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Ready, Set, Go! It’s eAppraisal Time 2013-2014 Performance Appraisal Process Training.

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1 Ready, Set, Go! It’s eAppraisal Time 2013-2014 Performance Appraisal Process Training

2 Agenda eAppraisal Basics o What is eAppraisal o How does it work o Steps o Rating System o Comments on the form New in 2014 o Feedback Central o Rubrics o New Individualized Job Descriptions in Documents Section o New Score and Status Reports for Managers o New Campus-wide Organizational Goals o Halogen Mobile Demonstration Q&A

3 What is eAppraisal? eAppraisal is a web-based performance management system. This is UHD’s 8th year using eAppraisal. eAppraisal streamlines the entire process. Allows uniformity and flexibility Core Competencies Specific Job Competencies Three different processes (Staff, Admin, Police)

4 How Does It Work? Employees are assigned into one or more of the following roles: Employee Evaluator (1st level and 2nd level) Administrator (ESO) eAppraisal works through a series of steps. Users are notified and prompted via email. When employees are late, their managers are notified via email. When all of the steps have been completed for a particular appraisal, the appraisal becomes an archived document.

5 eAppraisal Steps Employee Completes Self-Appraisal Manager Completes Employee Appraisal and Reviews Employee’s Self-Appraisal Second Level Manager Approves Appraisal ESO Reviews Appraisal Manager Meets with Employee Employee Comments and Signs-Off Manager Signs-Off

6 Rating Systems Staff and Police Rating System 4 - Distinguished 3 - Proficient/Meets Requirements 2 - Some Improvement Needed 1 - Unsatisfactory Administrative Rating System 3 – Exceeds Expectations 2 – Meets Expectations 1 – Does Not Meet Expectations Automatic PIP for overall scores of 2.0 and below

7 4 - Distinguished Consistently and significantly exceeds performance objectives. Makes significant contributions well beyond normal job responsibilities. Innovative and creative problem solver. Requires little direction or supervision. High degree of excellence in accomplishing department goals beyond the expected job requirements. Advanced planning, anticipates problems, and takes appropriate action.

8 3 – Proficient/Meets Requirements Consistently performs in a fully satisfactory and reliable manner. Thoroughly meets expectations and requirements of the position. Effectively and efficiently demonstrates required skills. Exhibits desired traits and behaviors. Errors are infrequent and are typically detected and corrected by the employee. Regularly contributes to the goals of the department to achieve success.

9 2 – Some Improvement Needed Inconsistently meets established norms and standards for the position. Meets some of the minimum requirements of the position. May need to improve performance in some areas. Sustained improvement is required. Supervisors should communicate and partner with the employee to improve knowledge and skills to meet performance expectations. Rating may also be appropriate for recently assigned tasks, since employee may still be learning.

10 1 – Unsatisfactory Clearly Deficient performance. Rarely meets expectations. Performance at this level is clearly unacceptable and cannot continue. Does not meet established norms and standards for the position. Does not meet an acceptable number of the minimum requirements of the position. Consistently fails to meet the established standards and goals for the position. Supervisors should be communicating and partnering with ESO to address deficiencies.

11 Score Application It is important that all users have the same interpretation of the score definitions and when to apply them. Overall scores are tied to merit increase. This should not be a reason to inflate scores, as merit increases are determined by a formula that deters score inflation disparity. Decimals provide more flexibility within the four point rating system. Drop-down Menu Users may select a rating between 1 and 4 in increments of.25 by selecting from a drop-down menu

12 NEW IN 2014!

13 Feedback Central Feedback Central is a new and improved spin on Journal Notes. Feedback Central facilitates the easy creation and documentation of year-round communication between employees and managers in the forms of notes, commendations, and coaching tips. Journal Note – A statement or comment written by the employee. Manager Note – A statement or comment about an employee written by the manager. Kudos – An acknowledgment of achievement or a positive acclaim of performance written by management. Coaching Tip – An informative commentary or piece of information to help employee development that can be written by management.

14 Feedback Central Feedback may be created year-round, 24 hours per day. May be created from users’ home page, as well as other convenient locations. 1 st level and higher level managers may provide feedback.

