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HealthyHomes Environmental Farren Lander, MA Electropollution Specialist.

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1 HealthyHomes Environmental Farren Lander, MA Electropollution Specialist

2 Electropollution What is it? Where is it? How is it created? Solutions

3 Electromagnetic Fields Electromagnetic fields have always existed in nature. They are a direct current (DC) frequency between 0 and 100 Hz or cycles per second. The human body has adapted to this band of frequencies. brain wave activity (4 – 30 Hz) heart rate (1 – 2 Hz) pineal gland – melatonin (10 Hz)

4 Man-made EMF “EMF” (electro-magnetic fields) are low frequency (5Hz – 400,000 Hz) alternating current (AC) made up of both electrical fields and magnetic fields generated by ‘live’ electrical wires determined by voltage (higher the voltage, the stronger the field) travels a distance of 6 – 8 ft and further exists even when device is not in use

5 Sources of Electrical Fields house wiring in ceilings, walls, floors power and extension cords, power bars electric blankets, waterbeds, TV’s, computers, electronic devices high voltage power lines

6 AC Magnetic Fields produced by flow of electrical current travel through equipment and wiring the more powerful the device, the higher the field field remains close to source – (2-3 ft) can travel several hundred feet (high voltage power lines)

7 Sources of Magnetic Fields power lines wiring errors grounding faults on water pipes and gas pipes dimmer switches TV’s, DVD players, phone chargers, laptops cars – electrical systems fluorescent and low voltage halogen lighting alarm clocks, hair dryers, tooth brushes stove elements, control panels, ovens appliances, furnace blowers, exhaust fans vacuum cleaners electrical meter/panel, AC adapters, transformers

8 ‘Dirty’ Electricity harmonic ‘noise’ imposed on a 60 Hz line measured at the wall plug with a meter influenced by appliances and lights can travel a distance of from 2 to 3 homes away

9 Sources of Dirty Electricity neighbours electronics lighting (CFL bulbs) fluorescent lights low voltage halogen dimmer switches energy-efficient appliances power tools faulty wiring, arcing shorting arc fault circuit interrupters tree branches on hydro lines See

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