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Engaging Students in Science Dan Burns Los Gatos High School EnCorps Workshop 3/1/14.

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1 Engaging Students in Science Dan Burns Los Gatos High School EnCorps Workshop 3/1/14

2 Agenda: Introductions/How I became a Teacher Demonstrations Online Resources Interactive Engagement/Peer Instruction Physics Education Research (PER) Creating Interactivity Online Homework Assertion-Evidence Slide Design

3 Online Physics Resources: PhyzPhyz (includes Book and Blog of Phyz) Pretty Good Physics comPADRE PTSOS Pablo’s Physics A Plus Physics Hippocampus Learn AP Physics My Website

4 Interactive Engagement and Peer Instruction Increase Learning Largest Student Gains in Pre and Post Tests were in Courses that used Interactive Engagement 11

5 What is Interactive Engagement and Peer Instruction? Expose students to content first Distribute a classroom response system (index cards, clickers, or Plickers!)Plickers! Pose conceptual questions and solicit responses Allow time for students to share their reasoning Solicit new responses and explain if necessary

6 Interactive Engagement and Peer Instruction Rationale Students learn better when interacting with the material and their peers Students can memorize content without knowing underlying concepts Understanding requires knowing the concepts Teachers can learn more about what their students know and don’t know Allows on-the-fly differential instruction

7 Other Recommendations Collect data on responses by period Administer pre and post benchmark test like Force Concept Inventory Put conceptual questions on tests and quizzes Explain rationale for Peer Instruction to students Free up time by omitting lectures that could be replaced by lecture notes

8 If Object A Exerts a Force on Object B, then Object B Exerts an Equal, Oppositely Directed, and Simultaneous Force on Object A Newton’s Third Law For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

9 If your feet push down on the floor, what does the floor do? A.Nothing B.Absorbs the push C.Pushes up on your feet, but with less force D.Pushes up on your feet with an equal force E.Pushes up on your feet with greater force Newton 3

10 Can the floor push up on your feet with a force greater than your weight? A.Yes, but nothing will happen B.Yes, you will accelerate up into the air C.No, it always equals your weight D.No, it can only equal or be less than your weight E.Yes, but only on a planet with stronger gravity Newton 3

11 What is the force from that causes a car to accelerate down the road? A.The engine B.The transmission C.The pistons D.The road E.The tires Newton 3

12 What is the force from that causes a swimmer to accelerate across a pool? A.The swimmer’s legs B.The swimmer’s arms C.The swimmer’s arms and legs D.Gravity E.The water Newton 3

13 In the tug-of-war, what is the reading on the scale? A.0 N B.1000 N C.2000 N D.3000 N 1000 N 0 3000 2000 1000

14 The tree pulls just like the tug-of-war team. If the pull is only from one side, the tension is zero.

15 What will the scale read that is pulled from both sides by 10 N weights? A.0 N B.10 N C.20 N D.30 N

16 Peer Instruction Resources 2Know Renaissance Responders iClickers Quizdom Poll Everywhere eClicker Plickers Index Cards! Conceptests at CU Boulder

17 Peer Instruction CD Contents ConcepTests ppt files by topic Interactive Teaching DVD promo movie FCI.pdf Force Concept Inventory MBT.pdf Mechanics Baseline Test Questionnaires.pdf (Questionnaires from Chapter 3 and Chapter 9 RQ.pdf Reading Quizzes) CT.pdf ConcepTests CEQ.pdf Conceptual Exam Questions FlashCards.pdf

18 Physics Education Research (PER) Physicists applied research skills to problem of student learning Developed many effective instructional strategies Research has shown that lecture based methods are not effective PER methods can be adopted incrementally, Peer Instruction is one example

19 PER Resources Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite Five Easy Lessons, Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching Five Easy Lessons, Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching Interactive Lecture Demonstrations Ranking Tasks Modeling Method Dolores Gende’s PER Resources Dolores Gende’s PER Resources Understanding Physics, Cummings, Laws, Redish, Cooney Understanding Physics, Cummings, Laws, Redish, Cooney Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Knight Principles of Physics, Serway, Jewett

20 Other Ways to Make Slide Presentations Interactive Column Sorting Brainstorming Anticipation Guides Link to Slides Fill in the Blank Correct the Statement

21 Mr. Burns or Mitt Romney? Mr. Burns Mitt Romney Directions: Place the number of each quote under the name of the person who said it 3. 8. 5. 14. 11. 13. 12. 10. 9. 7. 6. 4. 2. 1. 14.

