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Chemical Safety Professor Lei Zhu’s Research Group 2013.10.09.

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1 Chemical Safety Professor Lei Zhu’s Research Group 2013.10.09

2 Outlines  Chemical Safety  Chemical Waste  Chemical Inventory  Regulated Chemicals  Emergency

3 1. Chemical Safety  Use proper goggles, lab coats and gloves to protect yourself when you use any chemicals.  Label any chemicals you use. Don’t leave any chemical bottles opened for a period of time. Clean your chemicals up after you finish using them. Return the bottles to the original place and don’t leave them on the bench, on the floor or under the hood.  You can find more about chemical safety on the website of EHS

4 2. Chemical Waste  Dispose your chemical waste in the waste bottles. Label your name, the full name of the chemical you used, the amount, and the date.  Pay attention the halogen or non-halogen chemicals should be separated.  Don’t leave your waste bottles on the floor. Store them in the waste cabinet or the plastic container.  The chemical waste will be disposed every week or every other week. Register your chemical waste on the chemical waste sheet and deliver them to EHS. They will come and pick them up on the next Thursdays.

5 3. Chemical Inventory  You can search the chemicals you want in our lab chemical inventory.  Return the chemicals to their original place after using them.  New chemicals you purchase, cc your purchase document to the person who’s in charge of the chemical inventory so the they can update the chemical inventory.  The chemical inventory will be updated every half year or one year.

6 4. Regulated Chemicals  If you want to use any regulated chemicals, please inform EHS first.  Details of the regulated chemicals could be found here:

7 5. Emergency  Don’t panic when an emergency (like chemical spill) happens. Protect yourself first.  Contact the PI, or the person in charge of the safety if necessary(their phone number should be listed on the door of the lab).  Contact EHS 216-368-2907, or Call emergency 216-368-3333

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