Heat Exchanger tubing leak

15 Common Failures/ Troubleshooting
Unit won’t turn on/power loss No power at outlet Power cord is frayed, broken or damaged Issue with on/off switch Faulty Switch Disconnected wires Tripped Circuit Breaker PC Board Damaged Loose Connector

16 Common Failures/ Troubleshooting
Internal Power Loss Transformer Assembly Faulty Connector Loose or Disconnected Faulty wiring PC Board

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