22 Checklists offer professionals an effective way to ensure desirable results Astronauts use them Doctors rely on them Pilots don’t take off without them Military officers swear by them

23 Checklist for evaluating internet resources for high school research 3,4  Accuracy  Authority  Objectivity  Currency  Coverage ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ A checklist approach will improve and increase student evaluation of internet resources - Who is the author and why are they qualified? Who published the webpage? - What is the purpose of the website? - How old is the information? - Compare the information with other sources Directions: Write down what you think each item means

24 CIPA compliant content filters have Pros and Cons of their use in schools ProsCons Directions: Brainstorm a list of Pros and Cons with your neighbor Protect students from inappropriate content Prevents educational use of social websites Protect schools from lawsuits Restricts teachers from using online video sites Allows schools to receive E-rate internet access Can unintentionally prevent access to legitimate websites

25 Los Gatos High School’s technology use agreement 5 protects the school and the student Inappropriate content creation or access is prohibited Students are encouraged to save files to external devices Network administrators authorized to monitor content of files created on school computers Unauthorized modification to computers is prohibited Social media use only if approved by teacher

26 Select True or False for the following statements about fair use of copyrighted material 8 T  F  Entire Poems may be used if < 250 words OK to use ≤ 4 pages from a children’s book OK for teachers to make a copy of their DVDs OK to use 5 images from same artist OK to use up to 5 minutes from a video OK to use up to 25% of a song OK for libraries to lend software OK for teachers to show recorded TV shows ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Next

27 True If the poem is 250 words or greater you can only use 10% or 1000 words, whichever is less Click to Return to True and False Slide

28 False If the book is less than 2500 words which is typical for a children’s book, you can use up to 2 pages Click to Return to True and False Slide

29 True If the DVD was obtained legally it is OK to make one copy to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged copy or as a backup Click to Return to True and False Slide

30 True It is OK to use a single photograph or artwork in its entirety but no more than 5 from the same artist or photographer Click to Return to True and False Slide

31 False Fair use guidelines allow no more than 3 minutes or 10%, whichever is less Click to Return to True and False Slide

32 False Just like with video, fair use guidelines allow no more than 3 minutes or 10%, whichever is less Click to Return to True and False Slide

33 True Libraries can lend software but the number of simultaneous users must not exceed what the software license allows. Libraries must take aggressive action to make sure unauthorized copying is not taking place Click to Return to True and False Slide

34 True Teachers can show recorded broadcast shows for up to ten days after it was recorded. Some PBS shows may be retained for much longer. Some cable shows grant this permission too. Click to Return to True and False Slide

35 Complete the Following about the Top 5 Causes of the _______ ____ 1._________ and social differences between the North and the South. 1._______ ______ versus federal rights. 1.Conflict between ______ States and _______States. 1.Growth of the ________ Movement 1.The election of, Civil War Economic Statesrights slave free abolition AbrahamLincolnVampire Hunter

36 The clerk sold the scarf to the woman with the red print. On her way to school, Marissa found a green woman's purse. Jessie ate a cold bowl of cereal for breakfast. The broken teacher's umbrella was in the coat room. Adam was just picked for the team. The teacher's broken umbrella was in the coat room. Jessie ate a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast. On her way to school, Marissa found a woman's green purse. The clerk sold the scarf with the red print to the woman. Just Adam was picked for the team. Misplaced Modifiers A misplaced modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that is improperly separated from the word it modifies/describes. Because of the separation, sentences with this error often sound awkward, ridiculous, or confusing. Furthermore, they can be downright illogical. Correct the misplaced modifiers in the following sentences.

37 Using Online Homework (No More Excuses!) EnCorps Workshop Dan Burns

38 What Are These Students Talking About?

39 I like it and i like how it forces you to do the homework on time, keep kids in check. It is a very beneficial tool! It forced me to actually learn the material, rather than getting a problem wrong and thinking "oh well move on" It helped me to understand what we learned better It compels students to get the work done on time and not get behind, which is crucial because physics concepts build on each other. It is very effective and efficient. It makes doing homework convenient, and by answering the questions one learns everything they need to learn. i liked how you would immediately know if you got the answer wrong or right. it was awesome. made homework much more organized.

40 Online Homework Service Choices WebAssign Quest

41 What is WebAssign? Online subscription homework service Primarily used by math, science, and business classes Students have custom problems assigned with numbers and answers unique to each student Problems can be assigned from your textbook and other sources or can be created by the instructor Assignments are scored and graded instantly Students are given limited tries to solve problems Assignments have instructor-set due dates and times

42 What are the Benefits of WebAssign? Every student has a different set of homework problems, making copying difficult Students receive instant feedback Due dates and times encourage students to complete homework on time Instructors can enable a feature that allows students to ask them questions online Students learn more using it Online instructor support is fast and individualized Students like it!

