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Microwave cabling systems

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1 Microwave cabling systems

2 Introduction IDU-ODU Link
ODU - Outdoor Unit ACOME offers all passive components of IDU-ODU link for microwave transmission systems Clamps Grounding kits Connectors Cables RF: 6-54 GHz Surge arrestors IDU - Indoor Unit

3 Cables Size Type Jacket 1/4’’ 3/8’’ and 1/2’’
Braided type Corrugate type Size 1/4’’ 3/8’’ and 1/2’’ Type Extra flexible: braided type (screening effictiveness > 88dB) Flexible: Corrugated type (screening effectiveness > 120dB) Jacket PE Fire-retardant Indoor / Outdoor low smoke ‘’0’’ Halogen Fully match to IEC standards This Indoor / Outdoor Jacket perfectly matches with all «In-buildings» and «inter-buildings applications» All our cables are 100% factory controlled!

4 Connectors Size Interfaces Type Waterproofness 1/4’’ 3/8’’ and 1/2’’
N Male Elbow N Male Straight TNC Male Elbow TNC Male Straight Size 1/4’’ 3/8’’ and 1/2’’ Interfaces N (IEC ) TNC (IEC ) Type Straight and elbow Waterproofness IP 68

5 Grounding kits Type Compatibility Easy to install Waterproofness
Framework type for an integrated solution Compatibility Fit both copper material Easy to install Easy, fast and reliable installation Waterproofness IP 68 Corrosion resistant

6 Surge Arrestors Type Performances Operating frequences Bulkhead
Gas tube type Type Bulkhead Performances Power up to 1000W Current discharge up to 20kA Low VSWR and insertion loss Bi-directional Operating frequences Broadband including DC

7 Simple clamps Fonction Support the cables every meter
Avoid any risk of slipperage or longitudinal derformation: Cable weight Wind velocity Gusts Induced turbulences Vibrations of tower

8 Solutions for IP Systems
System bandwidth 100 MHz 250 MHz EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Depending of EMI system requirement Two technologies of cables screening: F / UTP: foil SF / UPT: foil + braid Jacket Fire-retardant Indoor / Outdoor Low Smoke and ‘’0’’ Halogen Fully match to IEC standards This Indoor / Outdoor jacket perfectly matches all «In-buildings» and «inter-buildings»

9 Thanks for your attention !
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