15 Scoring Rubrics The scoring rubric is a tool designed to assist users in selecting the appropriate rating based on a standard of performance levels. This tool took over a year to develop. We have proved access to the rubrics in several locations to make it easier for employees and managers to use. A PDF containing the rubrics for all competencies is now accessible on the Performance Management webpage:

16 Scoring Rubrics Users may also access the rubrics from their eAppraisal home page:

17 Scoring Rubrics Additionally, staff and managers will be able to access the rubric specific to each competency from within the eAppraisal environment as they work on their form:

18 New Job Descriptions Managers will have access to employees’ updated duties, as listed in their PDQ’s. Job descriptions will be located in the eAppraisal “Documents” section. Employees may also view their own job descriptions. These job descriptions are still being uploaded to the “Documents” for each employee. Please note that these job descriptions will not be located in the “Job Descriptions” sections, as that functionality is still being developed.

19 Manager Reports Managers will also have the capability to run reports throughout the entire appraisal process by clicking on the Reports tab from their eAppraisal homepage, and then the Management tab from within the Reports page. These reports will provide: Individual competency scores or overall appraisal scores for their employees (provided the manager has finalized the ” Manager Completes Employee Appraisal and Reviews Employee’s Self-Appraisal” step) Upcoming and completed training status data for their employees, And the status of each eAppraisal step for their direct reports. Division heads will be able to run these reports for their entire division..

20 Manager Reports

21 New Organizational Goals There will be two new competencies added to next year’s performance appraisal (2014-2015), at the request of Dr. Flores. These competencies will measure student success contributions and community involvement: Student Success – Promotes and contributes to graduation and retention rates through participation in various student success initiatives, such as mentoring, orientation, welcome week, common reader, etc. University Image – Participates in university and community-wide initiatives that contribute to the visibility and positive image of UHD, such as alumni events, student activities, committees and service on external committees, as appropriate. Because these two competencies will not be applied until next year, they will appear as goals during this year’s appraisal.

22 Halogen Mobile Halogen Mobile allows users to access Halogen via their smartphones. Users May Access and Manage: Feedback Central, Goals, and Development Plans. Requirements Blackberry: Blackberry Browser Base OS 6.0 and greater (ex. Torch 9800) Blackberry: Blackberry Browser Base OS 7.0 or 7.1 and greater (ex. Torch 9810 and Curve 9860) iPhone: Safari iOS 5 and greater (ex. iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S) Android: Android Browser 3.2 and greater (ex. Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Evo 4G) Also expected to work with other WebKit-based HTML5 browsers. An app needs to be installed on mobile devices for VPN. Documentation on which app to install and how to configure is being developed by IT. This information will be made public. Employees may contact IT Help Desk at ext. 3000, if they want to set it up now or for questions.

23 Timeline 2013-14Process #1Process #2 TaskBegin DateDue Datework days calendar daysBegin DateDue Datework days calendar days Process Opens2/3/2014 -- -- Employee Completes Self-Appraisal2/3/20142/9/2014572/3/20142/19/201457 Manager Completes Employee Appraisal and Reviews Employee’s Self-Appraisal2/10/20142/23/201410142/10/20142/23/20141014 Second Level Manager Approves Appraisal2/24/20143/2/2014572/24/2014 3/2/201457 Third Level Manager Approves Appraisal* 3/3/20143/9/201457 ESO Reviews Appraisal3/3/20143/16/20149**143/10/20143/23/20149**14 Manager Meets with Employee3/17/20143/30/201410143/24/20144/6/20141014 Employee Comments and Signs-Off3/31/20144/6/2014574/7/20144/13/201457 Manager Signs-Off4/7/20144/13/2014574/14/20144/20/201457 Process #1: President's Office, Advancement and External Relations, Student Affairs, ESO, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Administrators Process #2: Law enforcement and security officers in the UHD Police Department * Only applicable in Police process **Spring Break 3/14/2014


25 QUESTIONS? Tomas Turrubiates 713-221-8263 Upcoming Training for Managers: “Improving Performance Through Constructive Feedback” Tuesday 2/11/14, N602, 1:00 – 2:30 PM Remaining eAppraisal Training Sessions: Wednesday, 1/22/14, N420, 10:00 -11:30 AM Thursday, 1/30/4, N420, 10:00 -11:30 AM Friday, 1/31/14, N420, 1:00 -2:30 PM

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