43 My Experience with WebAssign Used in AP Physics since 2005/06 school year 90% of students complete 90% of the homework correctly and on time Creating assignments and recording grades takes no more time than traditional homework Students collaborate on homework in meaningful ways Student performance on the AP Physics test has improved dramatically + =

44 Student Performance Comparison WebAssign has been used for 7 years in AP Physics, 2006 – 2012 (year of AP test) AP Test data from previous 5 years is averaged and compared to 7 year average with WebAssign WebAssign was used for about half of assigned homework from 2006 – 2009 WebAssign was used for all homework after Block schedule started, 2010-2012 No other major change was made to the course during this 12 year span except for changing to block schedule in 2010

45 AP Test Scores Improved with WebAssign

46 Students Earning AP Scores of 4 and 5 Increased the Most

47 WebAssign helped Mitigate Loss of Class Time in Block Schedule

48 Student Performance on the AP Test Ave # Taking Test % 5s% 4+5s% 3+4+5s Before WebAssign (01 – 05) 67152976 After WebAssign (06 – 12) 94255781 Half WebAssign (Pre-Block) (06 - 09) 92265882 All WebAssign (Block) (10-12) 96255679

49 How Can I Get In On This? 30 day free trial $10.50 per student for the entire year (depending on your textbook) NMF, School Site Council, and Home and School Club have funded WebAssign for AP Physics

50 How Do I Set Up a WebAssign Account? Click on “Faculty Sign Up” Complete form and wait for email verification No charge to set up your account Now create a course

51 How Do I Create a Course? Click on “Create”, then select “Course” Complete course settings and select number of sections Select the textbook that you use for your course Select other available question banks Now upload roster for each section

52 How do I Upload My Student Roster? Students can self-enroll using a credit card Instructors can upload spreadsheet files or tab delimited text files Instructors can copy and paste a roster Aeries class rosters can be used for pasting Give each student the same password at first Now create and schedule an assignment

53 How Do I Create and Schedule an Assignment? Click on “Create” Select “Assignment” Use default settings at first, alter as you learn Select problems from book and other sources, save assignment Select “Schedule” and enter an ending data and time Instruct students on how to use WebAssign

54 How Do I Instruct Students on How to Use WebAssign? Issue login information Have students login during class if possible Assign “Getting Started” student help section Create a first-day handout using information from instructor help section Sit back and watch the magic!

55 How Do I Get the Most Out of WebAssign? Make assignments due frequently Make homework worth at least 15% of their grade Use the “Practice” feature and give 3-5 tries per problem Create review assignments and let students work on them during class Activate the “Ask Your Teacher” feature Participate in a WebAssign webinar Flip through the WebAssign Instructor’s Guide

56 What is the Future of WebAssign? WebAssign Plus available for newer textbooks Links to tutorials and hints Links to relevant sections of an eBook Embedded video problems Interactive simulation problems Improved iPad compatibility

57 For More Information: WebAssign Faculty Support, WebAssign Webinar Training Sessions, binars.html binars.html WebAssign Video Tutorial, orials_training.html orials_training.html WebAssign Best Practices, t_practices_and_tips.html t_practices_and_tips.html

58 What is Quest? Homework service operated by the University of Texas Similar to WebAssign except not tied to textbooks Select questions from question banks $179 per year for entire school 90 Day Free Trial

59 To Use Quest you must first get a Free EID

60 You can then create courses, and assignments

61 Students obtain an EID, enroll in your course, and start doing their HW

62 For More Information: Search “UT Quest” online Quest Instructor Signup, Quest Introductory Video, Instructor FAQs, Faculty Testimonials,

63 The Assertion-Evidence Slide Design Makes the Purpose of the Slide Clear to the Audience Assertion-Evidence Slide Design Developed by Alley and Neely 10 Organizes slide around an assertion written as a sentence Backs assertion with supporting data and visuals Discards default Powerpoint slide formats Does not use bullets Because the blast wave passes by quickly, the blast fragments become the primary hazard to personnel

64 Stating the Main Assertion in the Title Gives it More Emphasis than if it was Part of a Bulleted List Which Slide Might Have Saved the Space Shuttle Columbia?

65 Visual Evidence is More Effective at Supporting the Assertion than Items in a Bulleted List SilverStar Ultra TM Standard Halogen Xenon Xenon Headlights are better than Halogen Xenon Headlight Halogen Headlight Xenon more Efficient than Halogen The Human Eye is more Sensitive to Xenon Wavelengths Xenon has 33% higher Lumens output Xenon is a Noble gas Xenon Bulbs last longer Xenon Headlights are more Effective than Halogen at Illuminating the Road

66 Assertion Evidence Design has been shown to Improve Student Learning 10

67 If Object A Exerts a Force on Object B, then Object B Exerts an Equal, Oppositely Directed, and Simultaneous Force on Object A Newton’s Third Law Return

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