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Quiz on the Nitrogen cycle

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1 Quiz on the Nitrogen cycle

2 Using the quiz … Click through the quiz to see the questions and answers. Remember it is MUCH better to try to think of the answer, before clicking to read it.

3 1. Why do plants need the element nitrogen?
It is needed to make amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins Answer Next question

4 2. In what form is nitrogen absorbed into a plant?
It is converted into nitrates and this enters the plant via its roots Answer Next question

5 3. What is the original source of this nitrogen?
The nitrogen comes from the air Answer Next question

6 It is fixed by lightning
4. What weather condition "fixes" nitrogen - ie changes it from the element into a nitrate? It is fixed by lightning Answer Next question

7 5. What two roles do bacteria play in fixing nitrogen?
Bacteria in the soil fix nitrogen and other bacteria build it up into nodules on the roots of some plants Answer Next question

8 (the main compound in urine)
6. Name one compound excreted by animals which returns nitrogen to the soil Urea (the main compound in urine) Answer Next question

9 By decay of its faeces (faeces is the correct term for droppings)
7. How else is nitrogen returned to the soil during an animal's lifetime? By decay of its faeces (faeces is the correct term for droppings) Answer Next question

10 8. When an animal or plant dies and decays, what chemical is released into the soil?
Ammonia is released Answer Next question

11 9. What happens next to the ammonia - and what makes this happen?
Ammonia is changed into nitrates : this is done by nitrifying bacteria Answer Next question

12 10. What is the role of denitrifying bacteria?
Denitrifying bacteria change useful nitrates back into nitrogen which is then returned to the air (and cannot be used by the plant) Answer Next question

13 11. What type of soil condition favours denitrifying bacteria?
They are more plentiful in water-logged soils ; so these are NOT good for plant growth because they do not have enough nitrogen left in them Answer Next question

14 12. How is the nitrate level of soils artificially increased?
We add fertilisers which are nitrate compounds Answer Next question

15 That was the last question. I hope you got all the answers correct !
Try again Exit quiz

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