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1 Sulfur Plasma Lighting September, 2008 2 Introduction to Micro-Wave Plasma Technology.

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2 1 Sulfur Plasma Lighting September, 2008

3 2 Introduction to Micro-Wave Plasma Technology

4 3 Introduction to Micro-Wave Plasma Technology. Micro-Wave Plasma Technology is an innovative process to generate massive volume of heat energy from micro-wave materials with catalyst through the magnetized tube that turn into vacuum plasma form. As we do realize that all materials come from four states: Solid state; Liquid state; Gas state and Plasma state, every process of state changing will release certain level of energy. Applying the Plasma technology for the aforesaid four material states formation is the most efficient, most energy savings and most fastest to separate material molecules to reach Plasma state for the releasing of massive volume of energy. When it reaches a certain temperature and vacuum state, energy shall reach imbalance form and releases out unlimitedly. The introduction of the Plasma Technology is a new energy revolution to completely replace all conventional energy resources of fossil fuel and gas. Similar to the technology of Digital camera to replace the old era of camera film. The introduction of the Micro-Wave Plasma Technology shall eventually face-out and make obsolete to all conventional Technology pertaining to high energy consuming and high pollution industries.

5 4 1. The breakthrough of decreasing temperature in Magnetized Control Tube. One of the primary products from Micro-wave Plasma Technology is Magnetized Control Tube which can generate micro waves. The top technology in the present world is the Magnetized Control Tube from Mitsubishi, Japan, but the performing time can last around 20 minutes and to be applied only for small house appliances like Microwave oven, can not be used in big scale industrial products due to the limitation of minimum temperature at 330 to 350 degree in the Magnetized Control Tube, and the life-span usage is merely 3000 to 5000 hours. In comparison to our company’s new product can already control temperature as low as 80 degrees and life-span has expanded to over 30,000 hours, a new era for Plasma Technology that can be commonly used for all industries and products at high efficiency level. 2. Breakthrough Micro-Wave Plasma Technology for producing Hydrogen. The present technology level in the world for producing hydrogen is either from “water separation via electricity”, “Biological”, “Coal”, “High Temperate change” etc methods, which are all high energy consuming, low productivity and very complicated hydrogen conversion system. Our company is applying the aforesaid new Plasma technology for the producing of hydrogen, not only the conversion system is simplified, the energy required is only 5% of the conventional type. This fulfils the dream of the world to produce hydrogen at sustainable energy economy. 3. Breakthrough technology of high pressurized power supply. Our company’s new 2000W high pressurized power supply for industrial performances can guarantee the efficiency and long life-span, totally enclosed and no need for ventilation, indeed a breakthrough of the conventional electrical problem in the world. Prime breakthrough of Micro-wave Plasma Technology.

6 5 Project applications from the Micro-Wave Plasma Technology. Micro-Wave Plasma Technology has a very broad range on energy conservation and energy resources for cutting-edge projects as follows: Conversion of sea water to drinking water system; Water pollution treatment system; Hydrogen energy generating electricity; Hydrogen car system; Smelting and Refinery system; Sulfur Plasma Lighting system..

7 6 Sulfur Plasma Lighting

8 7 Characteristics of Sulfur Plasma Lighting Sulfur Plasma Lighting (SPL) is a Plasma technology of light source thru the reactions with sulfur and can generate high intensity and effectiveness light beam that is in similar spectrum to that of sunlight, with distinctive characteristics as follows: Vivid result in electricity savings. It requires only 10% electricity in compare to the other lighting systems with life-span 10 times longer. Its energy conservation has significantly reduced the cost and expense of the users. Strong lighting effect which is 10 times brighter than Sodium Lamp; 100 times brighter than Incandescent light and 8 times brighter than Light Emitting Diode (LED) light. Suitable for outdoor and bad environments such as dusty, foggy, rainy, high humidity, hot and acidic weathers. Intelligent auto sensor & remote alert system that can notify automatically to any assigned maintenance center for minimizing downtime. Strong Light penetrating effect that can highly and clearly distinguish any object over a distance of 500 meters. SPL has been indebted as “man made Sun” with very little ultra-violet and infra-red harmful radiation, truly a green Lighting technology for environment preservation and protection.

9 8 Comparison of SPL versus other lighting systems: Light Sources Electro- deless Lamp Incan- Descent Fluore- scence Lamp High Voltage Mercury Tubular Xenon Lamp High Voltage Sodium Halogen SPL Input Watts (W ) 35-16510 -1006 - 12550 - 10001500 - 10000 150 -400400 - 1000 50-800 Light Effects (lm/m) 636.5 -1925 - 6730 - 5020 - 3790 -10060 - 80180 - 200 Average Life Span (h) 6000010002000 - 3000 2500 - 5000 5000 - 10000 10000 30000 Color Display (Ra) 8895 – 9970 - 8030 - 4090 - 9420 - 2565 - 8595 Visual Effect Very good normalgood Good Yellowish, not good Very good V.good Natural light

10 9 Cost Analysis of SPL Lighting for interior building: Using CARREFOUR supermarket of FRANCE as an example, conventional lightings or electricity saving lamps require a lighting environment of 250W per square meter. For a 1000 square meters area requires a total of 250,000W lighting. However in using SPL, same area of 1000 square meters requires only 10 pieces of 800W/220V emitting a totaling of 8,000W lighting effect. Lighting for exterior: Using GeJiang super highway JiaXing section, the original East district has installed a 30 meters pole on each side of the road with 24 pieces of 400W/220V Sodium Lamp per high pole ( due to system loss, actual electricity consumption is equivalent to 23,000W even total system is only 19,200W ). Including power supplies, each pole spent RMB 250,000, a total of RMB 500,000. Now on the West side of the same super highway, they chose to use our company’s Sulfur Plasma Lighting system for the same area and same lighting effect, we installed one 12 meters pole with 4 pieces 800W/220V SPL ( Actual electricity consumption is equivalent to 3200W ). Cost of SPL is merely RMB 50,000,only 10% of the original system and electricity consumption is also 10% of the other conventional system. More to the fact, the lighting effect has increased 50% to become brighter than the old system. The SPL tested area located besides a gas station which is considered as a highly polluted area. Tested period was from August 2006 to May 2007 and the SPL was performing stable and never encountered any system default during the period.

11 10 Analysis of electricity saving on SPL Yanyang Hill energy conversion analysis: Before converting: 400W ( Sodium Lamp) x 30 units = 12,000W; After converting: One unit 800W SPL lights up a 5,000 square meters stadium; Effect analyst after converting: electricity saving of 90%. ( This saving was confirmed by the clients themselves.) super highway JiaXing section converting analysis: Before converting: 400W ( Sodium Lamp) x 24 units = 9,600W, 30 meters pole; After converting: 1 unit 800W (SPL) to replace 24 units 400W lights, 12 meters pole. Analyst of converting result: Electricity saving of 90% plus brightening effect increased over 30%. (This analysis was confirmed by the clients themselves.) Tien Neng Battery Car Park converting analysis: Before converting: 3000 square meters car park, with 400W ( Sodium Lamp) x 20 units= 8,000W; After converting: 1 unit 800W (SPL) replaced 20 units 400W ( Sodium Lamp). Analyst of converting result: Electricity saving of 90% plus big increased on brightness of the same area and improved working efficiency. ( This analysis was confirmed by the clients themselves.)

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