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Deforestation Project by Harry, Joe and Rohan. What is Deforestation Deforestation is the destruction or clearing of forests. As everything in Nature,

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1 Deforestation Project by Harry, Joe and Rohan

2 What is Deforestation Deforestation is the destruction or clearing of forests. As everything in Nature, Deforestation can be a natural thing such as a wildfire or a storm but humans have taken it to the next level.

3 Areas Affected 3 countries with most deforestation: 1.Honduras Only half of Honduras's original forests remain 1.Nigeria 2.The Philippines 3.Thailand 4.Brazil 5.Indonesia

4 How are we causing it? We cause Deforestation because of need for land for farms. Humans clear out forest areas to get land for crops. We also cause it by urbanization. When we want our cities to expand we clear forest land. We cause it for the need of natural resources. Wood is a very valuable resource, to humans since it provides us with a surplus of reasons. Deforestation is also not only the fault of humans but natural causes can clear our our forests. Some examples are forest fires, severe droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. We also log for wood which is a prime cause of Deforestation

5 Why Are We Causing It? We as humans cause deforestation for our very own selfish and personal reasons. We want the wood for certain stationary product. E. g: Paper, pencils etc. We use wood for furniture, and and other commodities. Wood is also used as fuel for cooking and heating. Illegal logging also greatly contributes to deforestation.

6 Consequences A lot of people think, that it is easy to grow these trees back but it doesn't. It takes years for a tree to grow and mature. A consequence that does not target humans is harming an ecosystem's sense of equilibrium. Deforestation takes the home of many like our good friend Stew the monkey in the forest. It can disrupt the natural cycles that take place in this world. It also decreases the amount of biodiversity, since there aren't homes to support organisms.

7 Environmental Impact The Environmental Impact of Deforestation is tremendous. Disruption of Natural Cycles Soil Erosion Reduced Biodiversity-80% species in Forests Extinction of Certain Species Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Global Warming Animal Loss of Habitat Decreased or Full Prevention of Certain Tree-Organism interactions.

8 How To reduce It There are many ways for us humans to help fix what we started. Deforestation will never stop because of the demand, but we can help reduce that demand. This may sound very cliche, but recycling is the main way to reduce deforestation. This is because when we reuse, we reduce the demand for wood. Take Action towards companies that have products derived from endangered forests. Choose the other company that does not! Spread the word throughout the herd. Be the first to speak when someone throws away a recyclable or reusable product. Try to get forest derived products from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). All of these may seem like hard work and a hassle to go through but if you try to carry these out you will help the world's issues with deforestation. You can help by speaking out against deforestation through social media or by just relaying the info to your friends and family...

9 The Cycle Impact It affects the Carbon cycle because a lack of trees and wildlife means that there will be more CO2 in the air and there will not be that much oxygen. Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas it will trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere contributing to the worldwide problem, global warming. It can disrupt the nitrogen cycle, because the nitrates in the soil would not be able to get passed on by any other way rather than trees and plants. It also increases the probability of nitrogen leaching into nitrates to the river and groundwater, causing significant nitrogen loss. The water cycle is affected more than most people think. Trees transpire water and use it too make their food. When there are no trees to transpire, it results in a much a more drier climate. This affect the soil, making that drier as well, making an environment more prone to harmful erosion, flooding, and/or landslides. The Phosphorus cycle is affected because deforestation leads phosphorus to be driven to streams and lakes and with the reduction of phosphorus in the soil, could reduce the fertility of the soil.

10 Why It is a Problem When a forest is cut or burnt down this causes a ripple effect in the carbon cycle and in the local climate. When the forest is burned it releases mass amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. The decomposition of wood creates CO2. These two factors contribute to climate change as deforestation creates greenhouse gases which trap heat in the atmosphere where it causes changes in water levels, temperature, fronts and human energy bills.

11 Video!

12 Picture citations lumberjack photo chopping-a-huge-log.jpg Fire Picture Deforestation in the world Picture the-world.html Deforestation Video Paper picture Chair Picture Thank you Gif

13 Pictures Part two Stew the Monkey: https://encrypted- KjIF2LXmz Deforestation picture in the video https://encrypted- 0vkAd_G7ySw Deforestation dry picture Sad cycle picture Deforestation picture land-use-and-protected-areas-flash-cards/ Baby tree Earth recycle https://encrypted- 8HYTh5PebfjHjg

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